LOL Yes, my fictional character now has her own Geek Corner. I am a Geek! So this is a pretty cool thing and most geeks like Kitty Girls, which makes her perfect, right? Of course. My Alex Persona can be quite flirty and somewhat sarcastic- things I have to watch in my day job and IRL.  😛

And if this was a new person coming on as a guest blogger, I’d be doing a congratulation to them and this is one way to introduce that yes since I haven’t gotten story two or three online yet, this is one way for your Alexandria Fix. Which I have been informed that there are people out there that are waiting “Patiently for the second story, I’ll wait longer for the third one as I know you’re waiting on that cover art!” I don’t know where my beta reader is, I may have to find another one. I can check so much, but I do need help with continuity and a few other things. I’m not perfect. 🙂