“First up, Dude’s this may become a thing! I’m here three day’s straight. Right? Okay. Moving on, I’m looking at my PDA and tomorrow’s viewing is Thor, the Dark World. Oops forgot to highlight the list, I’ll fix it tomorrow. I mean, honestly, LOKI! Okay, he’s kinda hot! What? I’m not dead! Hello! Cranky Major is being Cranky, and whatever. So back to geek corner, this isn’t Alex’s love life. Unless you know you want me to do one of those ask me a question and I’ll give you my advice. My advice, not the boss lady! HA!” Looking around, “But before that happens. You have to request it. Otherwise, I’ll just talk geeky to you.” she laughs out loud. “Until then let’s enjoy this clip from Comedy Central that was aired before the original showing of Thor, the Dark World with, Loki of Asgard! Meow!”