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15.  If I were to take a pilgrimage, where would I go and why? 

If this had been asked of me years ago, my answer would’ve been very different. I love the Pacific Northwest and I’ve always wanted to go to British Columbia either Victoria or Vancouver, Canada. I’ve done various research on the areas and they look fascinating! I’ve got some friends that live in Vancouver as well. And from what Wiccan research I’ve done there are a variety of book and other stores to visit. The other research shows that Canadians are more welcoming of the Pagan Community as a whole! Of course, I think Canadians are more welcoming to diversity than any other country! Again a year ago, that thought would’ve been different too! 

Financial reasons also play into this and I’ve been researching driving versus train! 

Whether it’s for vacation or a Wiccan pilgrimage my heart wants to go to British Columbia, Canada!