And for those that have been paying attention to my sporadic posting, you’ll notice I didn’t post the Stargate Rewind this Friday. Well, I was busy Thursday night at work, then Friday, I had a few doctor appointments and fell asleep when I got home and slept all the way until WOW four o’clock on Saturday. Yeah, I think I needed sleep. When I woke up Patrick decided that I needed to stay relaxed and away from computers and iPhones and we needed a date night. I have been craving comfort food and so we went to Cracker Barrell and had a good evening. Sad to say when one of my criteria for that is no trumpanzees in the restaurant! It’s difficult living in a red (russian) state when you’re a Democrat!! Patrick and I have to leave or bite our tongues a lot when dealing with some people. The other reason we stay at home a lot. We had a lovely meal and the waitress got a bonus on her tip from me, she laughed at Patrick’s jokes. I think he’s hilarious but sometimes I’m not sure if other people think so. LOL 😀 Seriously though, she kept our drinks filled without asking and she brought extra napkins when asked with no issues. We’ll be asking for Rachel to be our wait-person again. Patrick went to pay the bill and brought back a bag for me, inside was this beautiful Lotus Candle holder and a pink heart paperweight. I have a thing with some paperweights- the more the artistry the more I want them. It’s been years since I’ve bought a paperweight simply for its beauty.

Here are the photos:

Heart Paperweight 2019

Lotus Tealight Holder

So until later, Have a beautiful day and Namaste!