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Are we a ‘team’ or not?

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I love these new ‘Team’ groups, where everyone is supposed to work collaboratively! That is what I’ve always wanted to be part of here. It sounds awesome, right?

Here’s the problem,
My teammate is an Ass! “Oh, you’ve got this! And no I’m not going to send you an email to remind you! That’s NOT MY JOB!”

okay, I am a DAV with a TBI, I have made it known that I require people to send me texts/emails to remind me of important stuff. I have alarms set on my phone/watch so I ensure I’m where I need to be when I need to be there! And this person, once said, “Oh no worries, I can text/email you whenever you need it!” So which one is it, helpful or an Ass!

And here’s some Passive Aggressive behavior for you, I’m no longer going to email her when she needs to know something to do her job! Is that wrong? NO. Is it rude? Maybe. Is it Passive Aggressive, oh hell yes!

This is exactly what I’ve been putting up with for years. So, yeah, yay team! Means yay me! There is no I in teams, but there is a ME! yep!!

OI! I hate this feeling! I’ve mentioned before, I’m a Type A person, which means I like doing things correctly and when they aren’t done that way, it gives me stress. Which is bad, as I have heart issues! I don’t know why people won’t work with my known disabilities? This is nothing new!! These are Reasonable Accommodations!! So much for a TEAM!

So, after much emailing about her doing something ‘wrong.’ She brought me back a Pepsi as a Peace gesture! She’s still an ass, but she now knows she’s not infallible and she needs to compromise!! yep! So, yes, I’ve emailed her what she needs to be aware of. I’m not a complete ASS! just a smart one! LOL 😀

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