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I have to pretend that it fits NOWHERE in Canon and then I’m good! People and other online review sites keep telling me that this is set 10 years before Kirk’s Enterprise. Okay! But I’m having mental issues trying to process that this ship which is by far technologically superior as well as their medical practices will later become the original series NCC 1701 Enterprise??? Yeah, NO! I’m not buying that! And I get it, our technology is better than it was in the 60’s. But for this design to go to that design and for the technology to go so far backward… NO, not buying it!

I do tend to agree with other Trek fans that this is a Section 31 ship, hello NCC 1031. 😉 I personally find that idea easier to process and quite enjoyable!  Article 14, Section 31 of the Charter made allowances for bending Starfleet regulations in times of extraordinary threat. This section was cited as the foundation for Section 31 even into the late 24th centurySource
Especially since this Ship’s Captain doesn’t play by the rules, which we find out why in one of the latest episodes! Jason Issacs is the perfect choice for Captain Gabriel Lorca!

Until your vessel’s repaired, you’ll be assigned to quarters and put to work. I’m not a chauffeur. There’s no free rides on my ship. You were once a Starfleet officer. I will use you, or anything else I can, to achieve my mission.” – Gabriel Lorca, to Michael Burnham (DIS: “Context Is for Kings“)
Memory Alpha

I’ve been on a lot of different sites and woohoo Ex Astris and I agree on the Klingons! WTH! Seriously, this is another one of those plot points I can’t process! They are so far different from the Klingons of Archer’s Era which explained why Kirk’s Klingon’s didn’t have ridge bumps on their foreheads and now, we’ve got completely different Klingon’s that are also cannibals! In one of the episodes, the female Klingon makes a statement, “I was there as you were eating the meat off of her smooth skull.” UM, that’s disgusting, but it’s a new Klingon! Seriously, these aren’t the Klingons that I’ve grown up with, and that my friends cosplay. I haven’t been to the Klingon Assault Group website yet… I’m almost afraid to read what they think. Joblow has an interesting article and I can agree with the fact that they might be Ancient Klingons. Because looking at the images below, the one on the right comes before the one on the left? UH, yeah, not buying it!

new Klingons look to have four nostrils, two on each side? or is it me?

And once again, people are not liking the new theme music? OMG! I like it! Discovery Theme we can’t have the same song for all the series. It has bits to the original theme song! One of the reasons I really like it!

Others are complaining because a character said, Fuck! OMG! Um, if you know me, you know that is the least offensive thing. And really? Because a character said fuck, you no longer like it. Well, double dumb ass on you!

Did you all miss this in the Voyage Home?

The issues I have with the series are the extreme difference in the Klingons appearance and that the technology is far superior, the bridge of the Discovery reminds me of the bridge of the New Trek Enterprise. But friend’s keep telling me this is set in the Prime Universe, the Universe where the Kelvin never got destroyed by Nero!

Anyway, if I find out that it is a Section 31 ship then I will be a very happy Trekkie! So do I like it or not? I do like Discovery, it’s not the Trek I grew up with. But it is a good series on its own! The issues I have with it, are my issues, and a few others, but I’m not going to let that get in the way of me enjoying a New Trek on television. And that is a whole other issue!

Ooooh! Spoilers maybe?







there is supposed to be a mirror universe episode coming up! SQUEE! I’m a happy Trekkie!

Because I have a Mirror Universe Character from Archer’s Era! 😉


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