As I was going through my timeline on Facebook I saw an advertisement for this iStratus DayPlanner. Bonus it’s under 10.00! But then I learned years ago to read the reviews, and WOW! There are a lot of negative reviews, one poor person lost ALL of their DropBox files! OMG! I’d be on the floor pulling my hair out and calling them every name in the book! For reals!

So that one and some other bad reviews, yeah, no! Not going to waste my money! 



So I have wanted a day planner, I actually miss my day runner book with all the good stuff! But I already have a lot of what I need on my phone-included in the normal apps! But then I found this pretty little looking day planner!! Uber bonus, it’s only .99 cents! And the reviews are all 5 stars and really friendly. No guesswork involved. It’s just a little planner. That actually flips like my old day planner. For quick notes, and what not it works for me.