Yeah, I realized that I had read the numbers wrong, I had issues seeing the numbers on the photo! oops! So today I’m correcting and putting Days One through Four here, I’ll re-edit the others and repost on their respective days! OI! FYI: I am substituting, Wiccan for Pagan, in my personal entries! 😉

Day 1: How do I see myself as a Wiccan?

That’s not an easy question.  I know it’s more than wearing a pentacle, and a black outfit with a cloak. I actually don’t have a cloak. 😉  I think for me, it’s definitely more internal, I see myself as less prone to getting angry and yet, with more responsibilities and ethics than a normal person. Every choice or decision has an outcome or repercussions-if you will. Some days I don’t have time to debate every choice in my head and thankfully I’ve years of being a Witch and can make a  quick decision. So for me, I see myself as a more responsible person.

Day 2: How did I become Wiccan?

Honestly, I just accepted I was a Witch, as I am Heredity! So I just had to accept and announce to the Goddess!

Day 3:  Why did I become Wiccan?

This is a bit longer.  There are two things that stand out to me when asked this question-not the first time it’s been asked of me. 1- I tried to be a good Catholic girl, went to Sunday school, taught bible class, etcetera! Until one day a priest told me angrily, I was going to HELL! So, I decided to think logically and review some things before I was to confirm. (Those in the Catholic faith know what it is to confirm.)  I discussed with my dad and a few other people that I respected. The one thing that kept popping in my head, ‘You’re made in Gods image.’ really? So God’s a Woman! Okay, and then that same priest called me a heretic! Okay, I am! And I changed my faith to that of the Goddess!

Day 4: What does a typical day look like for me through Wiccan eyes?

Huh? I’m going to try really hard not to be sarcastic here! 

I’m on medical leave from work. So I’m going to go with what a typical day now looks like! Rest, relax, and take it easy! I’ve been able to read more, study some things and play with my cat, JiJi. It’s true by the way, Cats do reduce your blood pressure. I’ve taken mine before and after playing with JiJi! I’ve also decided that until I am closer to 100% better I am not doing any spell work! However, I have been planning on some Samhain things. Patrick and I are ready to start decorating. JiJi started the other day and was knocking the spring/summer flowers off the tables! Instead of getting upset I just laughed and so did Patrick.  So a typical day through Wiccan eyes these days are practicing my breathing exercises, my patience and working on healing!