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26.  My most memorable experience during a working is?

When I lived in Oregon, I lived in Salem. Very beautiful area, but I wasn’t that far from the coast and the beach (okay, maybe two hours). Now, the Pacific Northwest beaches are not like California beaches and at night they are cold! However, I like the colder weather and I was determined to do a solitary ritual myself on the beach. I can’t remember what it was for but it was important at the time. I made it to a nice area with no people around so I could have privacy. I moved to an area that would work for me and then I noticed the wind started to pick up. I like storms but this was an unfamiliar area to me, to stay or to go. I stayed and looked up and the moon was clouded over. Again, this had to be really important to me, because I stayed.  I cast my circle, lit my single candle and then sat down and did what I needed to do. The most memorable thing that has stayed with me is what happened after I completed what I needed to do. I just sat there for a while, listening to the ocean and the wind. It was then I realized that I wasn’t cold in my circle, I wasn’t feeling the wind. Okay. When I looked up and thanked the Goddess for the warmth and protection of my circle, the clouds parted and the full moon shone down upon me! I felt blessed at that moment, touched by the Goddess.

The spell worked in a roundabout way-  the spell gave me what I needed not what I asked for! When you call upon a Goddess to help you, be aware the help is from her point of view of what you need, not what you think you need! Again, experience talking here. 😉