The other day, Patrick picked me up a surprise at Victoria’s Secret and saved it until today, he decided I needed it. Imagine my surprise when it’s a matte lip- no sparkly, no bling, uh… 😦 lol

But it has a lip pencil and a gloss. The challenge though is to wear it without the “gloopy gloss” as Patrick says and see how you look. Okay, I can do this. It’s only till Friday, and it’s a nice neutral. Neutral? Wow! Never thought I’d say that when talking about lipstick colors. The pencil does glide on quite well, and no pulling of my lip or skin. Then the Velvet Matte has an applicator and it goes on really well, it feels good too. Not bad, not sticky, not gloppy. It feels smooth, no fragrance either. Nice! At this point, from the ease of use to feeling good on my lips, I’m going to give this section a 9. There’s always room for improvement. 😉 (Learned that from my dad)

In the color department, it really is a nice color, not too dark and not to light. But it’s on a clean face, so have to see how it looks with other makeup on before giving this section a rating. It really is a pretty nude color! I’ll have to enhance the whole face tomorrow night and see how this all looks together.

Okay, Patrick threw away the box -it was in a set, but the matte color is: Adored and the lip pencil is Nearly Nude and they are both available at a Victoria’s Secret near you. Price wise- more on the expensive side, the whole kit was $24.50 and if you buy the pieces separately, it’s much higher than that. The breakdown is: Lip stain matte – 12.50, Lip pencil- 10.00 and glass gloss-12.00 so total is around 34.50, you save ten by buying the kit! wow! 😦

I’ll do another photo with the nude look lips tomorrow (well now today). Working thirds can be confusing-usually for other people that I talk to. LOL No Wonder Patrick doesn’t know what day is what.