I will be leaving work and I’ll be off until Monday!

We get a Perk Day on our work anniversary and then you have to use it in the month you receive it. I used to take this day on Black Friday, but with our merger, Black Friday is now a holiday! So I’m taking it tomorrow and since I’m not on call this weekend, I will have 5 days off for a mini vacation! Which is awesome! Because Monday, I take over while my supervisor is on Maternity leave! She went into labor this morning!! 😀

I will probably do all the must-do’s tomorrow! Then I can relax on Thursday with the family, Patrick, JiJi, and Missy! We pick up our Thanksgiving dinner on Wednesday. I’m sorry, some people think that’s awful, but with the 2 of us, not being invited to anyone’s for holiday lunch or whatever, no, it’s not awful! I figured it out, and it’s actually cost-effective for us. But most people don’t think of finances when doing these big holiday meals and what the costs of doing them, including, gas now, are! I do!

In other news, I learned how to make sock Gnomes, and Patrick and I are going to be picking up Gnome-making supplies too! So Family activity time, Patrick has already made JiJi quality control. LOL 😀

I’ll update later with the photos, they’re on my phone and I’m doing this from the work computer. 😉

Remember, to be thankful, be safe, and have a Happy Thanksgiving, however, you celebrate it!