Friday hubs received two big 📦 boxes. He had ordered JiJi’s birthday present early when he found the deal he wanted with this house. He got the boxes in. And JiJi jumped on one and laid there. Until Patrick finally shooed him off. He then began putting it together. JiJi supervised. LOL 😂 

Almost done. JiJi’s hiding. LOL 😂

You can see his tail.

Found him here this morning.

Wish this snap was in better focus. But lucky I got it.

He’s moving already.

He likes his new playhouse.

He’s decided he likes the top most level. He’s looking down on hubs. LOL 😂

And now he’s looking at me. Hello!

He borrowed my fuzzy sock a while back. He still holds it. 😊

And tada he finally found the hole from the floor level. He looks so cute.

He can be quite difficult to take photos of. He moves a lot. But as soon as I switch to video he just lies there. LOL 😂 

Hope y’all are having a beautiful Saturday.