You can find the challenge here on Instagram,  30 day Pagan journaling challenge

20.  What divination methods do I use and why those methods?

I use a pendulum. I have a variety of them, some for my collection, others for use and my newest one that I really like- just has a good vibe to it! 😉 Hard to explain to those that can’t feel crystals. That’s what annoys some owners at the New Age stores, I have to hold a crystal and feel it.  Patrick’s gotten used to this and distracts the owners from being upset at me. Now if a crystal says “Don’t Touch” I don’t touch! Duh!

My pretty Chakra Pendulum
lots of dust on its pouch at the moment, JiJi likes rubbing up against it. I let him, kitty vibes don’t hurt it.

I also use tarot cards. I have right now, three decks. I use two of them, the third I haven’t used at this time. One is my personal deck, it stays in its pouch (I made it) unless I’m doing a special reading.


The other one was given to me as a gift one Samhain, and this is the one I use for public readings.

The third Patrick bought me a year or so ago, The Justice League Tarot and I haven’t used it all yet.


There is a deck that I had to get rid of when I first started out. It was a gift and I found out why the person gave it to me, for the same reason I had to get rid of it. But I didn’t give it to someone else, that would’ve been cruel. A few decks are not meant to be handled by people that are not of that specific tradition.  The Golden Dawn deck is not meant for everyone to use! One of the members, Aleister Crowley is someone I don’t admire nor respect! In fact, I think I had to burn that deck!  I would never burn a book or any other tarot deck, but this deck just felt bad! Needless to say, when I destroyed that deck, I felt better and some things changed for the Good!