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7. Do I work with Deities? If yes, who and why?

I do ask for certain Deities to help or assist, as to working with them, that is presumptuous in my opinion! I don’t work with, I ask nicely, politely for their help/assistance! As to who I work with, well that depends on what spell I’m working on, or what the issue/topic of the problem is. As to daily prayers, I have one that I normally pray to! I tend to connect best with the Female Deities! If I need help with wisdom or a difficult decision- Athena, if I need assistance with an ethical issue- I ask Dike who is known- as the goddess of justice and moral order in Greek mythology. Issues dealing with family, that depends it could be Hera or Hestia! As you can see, I’m partial to the Greek Pantheon, it is what I grew up with and connect with.  And as I’ve said in earlier posts I’ve been drawn to and have had dreams with some of the Egyptian Goddesses in them.  Isis has made a few appearances lately as has Ailuros (see this post as to why I refer to her differently: When Pantheons Collide) they appear after I’ve had a stressful day in my recuperating and yes, I feel better and am able to sleep after their visits in my dreams! Why now,  are they making appearances? I don’t know. Which is why I’ll be looking for some books on them specifically and a book or two on Egyptian mythos as well.

My daily Goddesses are Gaia and Ailuros! Both sit on my altar! And JiJi appears to love both, you can find him at least once a day rubbing on them and then lying down with them. I’m not going to get upset over him lying down on my altar! I tend to think a kitty loving and lying on your altar is a blessing!

Blessed Be!