It’s about that time!

Tuesday- pre surgery stuff, I’ll be going in for last minute stuff. And we’ll be staying at the VA family hotel!

8/23 Wednesday- Showtime! Surgery!

I’ve been informed it’ll be 6 to 8 eight hours and my brother texted me, he and his wife will be keeping Patrick company! Thank you very much!!! JiJi will be home alone-no pets at VA hotel! 😦  After surgery, I go to ICU for hours and then after I pass the tests there, I go to my room? I’m confused about that stuff. I will be in the hospital for a minimum of 7 days doing strength building exercises, recovering and other PT stuff. The PT stuff I’ve asked for is to color. It’s my personal therapy! I’ve been informed that I won’t be discharged until the doctor says so! Patrick is able to stay at the VA hotel the entire time! YAY! Free of charge! but no JiJi. He’ll be checking up on JiJi too, and sending me pix of him! I’m still concerned about gas money! So we’ll have to see how often he can drive back and forth! 😦

I’ll be off Social Media from Wednesday-surgery day, until probably late Thursday? if not Friday!

To all my tweeple and friends- thank you! Big Hugs!

Tweeple; don’t let up the fight! Keep resisting and giving them HELL!

I’ve scheduled Stargate Rewind posts for this Friday, next Friday and September 2nd. I hope to be home to do the next one!

Okay, think that it’s it for now!