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Woohoo! Early Treat for me!

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It’s always a good day when you can afford to buy a book! Yes, it is!

So, it’s a great day when you can afford to buy more than one, like 10 or a dozen! lol 😉

Thanks to Patrick’s budgeting skills, I was able to purchase some iBooks of my favorite Series, The Otherworld Series by the author, Yasmine Galenorn

Click the first link to take you to the Otherworld part on her blog and the second link is to her website!

I personally love this series! She is no longer doing print books, and I couldn’t be happier! Easier to purchase with an iTunes card and download for immediate reading. 😉

Patrick saw me this morning go and pull out the hard copies of the earlier books, it’s been a while, like over a year since I last read this series, as I wasn’t aware that she had gone completely digital and the customer service person at Books a Million, actually upset Patrick. That’s how rude he was to me. He tried to grab me and Patrick grabbed him. Apparently, we’re no longer allowed in that store. Their representative grabbed me first, but whatever! I avoid Books a million now unless we’re in Kokomo, otherwise, it’s Barnes & Noble! So while I was sleeping, he went grocery shopping and was able to get me a few surprises, another iTunes card to download the rest of the series, “Now you can sell the paperbacks or give them away, but I prefer you reading on your iPad, the screen is larger than a book!” Woohoo! And a Pop Queen Hippolyta, “My blonde Amazon had a Pop figure!” He cracks me up!!

So I’m now able to re-read from the beginning of the series and I have a Queen Hippolyta figure on my work desk. Isis keeps sniffing it, and she has taken it away somewhere… I’m to busy to look right now. lol

But my Halloween is awesome so far!


House Pride Day


Who wants to guess what house I’m in? LOL 

For anyone who wants to use it! :-)

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To use as your blog header like mine!!


it’s already been sized, no need to crop it. 😉

I’m serious when it comes to Reading!!

or if this image is too small, feel free to email me for the original size!

Leave a comment with your email or message me on Facebook. 😉

Banned Books Week: September 25- October 1, 2016

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and let me help you out with a list of banned books  and here’s another list

and this list is from a Government standard-check it out bet you’ve read a lot from here too!


I bet you’ve already read one or two of these. I’ve read a bit more than that, but I think I have located one or two that I haven’t or want to revisit. 😉 And OMG there are even comic books on this list.



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How many of my friends like to read?

Are you looking for something new?

Have you ever heard of Drew Geraci??


Say hi, Drew

If you have, then you know what he is known for, if not then check him out here: DrewGeraci.com

He has this really good book out right now, and I promised him I’d help get the word out, and I’m hoping my friend’s will look at the preview here: Drew Geraci author.com and buy his book or share his website to your friends. I’ll be ordering a copy of it myself. Available on Amazon and Kindle! 😉

The Demands by Drew Geraci

Life is more fun…when…

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You and your spouse share the same medical issues.

and yeah, that and the title is sarcastic. But hey, that is one of my favorite defense mechanisms.

So anywho, and since this is longer than a ‘status’ update on FB, hopefully some ppl there read it here. 😀

Yesterday I was getting some funky text messages from Hubs. Kinda like mine when I was having my issue…. so yeah, I called him and he was freaking out!! Badly!! He was hyperventilating and I was using all my therapist skills to try to calm him down, breathe with me. And then there was silence, I was about ten minutes out to his location. I left work, and I think my boss understood me. This morning he was like, yeah, I knew what you meant. So anywho, the phone disconnected and then a good Samaritan clicked on the ICE Contact. Ya’ll know what ICE is right?? In Case of Emergency number. So they called me, he had passed out, and they were staying with him until I could arrive. They and I were debating an ambulance until he woke up and he was oriented to his surroundings. I arrived and with their assistance got him in my car. I gave him two choices; the ER in the town here or the one in Muncie that knows his medical history.

Any who he wasn’t happy about it, but I thoroughly convinced him he had two choices, I could drive him or an ambulance would. yeah, I don’t play. LOL :p
After the ER did what the ER does, and he wasn’t admitted, he was given a slip to stay off work till Monday, and rest. He has a flu/virus thingie, and yeah, get this his blood sugar was out of whack too. hmm?? Anywho he’s home safe and sound today, and when I texted him – gotta love technology- he was doing fine. In fact, he mentioned doing some picking up of things. I told him to get his butt back in bed and rest! Yeah, I’m mean! lol 😛

So…OI! If it’s not me having the fun emergency issues, seems it’s him. Do ya’ll know what I want for Yule? A quiet and boring month! Yeah! So now he is willing to learn some meditation with me to control some of his emotions that caused the hyperventilation issue. Panic/anxiety attacks are NO FUN!! People I see, think I don’t get it. I do! I’ve suffered them on and off all my life. The secret is meditation, and some other coping skills. Want to learn them? I can’t stress enough, so please-see a therapist. We’re not just for people suffering this or that, we can help! Meds are fine… but, therapy is more effective. What happens when you don’t have your pills? You still have the ability to meditate or use the skills that you’ve learned.

and yeah, okay, off the soap box now. Sorry, I just really really believe in the ability of a good therapist to help people. And sometimes that’s ME! LOL 😀

I hope ya’ll are having a nice and quiet week so far! It’s Tuesday! New Release Day! Movies, books, and sometimes those video game thingies. lol yeah, I’m not into some of the new games out there. But I am into movies and Books!! I had preordered the next book in a series I’m reading and it downloaded into my iTunes book library one minute after midnight last night! Woot!! 😀
We downloaded Pacific Rim the other day and whooooa that is a good movie. Well, I liked it! 😛 to critics. And hubs picked up the new GI Joe movie for me the other day, okay…I didn’t like all of it. It was a good story, but really…if you haven’t seen it, I won’t spoil it for you! But arrrgh! lol And that’s it on that movie. So what else is out today?? Leave me a comment. Let’s chat.

Have a great day! Hugs

oooh & Happy October!


tis the witching month, the moon has been high and the shelves of local retailers are busting out with the Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. Yep, it’s that time of year! LOL 😀

I’m wanting some caramel apples, or some apple cider. mmmm sounds delish!

Best thing to do in the fall, walk through the woods, inhale the crisp air, shuffle through the leaves, and just be in the moment!

What do you like to do in the fall? Raking leaves and then jumping in the pile! oh yeah, me too! LOL

I’m still watching the leaves turn on the trees outside my office window. I just love Nature Watching.

This is also the time of the year for a lot of craft fairs going on. Which gets me in the crafting frame of mind. I’ve found a cute little Nyan kitty that I would love to do with some Fimo. 🙂

and it’s Read a Banned Book week, www.bannedbooksweek.org

It boggles the mind…


I have an issue…I have a thing for spelling things correctly, and using the correct punctuation.

What boggles my mind, some things actually make it into print. Newspapers don’t count, magazines don’t count-well not to me, however a book? Yeah, they have editors, proofreaders. I mean wth? 😦

Which is correct: “Your welcome.” or “You’re welcome.”

And wth? so and so, verse so and so.

Excuse me? Verse?? uh, I think you mean versus. See the difference a word makes? and or, spelling. The verse could just be a spelling error, or it could be the person really doesn’t have a clue…but to see this in print?! It boggles my mind!
Needless to say, I will not be buying any more books from this author. I’m sorry, if you can’t use beta or proof readers, and you have one to many grammatical, and spelling errors, I can’t read it. It makes NO sense to me at all.

For heaven’s sake, if you ever want to print your work, please, I beg of you. Get a proofreader. Because obviously, the book companies need help! 😦

I have three, beta/proofreaders. JIC, one is a grammatical nazi-Love you, Sweetheart, the other is great at continuity-esp since my work is a series, and the third is a SCI FI geek, with extensive knowledge in the area I’m working in.

Plus, like I said, I have a problem. It’s annoying some days, to read something, and immediately pick out all the misspelled words, and the bad punctuation. I’m also horrible looking at pictures. Years of being a digital retoucher, and I know how to do negative retouching. That’s working on the negative itself. 🙂 I can spot dots and imperfections. My friends are like, “Really?” Yeah…I do some free retouching for some ppl. Others that have paid for these services, I take a grease pencil, and make the appropriate comments and tell them to send it back to be redone, or get a refund. The funny thing, I used to work for that Portrait company. LOL I’m not above driving back to the lab, with the marked up prints, and asking them to fix it. Someone spends a good $1000. on their senior portraits, oh hell yes. I’m going to make sure that they get their moneys worth.

On the other hand, we shouldn’t allow sloppy English. It’s bad enough when ppl talk to me in text speak. “I’m sorry. What did you just say?”

Example, and yes they use the initials, “WTF! do ygaf? IMR! LOL!”

I’m stymied at this. Beyond boggled, just speechless. Even in the Army, I didn’t use acronyms when talking all the time, just when it was required.

Example: “I need that pdq, or asap. The METL is on your desk.”

PDQ=pretty darn quick, ASAP= as soon as possible, METL=mission essential task list.

anywho, have a great day! please leave a comment, if you too, get tired of the butchering of our language. Thank you!!

Happy April!

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so no postings over the weekend, I was cleaning. Yeah, mark a calendar. lol

I’m going back through my stuff, and giving away some more stuff. I’ll have some books to sell. Some older collectibles, still NIB. (NIB=new in box) And I’m getting ready to redecorate in my room. Selling my old bureaus, for some new ones. I’m still looking for one of the older vanity sets. And I was being sociable with a neighbor. 😀

trying to get out of this funk. It’s spring, it’s pretty outside, I need to get some flowers or something. maybe Saturday, go to Minnetrista in Muncie, and walk around the gardens, or go to Ball State and walk through the campus. no where in Marion to walk and look at the pretty flowers. sighs…this town depresses me…

and I’m re-reading the Otherworld series from the beginning to the newest! Six months…or more to the newest one. I read them in like a day, two if I slow it down a little. I need to find another series or two to read. I just completed the newest in the Black Dagger Brotherhood series, “Lover Reborn” by JR Ward. At first, I was balking at the price increase, but after reading it, who cares. It was worth the price! Such a lovely rollercoaster ride, throughout the story. If you haven’t bought it, due to the price. I can assure you, it’s worth it! 🙂

so any suggestions on good paranormal romance/action/drama series?

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