Trailer for Fantastic Beasts

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Squeee!! See why we have to watch this on a large screen!! 


“SQUEEEEEEEEE!” From Alexandria’s Geek Corner


“OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG! OWWWW! What the hell, Sheppard?”

“My apologies, Alex. I thought you were having a panic attack.”

“And so you slapped me?”

“Better than having Ronon shoot you with his blaster.” Colonel Sheppard waves towards Ronon, “Say Hi, Chewie, you’re recording this, right?”

“Yes, so I have your confession now lite colonel that you did, in fact, hit a superior officer!”

“Hey, let’s not be so hasty there, Alex. We could negotiate a few things.”

“You have nothing I want, John. And I have today’s Corner to do, so scoot and take Chewie with you. Why, no never mind, I don’t want to know about your weird nicknames for everyone. But I better have a cute one, that’s all I have to say about that.”

“It’s Almost TIME!!! Friday peeps, FRIDAY! or as we like to call it, FRIYAAAAY!” 

“And to whet our appetites, like we need that, another trailer!” 

How do you decide on a new hair color?


Me, I’m definitely not normal.

You know, I don’t think I’ve ever been accused of being normal? huh?

Anywho, I use Alexandria as my tester! yep! We have the same eye color- well, okay, her’s is more golden than brown. We have the same height, and body-mostly! HUSH! And minus the tail, claws, and ears we could be twins!

So I’m tired of being too fussy with my hair. Meaning it’s going silver at the roots. So I was considering going silver, but the more I thought about it and looked at pictures of people with silver hair, yeah, NO. They all had one thing in common- it aged them considerably.

                   Silver versus Platinum 

So what’s a girlie to do, well just like in real precious metals, Platinum WINS!
and yes, I’m playing around with Alexandria to check cuts too… the one on the left is more what I want to go with the color on the right. You’ll understand when you see the surprise. 😉 lol 

I’ll share pix when it’s all done!! WOOHOO!! Dudes, it’s Today! Third shift does mess with my sense of time with people. I say tomorrow and I mean today! Right, confusing!! 

Today early, right after work! I have to pick up Patrick and then we drive over to Muncie.  Yay!! Pampering time today and after the past week or so, I sooo need some pampering!! I’d kill for a massage, but my massage therapist won’t give me a massage without a doctor’s note!!! Yes, that is the sign of a good and responsible massage therapist. I know that… but it doesn’t stop me from whining about it. LOL 🙂


back to playing with Alexandria and haircuts!! lol


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Giggity! lol

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This weekend is the 300th Episode of Family Guy!! One of my favorite Seth MacFarlane’s shows!!

and you can Family guy yourself!



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they have a JiJi purse, I need this!! 😀


Taurid fireballs


EarthSky –  Release Date: Nov 02, 2015
We’ve been hearing reports of Taurid fireballs! It’s time to start watching for them. Details on the South Taurid shower, and when to watch.
Taurid fireball caught in bright moonlight in Tucson, Arizona.
Taurid fireball caught in bright moonlight by Eliot Herman in Tucson, Arizona. Photo taken at 3-38 a.m. on November 1, 2015
The South and North Taurid meteor showers aren’t known for their large numbers of meteors, but they are known for having a high percentage of fireballs. There’ve been reports this weekend of some great Taurid fireball sightings, including the one from Eliot Herman in Tucson, above. Beautiful, yes? The peak of this shower is coming up this week. The South Taurids should produce their greatest number of meteors – and hence their greatest number of fireballs – between midnight and dawn on November 5, 2015. Try watching on the morning of November 4, too, and even on the mornings before that. The fireballs are flying!
How can you watch for Taurid fireballs? The good news is that the moon is now waning. Last quarter moon is early morning on November 3, according to clocks in North America. There will be a bright moon between midnight and dawn that morning, but the moon will be less and less obtrusive on the following mornings, leading up to the peak on November 5.
And remember these are fireballs we’re watching for. A little moonlight shouldn’t hinder them, as the photo above by Eliot Herman clearly shows.
In general, the South Taurids typically offer about 7 meteor per hour at their peak. However, the other Taurid shower – the North Taurids – always adds a few more meteors to the mix during the South Taurids’ peak night.
It’s the bright ones you really want to see, after all.
The Taurid meteor stream consists of an extremely wide roadway of far-flung debris left behind by Comet 2P Encke. When Earth travels through this belt of comet debris, bits and pieces of Comet 2P Encke smash into the Earth’s upper atmosphere to vaporize as rather slow-moving Taurid meteors (28 km/17 miles per second).
Apparently, the original Taurid stream has been perturbed by Jupiter into two branches: South and North Taurids.
Higher rates of Taurid fireballs might happen in seven-year cycles, and the last grand fireball display was in 2008. That could be good news for Taurid-watchers in 2015!
Comet Encke
Comet Encke, parent of the Taurid meteor shower. Image via Messenger
Bottom line: We’ve been hearing reports of Taurid fireballs! It’s time to start watching for them.
Thank you, Skeen! 😀



An artist’s conception of a Dyson sphere, or megastructure.


Image is public domain art by CapnHack

Did you see the stories late last week about the Kepler space telescope’s discovery of an oddly dimming star – some 1,500 light-years from Earth – hypothesized to harbor a potential, but far from definitely proven, alien megastructure? This week, according to Space.com, astronomers began using a radio telescope northeast of San Francisco – called the Allen Telescope Array (ATA) – to try to detect possible signals coming from the vicinity of this bizarre and now-controversial star, which is known to astronomers as


Here’s a Q & A about this story, which has captured so much attention and is still unfolding.

What is an alien megastructure? If we, as a civilization, could collect all of our sun’s energy, we’d do it with some sort of megastructure, otherwise known as a Dyson sphere or a Dyson shell. See the infographic at the bottom of this post to learn more about them. It was only a month ago that a Dutch astronomer released a statement saying in no uncertain terms that – since sensitive new telescopes now permit astronomers to detect waste heat expected from an advanced alien civilization known as a Kardashev Type III civilization, which would collect all the energy of an entire galaxy, and since no such waste heat has been detected – advanced civilizations using megastructures are very rare or entirely absent from the local universe. Taken together, the current story about a possible alien megastructure around a single star, and September’s story about the absence of megastructures on a galactic scale, don’t really add up to anything … but do help illustrate the fact that no definite sign of alien life has been detected here.

When and how did the story break about KIC 8462852? Professional astronomers analyzing data from NASA’s Kepler space telescope (a famed planet-finding telescope), and citizen scientists from the Planet Hunters crowdsourcing program, have been studying this star. They noticed it from among the 150,000 stars stars examined by Kepler, and noted that it is “strange” and “bizarre.” Tabetha Boyajian, a postdoc at Yale who oversees Planet Hunters, submitted a paper about KIC 8462852 on September 11 to the journal Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society. The paper passed mostly unnoticed until Ross Andersen published a story about it on October 13 at TheAtlantic.com. The story – titled The Most Mysterious Star in Our Galaxy – started a scramble among science media outlets to publicize the strange case of KIC 8462852.

What has been found, exactly? The Kepler telescope looks for planets by seeking tiny dips in the light of stars. Such dips are often caused by distant, unknown planets transiting – or passing in front of – their stars. But the signal from KIC 8462852 is strange. The dimming events observed from this star were very strong. It appears that anywhere from a fraction-of-a-percent to around 20 percent of the star’s light is sometimes blocked. The astronomers thus rule out a planet – even a huge planet – crossing in front of the star as the cause. The scale is just too large for that. Ross Andersen wrote at TheAtlantic.com:

 The light pattern suggests there is a big mess of matter circling the star, in tight formation. That would be expected if the star were young …But this unusual star isn’t young. If it were young, it would be surrounded by dust that would give off extra infrared light. There doesn’t seem to be an excess of infrared light around this star.

 It appears to be mature.

So the uproar over a possible megastructure surrounding KIC 8462852 stems from just a dip in the star’s light, observed by the Kepler telescope. It is a very intriguing dip.

Could it be instrument error? The astronomers now say no, it could not. Something strange is going on here.

Why would astronomers link KIC 8462852 with alien civilizations? Astronomers don’t like to assign exotic explanations for processes that nearly always turn out to be natural and ordinary. In theSeptember 11 paper about the star, Boyajian and her colleagues explored some scenarios that might explain the pattern naturally, for example, an impact on a planetary scale, like the one that created our moon. They did not say “megastructure.”

But, later, another astronomer did say it. That astronomer was Jason Wright of Penn State University, who was quoted in the article at TheAtlantic.com as saying:

When [Boyajian] showed me the data, I was fascinated by how crazy it      looked. Aliens should always be the very last hypothesis you consider, but this looked like something you would expect an alien civilization to build.

Wright said he will be publishing an alternative interpretation of the light pattern, suggesting that it is consistent with a “swarm of megastructures,” perhaps light collectors aimed at the star itself, designed to capture the energy of KIC 8462852. This is clearly something our own civilization can’t do yet, although I’ve heard people say we are only a few hundred years from taking the first steps toward it.

What other explanations might there be? Let me emphasize again that astronomers, as a rule, do not like to go out on a limb and rarely prefer exotic explanations over simple ones. And indeed there are explanations unconnected with alien civilizations that could work to explain KIC 8462852’s weird light pattern. The best story I saw about this was from Ethan Siegel, writing in Forbes on October 16. He wrote:

 On the one hand, it could, of course, simply be aliens. But there are plenty of astrophysical explanations that could explain these light curves:

    This could be a young star with a protoplanetary disk still around it, full of dust and debris, that blocks the light at intermittent levels depending on the orientation of the disk and the star relative to our line-of-sight.

    There could be a series of giant planets with tremendous ‘ring’ structures that prevent a significant portion of the light from reaching our eyes when they pass across their star’s disk.

    This could be a star that’s undergone a significant mass-ejection event, and when a dense portion of that gas passes between our eyes and the star, a significant fraction of the light gets blocked.

    This could be an older, but violent solar system, where planets crash together and leave large amounts of debris around their star.

    Or it could be a result of a large number of comet-like objects swarming around the star, blocking large amounts of light at regular and/or irregular intervals.

He went on to say that the last two explanations are the most likely, in part because the star does appear to have a wide, binary companion. Other stories about KIC 8462852 agree that the leading hypothesis at the moment involves a swarm of comets sent hurtling toward the star by another star. In any case, so far, KIC 8462852 lacks the characteristic infrared signatures you’d expect to see if these truly were signs of alien intelligence.

What will astronomers do next? They’ll do what they always do … think, talk to each other, perhaps re-analyze some of the existing data, and try to collect and analyze more data. As mentioned at the top of this post, they began this week to peer at KIC 8462852 with a small radio telescope, the Allen Telescope Array near San Francisco. If they find something interesting, they hope to follow up with the Very Large Array (VLA) near Socorro, New Mexico.

Will they get the answer then? Will they be able to say for sure that KIC 8462852 is emitting radio waves from an alien civilization’s network of radio stations, much like those found on Earth? Or perhaps even find an intentional signal?

Only time will tell. Stay tuned.

More about Dyson spheres, or megastructures: http://www.space.com/24276-dyson-spheres-how-advanced-alien-civilizations-would-conquer-the-galaxy-infographic.html


Thank you very much, Skeen!!! 😀 


and in other news…


my new mercury retrograde horoscope thingie… yeah. I think I signed up for this. 😛

Squaring some things away may be the name of the game for you today- mind your priorities and you’ll be just fine. Though communication mishaps may occur, if you breathe a bit, before you respond- in addition to those Merc. Retro Gemini action, there’s a bit of Venus and Cancer influence to help you draw on those warmer feelings under the aggravation that may help you to know what to say, in a much better way. Just be sure you’re taking that step back and not reacting. Respond, not react is the way to go throughout any Mercury retrograde cycle- but especially in Gemini.

And now for something different! :D


Okay so last Saturday was Scarlet Caturday!

Today is DC Cosplay! I hope some people enjoy these!

458447_373386602712178_282999755084197_1125453_173552235_o 542000_373703889347116_282999755084197_1126022_212120106_n 559487_374783695905802_282999755084197_1128405_627314536_n

This is one of my favorite pix! LOL David-Kelley_1

warrior-wonder-1 meaganmariephotoEstrada Photography

wonder_woman_cosplay_01 oS6UQYC s8pBs0B

download steampunk-ww-1


wonder-woman-0001 wonder-woman-cosplay-1

these next ones, are for my lil bro, David! xoxo enjoy!

untitled_by_enchantedcupcake-d6i3owg powergirl2_600_1056_s 692_515097555205983_48510957_n Supergirl-Cosplay-Costume-62 supergirl-23 new_52_supergirl__2__by_mindfall-d518klw jxdLaC7 a7d98d8964d3942f8ef9203b74fe6455 _KEV2516



e9516e2261cc0b9d2d335d146ed700903e0ac262 images

c1da3c8b414236b1c1c24d52d8b9e227 tumblr_mr2bseBLst1qbrih2o1_500
20130905_Callie-Cosplay_Zatanna-2 2945460571_0c05db9551_o c8f6406431215aa188ac81194b60b181 images n1l3jLV zatanna_by_revien_fiennes-d70cwdx zatanna_cosplay_by_daisy_cos-d6gbmyw Zatanna6


So who can name them all? LOL Special thanks to Google images, and the websites for Callie Cosplay and Yaya Han! 😀 ❤ these ladies.

Please no rude, crude or lewd comments- I will delete them. As a female cosplayer myself, I don’t appreciate them, they aren’t appreciated and they definitely are not compliments.

Otherwise enjoy!!! All of these women have done an outstanding job on their costumes! 😉


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