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22. If money were no object, how would I set up my home to support my practice?  

Well first, Patrick has a say in the designing of our house. What design style do I like that was a huge influence on me as a child, Morrocan! My paternal grandmother, a huge role model for me, had her house in various styles but the spaces she was in the most, had Morrocan pieces. That influence has definitely got me under its spell! So if money were no object and yay, Patrick agrees! Morrocan it is!  ❤

The rich colors, the jewel tones, the beauty of the space!


The Persian Rug here below reminds me of Grandmother’s living room!
And more of those Jewel Tones! Bright and happy not somber!

Oh yes, those mirrored pillows I loved when visiting Grandmother’s house!



This Beautiful Wiccan Pentagram table would fit right in with the decor, so let’s get four of them! One for each season! 😉

Now, this is Patrick’s one asked for item! An Amethyst Geode large enough for him to sit in! I think this might be a little too large and OMG, I can’t even imagine the price! This would be the most expensive item in our house!!! And trust me, it won’t be this large either!! NO!


Oh wait, Patrick wants one more thing! An outdoor hot tub and fire pit! Okay!

 So, if money were no object and I could have a house that supports my practice!  This would be it! Now, location is a different story!