I’m trying not to let it cause severe Chest pains, I’ve been noticing an influx of heart attack symptoms since I’ve been told, “You need to be more fluid” and “We expect you to work and not start before 8” and “The expectations are you will see ALL new admissions, any admissions during the day and you still HAVE TO DO YOUR GROUPS AND SEE ALL PATIENTS FOR INDIVIDUAL THERAPY! THOSE ARE THE EXPECTATIONS! OH, AND YOU HAVE TO BE LICENSED!” Yes, I’ve had to take my nitroglycerin pills on a daily to multiple times daily basis. My migraines have increased and my depression has reached black hole levels again! 😦

ARRRH! I’m not going through that BS again, NASW (National Association of Social Workers) will NOT give me accommodations! I’ve had multiple Providers (Cardiac Surgeons, Cardiologist, Neurologist, Ophamalogist, and my General Provider), write letters to the fact I need the alternative testing and NASW REFUSE! why?
M O N E Y!! The bottom line is they will have to pay someone to proctor my test and then they have to actually work (OMG) to grade the test and not have a computer do it. :O and people wonder why I am no longer an NASW member! I used to be a regional director for them, pro bono! Screw that! Their expectations are the same as above and work me like a servant while not paying me! “You’ll get a lot of networking opportunities.” Sounds like you work for free and you might get a job. I know my artist friends understand that.

Okay, I’m getting paid at work but I’m still being treated like an indentured servant. Seriously, this place has told me the same day, that’s right the same day, my job is changing, “Michelle you’re no longer on the inpatient unit, you’re now doing special assessments for the Substance Courts!” This has happened multiple times in the past 5 years and I’ve not complained. I’ve simply done the job. And now! Screw that! I’m tired! Silent quitting, HA! I have MEDICAL reasons that I’m moving slower than I used to. I’m no longer giving them any of my free time. If they EXPECT me to work through lunch, then I expect to leave an hour earlier! Quid pro Quo! Not to mention the jumping through hoops to get them to approve me for FMLA and then they tried to deny that! Until I proved to them I’m a PROTECTED STATUS VETERAN! hmm, they still don’t like that and will do anything to not have me go to my appointments. YEAH, I’ve been warned (verbal next will be written) about having scheduled days off for VA appointments. Who does that? Does my Veteran status mean anything to these people? Obviously not! and they don’t like admitting or seeing veterans at all. Especially if they don’t have insurance or qualify for insurance. yep

A coworker and I both over 50 and female have been discussing how we feel that we’re being forced to quit. This merger has been detrimental to the people that started working here! the new people merging, no! Everything is being done to make them happy! and screw the original people that accepted their ceo (small case letters on purpose!) There were multiple people leaving at the beginning, and most of them were forced out! They were told things that made it impossible for them to stay. And now, we’re being told about bonuses for those of us that get people to work here. HA! this is the last place I’d recommend people to work at. They are horrible to Veterans!!!

No, I’m not in a good mood about this place any longer! We were discussing loyalty and how we were raised to have that with a company. I’ve stayed in positions longer than I should have because of company loyalty. This place has blown that out of the water when someone I trained was made my supervisor. The only good thing, she lost that position as she didn’t have a clue about what she was doing. Then for the first time in my entire career life, I got written up as this ex-supervisor lied about me knowing something. I wasn’t even on the inpatient unit at that time, I was doing outpatient assessments and had no decision-making in this phase program! I informed my new supervisor that I would never be written up again!

My resume has been updated!