WOW! a new better Supervisor

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I’m floored to have a supervisor that appears to be 1) human, 2) compassionate, 3) cares for her people and 4) not a micromanager!! Her liking Pepsi is just a bonus! LOL 😀

Seriously, I’m feeling good about this new supervisor while mine is on Maternity leave for the next two months, I’m wondering if I can keep her for longer than that! Seriously!

And below, I feel as if I’m the only person that likes snow! Honestly, if I can stay home and not have to drive on the icy roads, the better! But just snow alone, yes, I love snow! It’s just so peaceful!

Peace and Namaste!

Good Grief

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I shouldn’t have to update a post more than twice, once for my grammatical mistakes and a second time because I forgot to add or expound on something!

5 times is a little much!!

Guess I’ll figure out this new and so-called improved app format for posting.

Since I’m on my phone 📱 more than a desktop 🖥 or laptop 👩🏻‍💻 and the work laptop I use 90% of the time has a key logger, I will usually be posting from my phone 📱.

I think figuring out how to add things will be my learning curve. Why the photos are no longer in line with the topics I’m discussing.

Even JiJi’s confuzzled! Yes, I made that word up! 😝

OMG It’s been f o r e v e r


I’ve been exceptionally busy since November 2019, when the powers that be decided to have me come back to the brick and mortar and do my job here in person. Let’s move forward to NOW! OMG! I’m now classified as an essential health care professional and in February this year, I was informed I now work on the IPU-inpatient unit. So, to clarify, I’m at work, NOT quarantined like everyone else! and I work on the inpatient unit! Today, I’m on call in my office because I have to catch up on the required E-Learnings. Required because they (powers) said so! Honestly, it’s all common sense to this Veteran! OH right, right! I was in the Army and learned this stuff there! Civilians, however, obviously need to learn this stuff! ugh, So I’m required to sacrifice -okay, insert drama llama here- hours to do this! and NO, I can not retrieve access to the company’s website from home to do this! SO! I’m in the building, but that’s groovy! it’s me by myself on the 1st floor, the support staff person in the basement- which is cool with me cause she goes from cranky to worse in a new york minute ugh, and then the inpatient unit is staffed with the Cool Peeps this weekend! *It’s not like any of them read my blog, so I can say the Cool Peeps!! The b team is cool too, but this is the A-Team this weekend! Boom BABY!

MY ANP aka Nurse Practioner bought masks for a majority of us, and I have bought 3 of them, 2 for me and 1 for Patrick for when he has to go out and do things. These are the bomb, 1-you can actually breathe with them on, 2-they’re lightweight, 3- there is a light metal that allows you to ‘pinch’ it close to your nose for complete correct coverage and 4-did I mention you can BREATHE with these on! They are much better made, high quality and low cost, all three masks are costing me, 12.00, that’s 4.00 each!! I will share the 411 on who makes them and if they are accepting orders outside of the local area!

They actually donated masks to the business but OMFG! GET THIS SHIT! someone (powers) decided that the INPATIENT UNIT workers, nurses, therapists, techs, and other related staff, did NOT need masks! WTF! let me spell that out; WHAT THE FUCK! they instead went to the maintenance people! who do not do face to face, one to one with people!! who the fuck decided that they need these masks!

Thankfully, Kelly knew who the mask makers were and ordered an amount for us to purchase from her! I’m grateful to her!! Truly!

Because supposedly, get this, we were given cloth masks that don’t adhere to any safety guideline and informed that we are to acquire 2 of them, and wash them daily! Blah blah blah! ugh

and here’s the drama llama for this post!

I’m done for the week already…

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There is so much anger and animosity out there right now. I usually go to Facebook as most of my friends aren’t drama llamas and tend to support me, knowing my health issues. Well imagine my surprise tonight when I got jumped on not once but multiple times. “This is why we’re divided. This is how fascism starts. Do you want a civil war? Start being civil!”    OKAY! That’s it!!   when the boys are telling me to be civil, I’m done! Stick a fork in me!!! Because honestly, they have pissed me off and nothing I say will come out without causing hurt feelings. And I love them, I honestly do! I just can’t handle the negativity at the moment.

So I will be doing birthday stuff and that’s it this week on Facebook. Ppl know how to get ahold of me if they truly care or want too! No drama here! Just it is what it is right now. I’m pissed and I’m not putting up with it at the moment. I love ya’ll too much to get into over a stupid comment some ppl didn’t realize how it would come across.

I’ve lost enough of the assholes, I don’t want to lose people I actually consider friends!!

And I’m not feeling very Patriotic this week for the 4th of July!! Yes, I’m an American but at this time, I’m not proud of my country! I’m definitely NOT proud of the traitor that was placed in the white house!

But at least I’m trying to maintain my civility with friends!! Hugs and love ya’ll!

And on a positive note, I might get some coloring done if I’m able!! 

mental health time…

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I’m taking the rest of the week off and through until Sunday night! I need a break from my timelines on Twitter and FaceBook, it’s getting kinda nasty on Facebook! And I’m trying not to start an issue with a friend, I still can’t believe they said it and mean it… but I’ll find someone to talk it out with .

So tonight, I’ll be working on the Stargate Rewind post and then early this morning (It’s soo confusing working third shift! LOL) posted a lot of cute and funny animal pix on my facebook wall, I stayed away from the timeline. I did do one political post and I’ll probably share it here too!! but not at the moment. Anywho I’ll post that later this morning before I go to bed and then I need a mental health break!

too much anger, angst and downright rudeness from some people and I’m done! So time to recharge this weekend and come back fresh! I will be posting more animal pix tomorrow on Facebook and maybe some other art type stuff! We need to see beauty right now, with all the ugliness going on.

So I challenge you to post Thursday, Friday and Saturday aka Caturday some beautiful images! It doesn’t have to be a lot, just one image of the day! Give it a shot, leave me a comment if you do and I’ll have a surprise for you! Thank you in advance for taking some of the ugliness away! Big Hugs

I love you tree! ❤

101 Unusual Asks

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feeling awesome


  1. Spotify, SoundCloud, or Pandora?  Pandora
  2. Is your room messy or clean? Unorganized clean
  3. What color are your eyes? brown
  4. Do you like your name? why? Sure… lol
  5. What is your relationship status?  married
  6. Describe your personality in 3 words or less:  Amazing, Awesome and Amazonian!!
  7. What color hair do you have? Currently? Red
  8. What kind of car do you drive? color? Cruz black
  9. Where do you shop? online mostly
  10. How would you describe your style? Eclectic casual business
  11. Favorite social media account?  Facebook
  12. What size bed do you have? Queen
  13. Any siblings? yes
  14. If you can live anywhere in the world where would it be? why? Vancouver, Canada because I’ve heard beautiful things about it. And I love colder weather!
  15. Favorite snapchat filter? No snapchat
  16. Favorite makeup brand(s): Urban Decay
  17. How many times a week do you shower? 7
  18. Favorite TV show? currently on the tube? UH! Supergirl
  19. Shoe size? 12 American, 42 Euro I love Dansko Shoes!!
  20. How tall are you? 5′ 9″
  21. Sandals or sneakers? Barefoot so I guess sandals
  22. Do you go to the gym? no
  23. Describe your dream date:  Chinese takeout with a good action movie at home with hubs!
  24. How much money do you have in your wallet at the moment? none
  25. What color socks are you wearing?  Navy with cats on them
  26. How many pillows do you sleep with? 4
  27. Do you have a job? What do you do?  Yes, I’m a crisis therapist
  28. How many friends do you have? IRL- more than fifty, on Facebook LOL over 2000
  29. What’s the worst thing you have ever done? Disappointed my father.
  30. What’s your favorite candle scent? depends on my mood
  31. 3 favorite boy names: Evan, Kal-El, Alexander
  32. 3 favorite girl names: Alexandria, Briana, M’Chel
  33. Favorite actor? Kavan Smith
  34. Favorite actress? currently– uh Scarlett Johansson
  35. Who is your celebrity crush? Um duh, Kavan Smith
  36. Favorite movie? WOW! I don’t have a favorite…oh wait, okay Disney’s Sleeping Beauty animated version
  37. Do you read a lot? Yes! Daily, hourly if able
  38. What’s your favorite book? LOL um, the DaVinci Code I couldn’t put it down. No, seriously I didn’t sleep until I finished it!
  39. Money or brains? Brains! You can get money if you have brains! But money doesn’t mean you have brains or a personality!!! Pay attention!
  40. Do you have a nickname? what is it?  M’Chel or Chel
  41. How many times have you been to the hospital? Over 50! Yes, and this is for serious stuff too!
  42. Top 10 favorite songs: I wanna hold your hand, Defying Gravity, Beautiful, Cruel to be Kind, Stay, Promises in the Dark, A Thousand Years, The Sound of Silence as done by Disturbed, It’s Time, Summer Rain
  43. Do you take any medications daily? yes
  44. What is your skin type? (oily, dry, etc) combo
  45. What is your biggest fear? I don’t know….
  46. How many kids do you want? none
  47. What’s your go-to hairstyle? up
  48. What type of house do you live in? comfortable, not small but not overly large
  49. Who is your role model? Dalai Lama
  50. What was the last compliment you received? I love that dress and your smile! 😉
  51. What was the last text you sent? to hubs; I Love You!
  52. How old were you when you found out Santa wasn’t real? Wait! Wha…. LOL I was ten.
  53. What is your dream car? 1966 Convertible Corvette
  54. Opinion on smoking? Yes, I smoke… cigarettes! but oh, they are bad for you, don’t do it!
  55. Did you go to college? I’ve got three degrees; Associate of Religious Philosophy, Bachelor of Social Work and Master of Social Work so that would be a Y E S!
  56. What is your dream job? still debating on that
  57. Would you rather live in rural areas or the suburbs?  Can we say the ruburbs… not out so far and not directly in town but somewhere in the middle.
  58. Do you take shampoo and conditioner bottles from hotels? Who doesn’t? they’re just going to throw them away.
  59. Do you have freckles?  yes
  60. Do you smile for pictures? Depends!
  61. How many pictures do you have on your phone? Ummm way too many to count but the counter says: 18663
  62. Have you ever peed in the woods? When I was in the army, yes!
  63. Do you still watch cartoons? Who doesn’t? so that’s a yes!
  64. Do you prefer chicken nuggets from Wendy’s or McDonald’s? Um… Wendy’s
  65. Favorite dipping sauce?  Sweet and sour
  66. What do you wear to bed? Nothing
  67. Have you ever won a spelling bee? Yes
  68. What are your hobbies? Reading, writing, art, and obviously answering a ton of weird questions. lol
  69. Can you draw? yes
  70. Do you play an instrument? I have.
  71. What was the last concert you saw? LOL Bon Jovi with my sister
  72. Tea or coffee? Coffee
  73. Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts? Starbucks, please! DD oh no way!
  74. Do you want to get married? I am married. June 2017 is our 18th anniversary!
  75. What is your crush’s first and last initial? don’t have one… unless celeb crush counts? LOL KS then
  76. Are you going to change your last name when you get married? Already did.
  77. What color looks best on you?  Purple
  78. Do you miss anyone right now? yeah, I kinda do
  79. Do you sleep with your door open or closed? open
  80. Do you believe in ghosts? I believe in spirits
  81. What is your biggest pet peeve? Spelling/grammatical errors
  82. The last person you called? Hubs
  83. Favorite ice cream flavor? cherry
  84. Regular Oreos or golden Oreos? Neither ugh
  85. Chocolate or rainbow sprinkles? Neither
  86. What shirt are you wearing? I’m wearing a black dress
  87. What is your phone background? this unnamed
  88. Are you outgoing or shy? I’m an ambivert strong on the introvert!
  89. Do you like it when people play with your hair? Depends on the person.
  90. Do you like your neighbors? Not really, except for one!!
  91. Do you wash your face? at night? in the morning? Yes, in the morning and at night
  92. Have you ever been high? no, I don’t like being out of control!
  93. Have you ever been drunk? In the army, yes!
  94. Last thing you ate? Moe’s
  95. Favorite lyrics right now?
    So you wanna play with magic
    Boy, you should know whatcha falling for
    Baby do you dare to do this
    ‘Cause I’m coming at you like a dark horse
    Are you ready for, ready for
    A perfect storm, a perfect storm
    ‘Cause once you’re mine, once you’re mine
    There’s no going back
  96. Summer or winter? Winter, better snuggling weather!
  97. Nay or night?  Night
  98. Dark, milk, or white chocolate? White chocolate, but seriously, I’m not about to turn down chocolate. LOL 😛
  99. Favorite month?  September
  100. What is your zodiac sign? Virgo
  101. Who was the last person you cried in front of? My husband

Hope ya’ll enjoy the answers as much as I enjoyed answering them. Once in a while, these type of quizzes are good to get my writing juices going. Don’t ask, I don’t always get how my brain works. It just does! LOL 🙂


cool, calm and collected

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Okay, so when I went home yesterday morning; hubs and JiJi were waiting to greet me. I got a hug from Hubs and kitty kisses from JiJi. Hubs told me everything will be alright. To try and remember how we felt after 9/11 and how we acted. Then when I went to get a drink (alcohol) he put it back and quoted me again, “This is a depressant and you don’t need it.”  It’s soo cute and somewhat annoying when he can quote me to me! lol He also informed me that it’s not the Zombie apocalypse which made me giggle and I was finally able to breathe normally. Ya know?

Anywho there are enough issues out there without causing more! I snapped it all out during the night and have had regrets today. That type of behavior is not me. I haven’t deleted them, but I have password protected them. But I did delete them on facebook! And FYI I have not unfriended, unfollowed or blocked anyone on my Facebook friend’s list. I don’t want to be a hypocrite, I always tell people that we have to agree to disagree. Best if I follow my own advice!

Now then with that being said, I have unfollowed another blog here and I hope that they unfollowed me, I don’t need the negativity and the verbal vomit anymore!*I deleted her comment/essay!  Yes, I believe in free speech, but I also believe my blog, my rules. LOL  So let bygones be bygones and move on!

Together we are stronger! WE are Better than this! Let’s see what happens, to me, actions speak louder than words.

Stay strong, Peace my friends.


FYI I have apologized to those that I feel I offended this morning. And they didn’t feel/think I offended them, whooo I feel much better now.

just because

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I found this groovy gif when I was searching for stargate stuff! lol Enjoy!!


ps-Gaters I fell asleep last night and I’m watching our episodes tonight. 😉

oops, I needed the sleep obviously!

=^.^= it’s Sunday and…

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I’m at work… so what to do??? lol

Okay, get my documentation ready to go for the week, duh!

google kitty pix… what? It’s calming and increases productivity. Studies show that, yep! =^.~=

google other K pix… LOL do I have to spell it out? Yeah, okay K A V A N

and while googling said K pix, LOL 😀 my gravatar was in the search pix! I’m dying of laughter here!

and oh yeah, revision if I get a chance.

but for now!

kavanOh yeah, might update the Kavan page later 😉

xoxo =^.^=


random musings…

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What is it that keeps you as a return customer?

Is it a rewards system; punch card, or scannable card. Is it the website/email’s that send you personalized coupons. Is it the name itself? For example; Macy’s, Kohl’s, Brighton. Or is it the most basic thing; customer service? Having someone actually say hello to you when you enter the store, and cashiers that actually say Thank you when you check out.

I have a few rewards cards and will admit that they do have a limited draw on where I shop, but that’s not the reason. I do like Macy’s and Brighton. Kohl’s used to be a good store, and then something happened.


So, what is the draw for me? Customer Service! Wal-Mart and Meijer’s are well known for having door greeters, now the difference between the two is the enthusiasm of the door greeter. And as someone who once upon a time worked for Wal-Mart, I know that was the least favorite job. But the door greeter’s at Meijer’s always appear happy to see you, and they don’t seem to use a script. Even a few when you walk in are able to ask what you’re looking for and will direct you in that direction. NICE! 😀 Wal-Mart door greeters, in this town, tend to avoid eye contact and will NOT help you! “Go ask the customer service desk.”

Brighton, I walk in and not only get a “Hello, I’m happy to see you,” but we also get asked if we want coffee or water. Uh, yes. And then when they ring you up, they are still helping you out, with registering your product and ensuring that you know what that means. And then we get a genuine “Thank you!”

My issue with Kohl’s, I hate HATE being called, honey or hon, sweetie isn’t much better. And I have asked a store manager not to call me that when we were discussing a matter of importance. There had been a mixup and I was attempting to return a much higher priced item that I was charged the lower price for. Yep, honesty is really the best policy except for apparently Kohl’s! So after explaining what I was doing, and asking him -politely, to stop calling me honey which by the way was really aggravating hubs! The manager then switched to calling me Sweetie! UM HELLO! no that wasn’t any better! Patrick had had enough and we took the package and left the store. We actually drove to the nearest town with a Kohl’s and they too started with the hon, honey thing. But the difference was, someone else stepped up and treated us with respect. And we were able to keep the item even at the very discounted price! The moral of this story, it does pay, to be honest, and for the store-it pays to be respectful to your customers. That is the only Kohl’s I will step into.

And yes, I get a lot of crapola about my Starbuck’s addiction, but guess what? Again it’s the customer service! The Starbuck’s in this town is rude! And by that, I mean all the people that work there that I’ve interacted with are RUDE! I’ll drive to Gas City which is out of my way to get a cup of coffee! And yes, I know I pay more for that coffee, which is why the main reason I go there is for the Customer Service!!! The Gas City Starbuck’s is off the interstate so they don’t always have the most customers but the ones they do, we’re treated pretty well compared to the Marion location.  Both Starbuck’s locations in Muncie are pretty good, however my main base is the one on Tillotson, why? Customer Service!

Do ya’ll see a pattern here? LOL 😉

Where I am treated with respect and acknowledged as being an important part of the chain, Seller, Consumer. Is where I shop! I have options now, and a few places recognize that important difference.
I’m not saying the customer is always right, trust me, as someone that has worked in retail as an associate, customer service rep, and department manager I know that’s not always true! Yep! And as such I avoid using that phrase!!! OI! However, on the other hand, those businesses that treat me and hubs with respect, we return to. And omg! We send other’s to their business!! YEP!! Take Note! Customer service gets you more customers/clientele which is your bottom line! So put a bit more effort into your customer service, and this applies to those that work there too if the company/store goes belly up, what could you have done differently to ensure it didn’t? As I said earlier, the door greeter gig was the least

As I said earlier, the door greeter gig was the least favorite of the job at Wal-Mart, but if you made it fun and interacted with people instead of standing there sounding like a robot, “Hello. Hello. Hello. Hello.” The time you had the gig flew by and customers noticed when it wasn’t you. Yep! I’ve been a goofball for forever and it would seem that is alright. I was asked to do that gig more often and after a bit instead of dreading it, I started to enjoy the time I was doing it.

The reason for this particular rambling… I was sent a few email’s that sent me to the company’s survey on how they did customer service wise, smart company!! I gave positive feedback. For nothing other than that they know that yes, I was satisfied with the service and the customer service I received. Now if they send me a coupon, I’m not going to complain. lol   Also a lot of businesses have websites now and I do leave feedback, both positive and negative. I also leave my contact information to have someone get in touch with me. This happens more often than you think, and more so with the smaller businesses. 😉 See someone understands the relationship seller/buyer. 😉



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