30 Day Pagan Journaling challenge: Day 2

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You can find the challenge here on Instagram,  30 day Pagan journaling challenge

2. What are my favorite type of spells to do and why?

Hmmm, this is a little complicated.  Okay, re-read, favorite type of spells.  I don’t do spells willy-nilly. And they usually take a bit of preparation. So my favorites are the ones I can do *snap* quick. And my favorite is how to get rid of negative/annoying/energy vampires! Usually, the person is all of the above! I have two I can do for this type of person, but mirroring them rarely works! So it’s back to shutting them down and closing myself off!  When at work, I can’t do this all the time, due to the type of work I do. However, if I’m feeling really drained from them, it’s on! *snap* Benefit to shutting down the person, they lose focus and then I can get to what’s really the issue and work with them. 😉

When out in public you’re vulnerable to energy vampires, negative and annoying ppl. It’s Fall more ppl in the stores now! And it feels good when you shut them out! *snap* Although this time of year, I still make my shopping trips as quick as possible! We go on off hours when we can!

Now I’m not going to share this easy little spell unless ppl want me to. Which means, you’ve got to leave comments! lol 🙂  quid pro quo! 😉


30 Day Pagan Journaling challenge: Day 1

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Well hello, I’m back thanks to this challenge  I found on my friend’s Facebook page. I’ll update on my health stuff later. 😉

And yes, I know, I’m Wiccan, however, Pagan is the Umbrella term. For example, Catholic is specific under the umbrella term Christian. If you can’t figure that out, I can try to explain differently but most get that explanation!

The challenge is appealing to me and hopefully will get me back into a daily writing routine. I’ve been out of that for a while now and I don’t like it. You can find the challenge here on Instagram,  30 day Pagan journaling challenge

And yes, I’m late to the party, but um I have my reasons! Anywho.

  1. What one issue within the Pagan community annoys or angers me? Why?

Okay, this one is a fairly easy one to answer this month! Why? It’s Pagan Pride Month! Woohoo!

Here in Indiana, I usually go to the Pride celebration in Indianapolis and take the cans for the donation to the local food banks! Great idea to collect food for the community! That’s not the issue here. The issue I have is the disrespect from one group/person to another. I’ve invited new people to go with me and see the variety of the groups and go ask questions of what they want. And then it never fails to happen! Someone gets all fired up, and yells at them, “Why the hell are you here if you aren’t a Pagan?” and then I get to calm down first and go explain to Mr/Mrs. Cranky Pants what is going on and why are they yelling at someone? There never seems to be a representative of the Pagan Pride group available. It’s awesome how they always seem to disappear when there’s trouble, but if I want to make a donation or take a photo for the local paper *poof* there they are! I’m so serious!

And guess what? This is the 20th Anniversary! To go or not to go? After the last couple of years, we’ve stayed home! The energy was so bad there!

For those that want the 411 Pagan Pride Indy 2017 

and Ta*DA I completed Day 1! Go Me and now it’s time for a nap.
Yeah, I’ll try to update the health ish later!

Panda Nation: Fundraiser for the WWF

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I am fundraising for World Wildlife Fund because I want to protect the future of nature.

Deforestation, climate change, water scarcity, and illegal wildlife trade. These are some of the threats facing our planet today—and no one person or group can tackle them alone. But if we work together, we can take on anything.

We can protect the very things that keep us alive: our forests, our oceans, our fresh water, our wildlife, our energy supply, our food supply.

Please join me in this important work by making a donation today.

Thank you for giving what you can.

my page: MChelTiger

Before the Flood


please watch, thank you!

IOTD *Special* edition

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Social media 7 day challenge

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OI! there is a lot of bad and negative posting on social media these days. I’ve trimmed a lot of people from my watch lists, etc. But still… So what can we do as individuals, stop perpetuating the negativity. Don’t post it, don’t reshare it, or retweet it.

Or you can stay off social media. Which is not as easy as it sounds for some. I can take it or leave it somedays. 😉

Or you can do what I’m doing, not sharing or posting any negativity for seven days. Try to post only positive, uplifting or cute pix. Sounds to easy, right. So comment if you’re in, and we’ll support each other.

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