Hey, I remembered! lol 🙂

I’ve received some new follower’s and I’m giving the shout out to them this week! Thank you very much for your follows and I hope this garners you some new follower’s as well! Hugs

Crappile  don’t let the name scare you off, I like his insightful and interesting posts! I don’t agree with his trump posts- but at least he has an interesting insight into some things. If we’re ever to bridge our Nation back together, we can at least read the other’s thoughts and discuss politely. As he has said, and I’ve noticed it too, Blogger’s are more polite and intellectual than the yeller’s on Twitter!! And I support his right to his opinion!! That’s the best thing about us Veterans, we understand the 1st Amendment very well!!

SindrElf Cute and funny posts, travelogue and nicely taken photos! LOL at the Cheese Post, but I learnt something new, and thank you!!