oh good grief! Really?? :(


So I had a photo reported to the FB whatevers… this cracks me up, I am the last one to post on that place anything that would be considered more than a PG rating.

and for your perusal- here’s the pic. Do you see any reason why this was reported? For nudity??? Really? WHERE?

HI! Happy Thursday!

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We’ve got 21 days till Halloweenie! YAY! bratz-cheerleader

And I’ve had a lot of issues that have been bugging me lately and normally I vent here. Well…while that is a healthy outlet, it’s also not the best thing for me to do, it allows me to continue focusing on that issue(s) and making it more than it really is. And words are powerful. Why use them to hurt, when I can focus on the positive and hopefully use them to heal. Yeah, it’s Thursday morning and I’m feeling philosophical. Oi what was in that creamer? LOL 😀

So anywho…I do work tomorrow. I’ve been doing a weird shift this week, and then tomorrow I’m doing a full eight on the day shift. It is what it is. Watch out work people, I’m gonna be here all day (well my shift)!! eeeee heee heeee!

My lovely beta aka my co-writer has proof read my Halloween story, and I should have it posted soonish… I’m still deciding wait till Halloween to post or put it up sooner. Thoughts?
It’s a story from when Bri was a cadet…yeah, young Briana. LOL Rating will still be an R for violence, squickiness and language. What? She likes to swear too! I swear! LMAO!

I’ve also come up with a brilliant idea (well imo it is), I have a lot of creative friends and so I’d like to use their creativity in my November calendar. It is the month of being Thankful and I’m thankful for my friends. So far, I’ve only had one person email me some art.
Now- I’d like to keep it Stargate oriented, but I’m thinking that might be limiting people, so what do you have for me, email it to me. As it has a better resolution when emailed. Thank you!! Hugs!

Have an Awesome Thursday!! Let’s Do This!!!

ps- why yes, I used to be a cheerleader! Once, always!! WOOOHOOOO!!!

like omg…

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first, yes I was a Val gal when I was younger. And can still switch to Val speak, in less than sixty seconds. LOL 😀 ask my best friend, he’s heard me.

so I have this ritual I do…we’re in a wip, work in progress. And I like to print out a hard copy to do my first round of Beta (proof reading work). Something about it…probably from my time as a TA, teacher’s assitant, and that I still do tutoring work with some college students. I like the red ink?? LOL 😀

But the OMG came from the fact, that this is a wip, and we’ve got 185 pages so far. We can write! Love it!! And we’re not done with this story. I’m going to be breaking out the chapters, as I beta it.

Yeah, I’m an unusual writer. I write the story, and then go back to chapter it out, if it needs it. this WIP, I think it needs it. 🙂

and on the plot bunny site…sorry, Snafu will be picked up soon…have you ever had a story that you know you need to finish…but you’re just not feeling it? That Plot Bunny is lying down…and shows no sign of interest at the moment. While the story wip we’re on right now. I can’t keep those Plot Bunnies corraled.

so going to find a red pen…:) and then do some beta work

Laters, enjoy the day! Here tmrw, they are calling for Snow! Yay!! Snow!! 😀
I’m ducking…lol

Woot!! :D

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I just completed a little story, six pages- that’s little! 😀

and this takes place before Briana is assigned to the Enterprise and before she meets Mac.
The character, Norman Bright is (C) Gary Pope. Who has given me wonderful compliments on the origin story of his character. Really hard to do origin work on another’s character. I’m soo happy that not only that he likes it, he appears to love it. Quote: “Once again I sit in awe of your magnificent writing prowess! I love this origin story for them!” With that…the story has been posted. When Bri meets Bright

Enjoy!! and now back to more writing!! woohoo!

it seems forever ago…


I used to have lots of fun making wallpaper’s, banner’s, lj icons, animated icons, and the like. I even answered the 100 LJ Icon challenge. I have quite a few Enterprise icons, and then some funny icons too.
So be prepared over the next few weeks, I’ll start posting them again.
if you want to use any please give credit to GroovyTrekGoddess, thank you!!
All colors I post are Mine. Meaning, I did them, the colors. My character, Briana Storm is (C). Please do not borrow/steal.

I used to do these by requests, if someone would like to submit a request via a comment. I’ll see what I can.

Animated Stamp:

Photo LJ icon

Mini Banner

simple animation

For those Trip fanfic writers

Did a color, and then made it part of a wallpaper for my sister!

A color of my character, Briana. Animated!!

And I’ve made custom calendars. This is a sample using my IMVU avatar of Briana, during my and my sister’s birthday month. 😀

I think this weekend, I’m going to be in the mood, color, or do a wallpaper, or something in Photoshop. I miss this type of creativity too! 😀

more LJ Icons soon. They can be used for other sites, etc. Just if someone asks who, how to get one; please link/credit to me. Here for a link is good. Ppl can leave requests in the comments. And let me know how to contact you?

Hope ya’ll enjoy!


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And the story is posted on the Plot Bunny site, Link to your right>>>>>>>>

Warnings; before you do click, this story has an X rating for language and sexual situations.
You have been warned! Otherwise, Happy Halloween, enjoy our treat for you!!
Thank you to my co-writer!! You’re awesome! And I really enjoyed our giggling phone calls on this one! 🙂

and those that haven’t figured it out, I’m an NPH Fan!!


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I’m sooo happy! I got my main computer up and running, and now I’m painting an art piece, that my co-writer sent me of our characters! It’s sooo beautiful. I can’t wait to see it, when I’m done! lol
hopefully, I make it look as good, as I can see it my mind’s eye. 🙂

so I’m home! YAY!

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whooo the con was so much fun, even with a few snags here and there. Overall, it was AWESOME! and I can’t wait till next year. 🙂
I’m also sneaky, for those that want to see the commission pieces of Briana, go here: http://plotbunnymusings.wordpress.com/2011/08/15/commissions-of-briana-from-wizard-world-chicago-august-2011/
It’s the wordpress site, we put our stories on. So scroll through, look at the pretty pix, and then hey, why not read a story. You might like! 🙂

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