so close…

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okay so part of the project is now working…. but the other part I’m trying to do…no.  Does anyone know of a way to ‘backdate’ posts. I don’t want to inundate all of you with a bunch of posts. Esp if you’re not into Kavan Smith. LOL 😛

So until I figure this out… oops! Sorry, you’ll be seeing more ‘caps’ of Kavan. Enjoy??? LOL 😀

ack… pulling my hair out…

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so I’ve printed out the instructions for the project I’m trying to do here…. and it does not seem to be working. Another reply back to my helpful tech support person. She’s prob pulling her hair out too. :p lol 


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my mind is all over the place, I should just save all these little thought snippets and post in one entry. oops sorry… 😛 


I’ve noticed that some of my favorite sites for this wonderful actor are either under construction or have been abandoned. So…I decided to come up with a page. I’ll be sharing some info I have acquired and screen caps that I do on occasion. I’d also like to have this be more interactive-post your links to information, pix, etc. I’ll upload the pix if you share a link. 😀 

so no idea how often this page will be updated, more than likely once a week or biweekly if I can. 😀





The September calendars are way late…. this past weekend I was really ill. I’ve left a message with my specialist to call me asap. And then the wifi was out 90% of the time. oi… 

But in other news, I am happy this morning! 🙂 That has to be a plus! lol 

fun day?

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So TGIF! and today is going to be interesting. I was at the dentists yesterday, oh yeah. Nothing like a lot of pain in your mouth to make you go. 😛 And get this both of my wisdom teeth are coming back in!!! Can you say OWIES! 😦 

so today I’m having difficulty speaking…the pain. And yet here I am at work. This should be a fun day. 😛 

I need to find the appropriate IOTD next. 😀 




No blog yesterday as I was in court as a support system. It went well! 😀

And while it could’ve been a really stressful day, it turned out good. I was able to take in my iPad and was able to read. I’ve sold or donated most of my paperbacks. And have my favorite books on the iPad. And bonus the courthouse had wifi. LOL So I was able to check mail, and facebook for a little bit. I also did a few lil art pieces while waiting. There are days my patience is tested. But since I was a good girlie I got a present. LOL 😀

I’ll update with a pic later. 


 bonus pressie-new iPhone 5 case! 😀 unnamed (8)

ya’ll have a beautiful Thursday! 


eep ack oop o m goodness

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LOL I forgot just how stressful my job is with just one of me doing it. 😛

Like I said earlier I’m happy for my colleague that has left and gone on to better stuff for him and his family. But O M G ! 

I feel validated because one of the on-call therapists came to see me this morning and said pretty much what I just did. It will be okay, it’s just a bit overwhelming when you’ve got people asking why can’t you do this, why did you do that, and what do you mean no? 

Yeah!! My blood sugar dropped pretty low yesterday, and I was two hours past my lunch time, thank goodness someone had some crackers for me and I keep a stash of emergency peanut butter. Otherwise I’d be in the ER myself. Yeah, it got kinda funky yesterday afternoon. And I keep on going, I should get points or something. LOL 😛  I know, it’s my job, I knew what I was getting into. I just forgot how it is by one’s self. Good news, my boss has been interviewing, YAY! so hopefully that means I get a new partner soon. 

Ya’ll take care! It truly is a beautiful day outside! 

1333951569103_1333951569103_r I think that cats are the Yoga Masters!! 😀 I know they know the art of zen! =^.^= meow



Loads of stuff, not all happy, but not all bad either. Change is in the air.

This week specifically, Wednesday I get to say goodbye to a colleague and I do wish him well in his future endeavors. However I’m going to miss him badly at work. We make a great team. However I do understand why he’s leaving and why he’s moving. So it’s a mixed bag of emotions there. :p

This past weekend I was in a lot of fibro pain… couldn’t get comfortable no matter what. And to add to it, my right leg aka my good leg, is no longer good. The pain was off the charts, I iced it, I heated it, I elevated it, I took ibuprofen and nothing would alleviate the pain. I was about to knock myself out with a bat to the head. LOL I finally got it elevated enough, took my ibuprofen and iced the daylights outta of it, and was finally able to get some much needed sleep. Until it woke me up. OI! But as a friend once told me, pain is a good indication that I’m alive. So again, a mixed bag of emotions. It sucks, but… I just have to learn to live with it. :p

Today is Monday, and so far the weather doesn’t know whether it wants to rain or stay sunny. I went for a quick walk and it was sprinkling a little bit. And now the sun is back out. I know the humidity is off the charts. yuck. 😦 But at least it’s not snowing. Hey, it’s Indiana, I wouldn’t be surprised. LOL 😀

And as I said, my colleague is leaving and my work schedule is about to go wonky. Today and Tomorrow I work my normal shift, and then Wednesday and Thursday, who knows. I do have this Friday off, I have appointments that have been cancelled and rescheduled to many times to do it again.

So change is happening again, and once again, I’ll rise to it. It’s way more annoying and less productive to fight against it, and honestly, change can be beneficial. Perspective, it’s all about perspective. 😀

Have a great Monday!



Oodles and oodles of projects to complete.

Yes, Bunneh! I’m still working on it. And I’ve been doing some rearranging of the house too. I keep losing weight, I’m down to a 14-16, depending on the cut of the outfit. Kinda nice…but I’m almost at the point where I can really say, “I have nothing to wear.” LOL 😀

So the old clothes now are being washed, and then taken to a consignment shop. Sad part is, some I’ve only worn a handful of times, hopefully that’s good for the shop. And next, which consignment shop do I take them to? Here locally, Muncie, or Indy?

Anywho, it’s nice being able to get out of the ‘big girls’ department, but it’s still pretty odd at times. 😉

Have a great day!

Drama finally…

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hit me Monday on FaceBook.  Personal ethnic attack, which I don’t play games with cyber bullying, I reported him for it.

Something had been posted that I did not want posted, so I asked the poster ‘politely’ to take it down, and he flew off the handle, said some derogatory and inappropriate things. He’s now banned from quite a few groups, and duh- unfriended by me, and some of our mutual friends. I love my friends that saw that 1) I was being polite and acting like an adult, and 2)that he wasn’t! 😦

So… I have password protected some of the entries on the Creative Blog, and I will probably continue to for a bit longer.

If he has signed up for the newsletter- I need to find out how to have him taken off of it. Or how to block him from my sites. Yeah, I’m kinda mean! But I do not reward Bad, rude, derogatory, ethnic slurring people!! Would  you? 🙂

updated: the funniest thing was my friends posting pix of eating popcorn- for being entertained by the drama. LOL 😀 that was pretty funny, the rest, not so much! But it has been taken care of- at least by the group administrators and my friends.

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