ugh this sucks!


so, I’m at work and have spent the first hour in the bathroom… I have taken my secondary medications for this specific issue. I have texted my boss and back up in case I have to leave. I’m uncomfortable and not feeling well. And to top it all off, I can hear a support staff’s phone conversation in my office! YES, it’s that loud!! OMG

so, no IOTD tonight, just this- sorry

Copyrighted Images! OMG!!! Learn the Rules, KID!


As an artist, I don’t always put a huge C on my work, but Shutterstock, Dreamstime, Getty Images and other artist’s do!!!

I would NOT want to be the individual that is using Shutterstock, Dreamstime and Getty Images WITHOUT THEIR PERMISSION!!!

Which I just saw on a blog!! I’m facepalming while I’m thinking, do I need to start doing overlays on my work again?? I mean this person doesn’t obviously care or doesn’t know the law about copyrighted images!!!

Just because you see it on the internet doesn’t mean it’s yours to use!!!
 ***Unless there are rules of usage on the website.

Those images I color and post from various coloring page sites, yep, they have those rules- those images are for personal use and no using to profit from. I’m coloring and sharing what I colored, I’m not asking for money!

The other images I share that I’ve colored, I have the ARTIST’s permission to do so!!! As an artist, I am very good at ensuring I have or use a copyrighted item with permission or follow the site’s rules. But to use an obviously Copyrighted item, I mean here from his entry! I won’t list his name or the name of his blog, but let’s see if he notices this work!!!

screen capped directly from his page- I’m NOT Violating this person’s copyright, I’m showing this as an example of someone who is!! If you need his site, let me know and I will share it with you!!! He does this a LOT! ***It’s illegal!!!!!  Again I will share his site so that you can check to see if YOUR images are being used WITHOUT YOUR PERMISSION!!!!! I have bookmarked him and am trying to figure out how to report him!!! 

umm, oops on the 30 day Pagan Challenge

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OOPS! I’ve been looking at the challenge pages again, and just realized that I had Day 11, 12, and 13 as my day 1, 2 and 3!

So, how do I correct that? Well, I’m going to start today and put the correct 1, 2, 3 and 4 in order in today’s entry! Probably be starting that soon too, as it has a lot thinking for me to do. I’ll be editing the others with the correct days and re-posting them! So that way I don’t miss a day! confused? yeah, I know, sorry! the numbers were hard to read on my phone with the photo behind them. OI! 😦

Plagiarism; OI! what is wrong with some FanFic writers???

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the practice of taking someone else’s work or ideas and passing them off as one’s own.
synonyms: copying, infringement of copyright, piracy, theft, stealing;

informal cribbing

Source: Google

OI! what is wrong with some FanFic writers???

I understand using source material as reference, yes there are sites out there that have the transcripts of shows. One of the ones I’ve used is GateWorld for Stargate episodes. And by use I mean look at and see what other information might be a good resource for a story.

I’ve noticed that a few fanfic (fanfic=fan fiction) have taken entire transcripts and inserted their character in for one of the main characters and then publish that story online. They use a disclaimer that no infringement was meant or intended. 

UM! Excuse the frack out of me!! NO Infringement? You just stole someone else’s work and have inserted your character in and did NOT change one word and now you’re claiming YOU wrote it! Seriously? WTF!

Maybe you should read the synonyms above!!! Piracy, theft, stealing, infringement of copyright!! It’s right there, people! 


yep, I was reading another SGA FanFic when I had to close that page, but not after reporting it to the site owner/manager. I don’t want the site to get into trouble for the actions of one person! Yes, I miss my show and Fanfic continues it on… however, I don’t want someone stealing the scriptwriter’s work!! We’ll lose the ability for others and me to write!! Look at what has happened to Star Trek!



it’s that time of year again…

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Where the Facebook tech monkeys let the real monkeys out to play! 

Yep! once again third or fourth year in a row where my posts from the last year are being reposted on Facebook and my friends are getting confuzzled! (my word for confused and fuzzled!)

so today is 5/30/16 and this is a NEW post!!


really?!? *facepalm*

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I love the majority of my friends on facebook, really I do! 85% of them are really awesome! and that’s even without trying to be.

And then we have a small percentage 5% that while they never used to be so dramatic, have now become so. Is this a result of them being on facebook? I don’t know. But it seems to be a good possibility with these people.

The other 10% are just uniquely them! lol

They post highly personal family stuff and then whine when the rest of the family have blocked them. gee wonder why?  Then I showed them how to post so only they can see it. Have they? Um NO! Cue more drama.

It’s getting to the point that people that work with this person are starting to feel a hostile environment at work. Why, you ask? Well honestly, every day this person can come in with all her personal drama and doesn’t care who hears her. She complains about her job on facebook too, and that’s really?????? *cough stupid* So yeah, it’s tense for a bit until she arrives and what she is talking about. And that can be the calm before the storm. I’ve seen this person in a good mood and then a little thing happens and ka-blooey it’s on, the drama that is.

Honestly, if you don’t like something change it, if you can’t change it, change your attitude about it. And if you keep complaining about the drama on facebook, stop causing it! 

yes, I do still like the person, I just don’t like the behavior. So what am I doing about it, 1) venting it here, and hopefully, this post educates others on their behavior, 2) move her from friends to acquaintances on facebook-so ya know I’m not dropping her as a friend, I just don’t see her dramatic posts in my timeline, 3) listen to her if she needs to vent, and redirect her to a more positive option!  4)at the most extreme-stay in my office and out of the drama.

So, thanks for reading!

Have an awesome day, stay warm and safe. We’re under a weather advisory. Cold, cold and oh yeah, more cold. 😉



Okay so in between nano and real life I’ve been caught up on the whole debacle over the Red Starbuck’s cups. Honestly, this is a thing!?! I really don’t care what cup my coffee is in, as long as it’s what I ordered.

And I’m one of those people that are not Christian and do not say Merry Christmas aloud. I do however say Happy Holidays or another nice phrase. But honestly, at least I’m wishing you a happy holiday not telling you to go jump in a lake! Just me, I guess. And I don’t make a fuss when people decorate their offices with their religious beliefs. I keep my little forest of Seasonal trees and I’m good with that. It’s not like people take the time to 1) look up my holiday and then 2) wish me a Merry Yule or a Merry Solstice. I’m fine with that. To each their own.

Okay so can we get back to stuff that makes sense to me. OOOH I think I need more coffee! And for the record I use my own cup. If it’s really that big of a deal to you, use your own mug! Just a thought.



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the about me page!! Yeah! There’s a reason for that, we’ll see if it helps the friendly friends on facebook. I don’t mind having male friends, but…  Yeah! But!! I’m married, happily. I work, I don’t need a sugar whatever. I’m fine the way I am. I don’t need whatever you’re trying to sell me on. And last but not least… I don’t do the IM’ing thingie all that often. I work! and when I’m not working long hours at my place of employment, then I’m spending time with Hubs, writing or relaxing. okie dokies?


And in other news…


OI! I had a migraine so bad yesterday, I couldn’t stop crying. My meds weren’t even putting a dent in the pain. I was finally able to get some sleep which has knocked it down to half the pain level. At least today I make some sense speaking and writing. Migraines S U C K ! I think it’s the cold and the weather, the weather has always affected my migraines badly and add in the sinus issues. OI Vey!

And then when I was finally cognizant yesterday, Hubs informed me that the water, he thought was just frozen, it’s worse. So we have a plumbing company coming out. But they won’t be here till Monday. I wonder if one of my local friends would allow us to come over and take a shower and wash maybe a small load of clothes.  I’ve done it for people before, so now time for some good karma to us?

Otherwise I’m going to attempt to distract myself by going in and doing some revisions, ensure that Chapter two is ready to go tomorrow on the Bunny site, and stay warm. Hubs picked up some water jugs so we can make coffee, and flush the commodes. Good water and utility water. 😉 I joke about coffee a lot, but that has also helped the migraine go down a bit.  Okay, so time to go revise and write. Is it bad, if I say I like my story? Sound conceited? LOL 😛

laters kittens, say a prayer or send good vibes-whichever you prefer, that the plumber is here on Monday and that I have friend that lets us use a shower this weekend. Otherwise some of that utility water is being heated up for bird baths. lol ah that old Army training is still handy! 😀


okay! social media etiquette

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Apparently there needs to be a guide for people that are online, re; social media!

Okay, what brought this on? Well only the fact that within two weeks, I’ve gotten some friend requests on Facebook and saw we had mutual friends, so okay. ‘Accepted’

AND THEN! “I want to get to know you better.” “Oh send my your phone number so we can talk/text.” “You are sooo beautiful, want to get together?”


UM Dudes! Did you read that profile thingie: I’m married! I’m not looking for a date, a companion, to hook up or whatever. I’m on facebook, twitter to converse with friends, and if you think I’m giving out my phone number to some random person I don’t know, then you really need to think again. (which is my very polite way of not saying what I’m really thinking!) *Face Palm!*

There’s this thing called commonsense, USE IT!
As for asking a woman for her number online, and you don’t know this person, seriously that’s stupid. And the woman that would give it to you, also stupid! Hey I’m equal opportunity, I call both genders stupid when they act it! 😦

okay short brief rant, hopefully the two people that need to see this- ON Facebook! might actually take the time to read it, and if you unfriend, me, AWESOME! 😀

And to the other people that are nice and say hello, and are genuinely nice and polite, it’s great to have you as a friend! Thank you!! xoxo


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