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Stargate Rewind November 18th

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This week’s episodes are:

Citizen Joe
aired: 18 Feb. 2005

Reckoning: Part 1
aired: 25 Feb. 2005

The Green Fairy

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has arrived a week early. WOOT!

Why a Green Fairy and not a Blue Fairy? You ask her! LOL 🙂



seriously, they didn’t have the stuff for her to be blue! So I like Green, it’s the color of my elemental sign; Earth! Why not an Earth Fairy for the Holly Days, I spell it differently on purpose! Cause I’m weird! DUH!! lol 🙂

Seriously, I’m a Wiccan, I don’t celebrate Christmas, I will celebrate Saturnalia and I celebrate YULE! So as a Wiccan, I see a Green Fairy as part of the Holly Days! The Green Man is turning it over to the Holly King! I might play with her overall appearance this weekend! 😉

Blessed BE!

Holly Days is a week away!!!

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I like helping people, I really do. 🙂

I’ve been hearing friends on Facebook complaining about not getting enough attention, not having their art shared, lack of new customers/clientele, Cos-play creators same, writers, jewelers same! So I’ve decided to help them out! I can’t afford Christmas presents (I can’t afford Thanksgiving food) so I decided to help them out.

All I asked for was:

  • A photo of the Creator or a Logo of their business
  • Any holiday specials? When is your cut-off for these specials?
  • Are you willing to offer a discount if people notice they saw this on my site?
  • Non-holiday commissions; when are they?
  • Where can people see your pricing?
  • Send me 3-5 photos of your art, outfits, jewelry, etc.
  • Writer? No worries, send me 3-5 photos of your book covers. Have links to iTunes/Amazon, send those also!
  • Store? Same deal, send photos, contact information, website, what’s awesome about your store?
    Give new ppl a reason to want to shop there aka why am I referring my friends to your store? I don’t shop just anywhere. 😉

This is what I asked for, once they agreed all they had to do was ask for my email, which I’ve provided and then they are supposed to email me this stuff by this Saturday! So I can start getting their entries done. I was planning on doing special art for them, but so far only one person has emailed me! I try really hard to help ppl out, cause ya know, I really want them to succeed!  This is just like when ppl ask me for a career or get a new job spell. I can do the spell but you still have to put the effort and work in! Jobs don’t just materialize from thin air!

Casting a bit of a spell now…let’s see if it works! 😉

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