The harness was too small for JiJi, he’s bigger than the sizes listed on the harnesses. LOL  We tried to tell the person helping us out and he thought we were joking. But it’s nice outside and somewhat warm and JiJi wanted to go out. So hubs worked up a collar and took JiJi outside to wander around. Dangit, I’m here at work.  Anywho, Hubs took some pix and texted them to me.

He’s on the lower front porch, sniffing around.


And looking at the siding. Patrick said he didn’t like the siding. 😉

JiJi then wanted to go out into the grass.


and he’s out walking on his leash.


and sniffing the grass. 😉


Patrick said he found something and started digging. And then sneezed and stopped.

Patrick said when they went inside, and he unhooked JiJi, “He took off like a shot. I found him here!” Patrick was laughing and said that JiJi looked all worn out from his little exploratory walk. But that JiJi liked it too! So yeah, we definitely have to get him a harness that fits.


I think they have each other trained. LOL 🙂 anywho hopefully next weekend we can hook him up and take him walking with us in Muncie on the river trail. 😉