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25.  What is the greatest wish/dream for my life? How can I begin to work on that? 

Ah, the difference 25 years make, yep! When I was 25 I wanted to own my own metaphysical book and craft shop! Had the building all picked out, etc. But then life happened.  And thank goodness it has! 😀 Now, I want to stay happy with my husband of 18 years and our fur son, JiJi! I want a job that is less stressful and that allows me more time with my family! Easier when you get wiser and learn where your priorities truly need to be! As for how am I working on that. Well, I’ve just started actually. And I’m going to stay mum for now. 😉

Another short but sweet entry! There are some things however that I don’t want to be posted online yet. I have my reasons!