lol that sounds funny! 😀 but it’s a new blog tagline for Words of Motivation and this is geared towards my #Resistance tweeple! Ya’ll rock!!

At least once a week or more, especially if I need it! I’ll be posting a WOM entry for us!! I’ll also try to share some more giggle breaks over the month! WE can all use the giggles. I’ll switch up the topic. Tonight I shared a lot of Biden memes on Twitter! And I won’t reshare unless you’re not on Twitter and wanna see ’em.  leave a comment. 😉

So here’s our first WOM!

and yes, while I am a writer, I’m also an artist and I prefer the words with interesting photos! 😉

words alone does not always paint the picture for everyone to understand, sometimes we need a visual aid to help with the cultural cues! IDIC! *updated*