“We’re re-watching Marvel Movies for the upcoming Infinity War. Now if you’ve been living in a cave, have you? Then you’ve seen or heard something on the internet or facebookie about the Avengers and the Infinity War. This mornings viewing will be The Avengers! Also now known as Avenger’s movie one. Where is the order I’m using, thank you for asking, you can see the pretty pictures here or you can DIGG it here if you like the word format. OH, thank you, Isis. She says to ensure you have a comfortable seat and treats to watch the movie and drink plenty of water. She’s nothing if not thoughtful.” Looks around at the door being hammered on, “HOLD YOUR HORSES, I’M BUSY IN HERE! Sorry about that, I guess I’m needed somewhere. I have a special question for some people that want to participate. Should be a geek, not a requirement, but will help. You should also know Wonder Woman’s origin story, you can use the clay or the demi-god but you have to stick with one, to play the game. 😉 So till later, watch out for cranky Major’s and don’t get on Carson’s bad side, he has big needles and is not afraid to use them.”