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18.  Do I change my altar for the seasons? Why or why not?

This is a good question to answer, I like it! 

I have about five altars. Yep, you read that correctly- 5!  One is my personal- never photographed altar and JiJi likes to rub and purr on the Goddesses that reside there! Next is a set altar for peace, balance, and tranquility that is under glass the majority of the time to keep it safe, clean from dust, etcetera. It does not change at all, hence the term it’s a set altar. It’s a spell altar-or an altar that I’ve put a spell on for me! See what it’s for! 😉  Then we have the public altar meaning it’s where the public can see it and thanks to our spell work- no one touches it! 😉 the other two are Patrick’s and then one for the family as a whole! Yep, JiJi was included in it over a year ago, I think he was initially a photo on it with a spell that we would be approved to adopt him!

So our personal altars may or may not change for the seasons. I will add something to my personal altar but will not change the whole thing. The Public altar is changed for the seasons and yet certain elements stay stationary all the time! For example, our cauldron is always the center of the public altar and sometimes it holds the main element or we use it for the flowers or candles! ***a very rude person once didn’t pay attention and actually, put a crack in our cauldron! Well, they didn’t stay with our group for long, they were rude to everyone-touching things that didn’t belong to them. One sure fire way to piss off/annoy a Witch is to touch their stuff! Which is why we have our personal altars that no one sees. I don’t photograph my personal altar- an experienced Witch can use it against you! Yep, what is on your altar reflects a personal aspect of you and that can be used against you!

With that in mind though I’ve found some images on google to share! Because some people have serious misconceptions about what is an altar and what is on one, I’ve been asked if I have blood on mine! Wait, what? Seriously? UH NO! gross!

Up first a simple altar
just the very basics usually a beginners altar

a more comprehensive altar
Usually found with a Wiccan/Pagan that has been doing their craft for a while!

This next example makes my eyes and brain hurt! I don’t know how they can focus on anything!!

A very cluttered altar it’s like a hodgepodge of whatever tickles their fancy or they think should be on their altar. People please, this clutter does nothing for you! It actually can do more harm than good, a cluttered altar equals a cluttered mind and with a mind that can’t focus- guess what will happen to your spells and possibly your day to day life! I could go on and on about this altar and why so many things can go wrong with this person’s life… but it is seriously giving me a migraine just looking at it! GAH!

Recently I’ve been introduced to these cute little mini take it with you altars, just the basics, but you never know when you might want/need to set up. Sometimes it just happens! 😉

here’s the link to some more crafts with altoid tins
because I like miniatures and recycling!


Wow! this is the longest entry I’ve done in this challenge and it took a lot longer than I initially thought it would. I’d say that 85% of that was researching the images on Google! A lot of ppl put a lot of personal stuff in/on their altars! Let me tell ya be glad I’m a nice Witch- I could cause a lot of havoc! Did you know that with a few clicks I can get to the flicker, IG, DA, or Tumblr page you posted this from and from there get your other info! Experienced Witches can cause a lot of damage!

PPL Protect yourself! There are unscrupulous people out there!