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9. What are my top three resource books and why?

First would be the Farmer’s Almanac to keep track of the seasons, weather, and moon phases! The Farmer’s Almanac is a resource that should be on your bookshelf!  I also use the Witch’s Almanac as it is geared towards Witches and Pagans! 😉 I have a book titled Goddesses For Every Season by Nancy Blair that I use as I’ve said I ask the Goddess of a specific role to help me. But this book also breaks it down to what season a specific Goddess might be called upon. The book also gives affirmations-if you use those, to help stay focused!  From there it depends on what I’m looking for? I have and tend to use the Wheel of the Year by Pauline Campanelli and then any book from Scott Cunningham!

So I don’t have three specific books other than the almanacs and Goddesses for Every Season. Another reason why my goal is to read more! 😉

For the techno Witches, the three apps I use the most are: 

  1. Moon Cast- I’ve set alarms for specific phases! 😉

2. The Goddess Oracle- for personal reasons and specific focus!

3. Breeze-chimes that can be set for wind or when you shake your phone. Chimes can be sounded for spells, to help get one in a specific mindset or to trigger a response! 😉