You can find the challenge here on Instagram,  30 day Pagan journaling challenge

5.Where has my study focus been recently?

My focus lately has really been on healing myself and being patient (with myself and others) as I’m recuperating! Otherwise, I’ve been reading some books for pleasure and other books for study! I’m looking forward to some things coming up! We’ve already decided that we won’t be going to Pagan Pride day in Indy.  Patrick says, “It wasn’t nice last year or the year before that!” And by nice he means the whole atmosphere, people that work there, the vendors, and some of the other ppl that are walking around, some seemed to cause trouble!

There are a few groups on FB that I’ve had to let know I’ve not been doing the monthly spellwork, as I’m healing. Amazing! Out of what 5 groups, I have only stayed with one, as the others had unpleasant words. Um! Really? You don’t want a Witch not at 100% to cast a spell. Trust me! Patrick has asked me to recuperate and not do much of anything else.

I will be doing some colors here shortly of a Samhain nature!! I’ve learned years ago how to focus a spell on a piece of art! 😉 and that I can do between 80-90%! I’ve tested it before, how I know my limits! 🙂

My friend, Dion, has been posting some beautiful art and educational posts about some Goddesses I did not know about. He is Greek, this is his heritage and I appreciate him sharing with me! I’d love an actual print of  Astraea!

Blessed Be!