Hey All sorry I haven’t been here much, honestly, I have taken time off Social Media sites, fakebook, instagram, liker, twitter and tumblr. I know that Word press is not a social media site however, when I sign onto the computer for anything other than work, well, it’s tempting to go to the other sites. So, that’s why no new blog entries.  Work, by the way, has been busy- which in my line of work, isn’t the thing I want to hear. But people are getting help, so, that is awesome!!

Plus, I have had an issue with my health, I know, right, what is new? LOL I have to laugh, honestly.

More medication adjustments, and some other new stuff and referrals for tests, I really don’t want. but eh, it is what it is!

The Good News it’s been over two years since I quit smoking people!! WooHOO! The anniversary date was July 23! Coming up on August 23 will be the two year anniversary of my open-heart surgery. And July 23 was also the anniversary of my 2 heart attack, hey, I survived it! and my open heart surgery!! I show my scar with pride! *High Five*

I will attempt to do an Alex’s Geeky Corner, soon, I have actually written one out- longhand, I just need to find the time to get it typed up with the artwork. 😉 You know my character, she loves modeling!! lol 😀

Namaste and have a beautiful day!