First, WOOOOHOOOOO my baby aka my brain aka my iPhone is home and works Great! It was the battery that had died.

And now unto my research on finding a place to take her to be fixed!

I am a fan of researching before wasting gas and money! So I did a lot of research on batteries plus they looked to be a good choice. They have a store that is nearby, in Anderson, Indiana and they also mentioned store hours and a tech on site to do the repairs in a timely matter. I had Patrick convinced that we should go there and that this is NOT a fly-by-night business.

Cue the day we decided to go-Friday afternoon after my VA appt. It was on the way home, and OMG! It looked like a fly-by-night business, starting with the person that was working and did NOT inspire confidence with me or Patrick. “We’re closed!” so why is the door unlocked? “UH! There’s no tech here!” that’s not what the customer service on the phone just told me? “UH! He lied!” Okay, we are outta of here! the only positive is he told us to go to a competitor.

Which we did!

And hooray for MDTEKK also local in Anderson, Indiana with other locations in Muncie! However, we were in Anderson and woohooo! The tech person was friendly, courteous, knowledgeable and did I mention friendly? She also discussed with me that my diagnosis was probably correct and they offer Military discounts!! She informed that they had batteries ordered for my phone and the repair should be done by Wednesday this week. That was on Friday afternoon. Imagine my surprise when on Saturday I woke up and Patrick handed me my phone, “Your baby is repaired and working, nothing was lost!” OMG, less than 24 hours later and under $50! So if you need a phone, laptop, or other electronic device fixed and you live locally here in Indiana, PLEASE go support their business! Professional, courteous, knowledgeable, fast service and most definitely, NOT A FLY-BY-NIGHT operation! ***Check the website for your local stores!

Sorry Batteries Plus you should hire ppl that want to work, and your prices online are not what I heard from your competitor! Patrick mentioned later that maybe the guy was robbing the place and we caught him? I don’t know, but we aren’t going to them again!  On the other hand, Please do support MDTEKK!!! They will tell you upfront, how much and how long and they will call if there are any discrepancies on the above! I’ll be taking my desktop back there as she is still not working after the last time I went to a friend’s recommended tech shop! Patrick has taken his laptop in and I’ll let ya’ll know how it comes out! They are repairing the screen and the keyboard. So I’ll let ya’ll know the price, repair job and time frame!

Point to the story, no matter how much researching you do online, and place phone calls, sometimes going into the actual store and talking to the people that work there, is what inspires confidence in a job! And Batteries Plus your person DID NOT inspire any confidence in me and that’s why I’m doing this review to protect others! Yep!