Stargate: Atlantis Rewind 11/10/18

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And we start Season 2 this weekend!

The Siege: Part 3
Airdate: 15 Jul. 2005

The Intruder
Airdate: 22 Jul. 2005

Alex’s Geek Corner

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“Yes, I am Fangirling!! The boss lady has become a friend of Mr. Keith Giffen, you name it, he’s done it, Marvel, DC, Legion of Superheroes, Batman, The Scooby Apocalypse Volume 1- I tried to share the link to the ebook, and sorry, no dice! But the one thing I love above all the others, AMBUSH BUG!! OMG! He is the most awesome and hilarious character ever!! I’d totally do a mini-comic with him if I could! Kitty Girl Alex and Ambush Bug take the mall by Storm! I think it would totally sell. Much better than those death matches. Ugh, those are just wrong. Oh right, I’m a girlie girl but I can totally kick ass if I have too! Ambush buggy I’d totally hug you!! That’s why I’m covering that horrible dollie you have and put myself there!”


Hi from me, you know the Groovy One. LOL 😀 I sent that request a while ago and yes, I behaved and didn’t fangirl at the time he accepted but, honestly, his Ambush Bug got me through a few tough times in the Army. When I was all ugh and then I’d read a story with Bug in it, I couldn’t breathe I was laughing so hard and you can’t stay sad when you’re laughing that hard. So truly, thank you very much, Sir! You made me smile multiple times with this very goofy character and he might’ve influenced some of Alexandria’s hijinx.

Stargate Rewind May 12th

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This week’s episodes are:


Airdate: 11 May 2007

Bad Guys

Airdate: 18 May 2007

“Are you ready for this?”

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Sponsored by: Alex’s Geek Corner

“Woohoo and Congratulations to all of you that picked the original Origin story of Princess Diana and that is now the version of Wonder Woman we will use. Pre demigod status and all that stuff. Okay? Remember that.”
“SO, what is the game, you’re asking. Wonder Woman versus Captain Marvel. The Original Wonder Woman or as I like to call her, Lynda Carter version versus Captain Marvel, the new actress Brie Larson’s version. I know so many men prefer the outfit of the other Captain Marvel, oops sorry! I’m just as excited to see her movie as I am Infinity War and I have to wait a year! Waaaah!”
And we’ll be using the new Captain Marvel origin story as well, the one that the movie is going to be based on here:” Captain Marvel Movie Origin
“The rules are simple, be nice and tell why you think your choice would win. Please, no swearing at each other and no being mean because someone doesn’t agree with your logic. Not everyone is rational when it’s their favorite character. Take a break, breath and then come back to it with a clear head. Thank you!”
Please use examples and you can share in the comments, links to youtube videos, etc. If you’re playing this on Facebook, you can share the links there.  The game is set to go a week, gives everyone a chance to play, as not all of us work normal shifts.
Why would Wonder Woman win?
Why would Captain Marvel win?
My team and I will discuss this too. I have, I believe 2 Wonder Woman fans and 2 Captain Marvel fans. So we’re evenly balanced as well. Also, there may be an adjustment to the rules as I work later than my teammates and they will probably respond during the day. Just be aware, ok? Thank you
A Tie will be decided by the non-geek in my household, Patrick. But he will have to tell me why and not just because she’s “WONDER WOMAN, DUH!” LOL He’s done that before. Otherwise, I put a picture down on the floor and Isis will decide who the winner is. Yes, if it goes to a tie, those are our options. lol

Wonder Woman; Clay or Demigod

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Phase One

Well to keep everyone honest, I’ve decided to post their first name under their choice. I was going to post full name, but due to privacy issues- after the Facebook debacle, I’d prefer to use the first name only.  ***Exception is if you’re an artist and you want the free publicity here! I like knowing that my artist’s, writer’s, etcetera have fun when they can!

Clay Origin

  1. Todd
  2. Allen
  3. Paul
  4. Jack
  5. Dan
  6. Travis
  7. Trey
  8. Scot
  9. Aaron
  10. Wayne
  11. Diana
  12. Ahmed
  13. Brian
  14. John
  15. Lee aka Deaddog

Demigod Origin

  • Willie
  • Vincent
  • Richard
  • Mike


Sponsored by: Alex’s Geek Corner

This list will be updated again on Saturday at or around 0100!

aka 1:00 am 😉

3 Fictional Characters

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Okay, these are my 3 fictional characters of myself.


And these are the 3 fictional characters, Hubs picked for me. I’m good with these too.


Happy belated (again) birthday!

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To my friends on the Facebook! lol 😀

sorry I missed your special day! But here’s a little something to let you know I care!!



being silly

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And I need to write!! I need to destress in the best way possible for me, writing! or painting, but I can write anywhere. 😉

and in other news I’m being silly today, wearing my cute kitty stockings with a new dress. And I feel… weird and yet free! LOL

I have never worn a dress this short- well in public, and it really is not that short. It’s just above my knees, but I feel odd.  I started the day off by telling a friend, “Look I have knees!” see silly, but it got us both to start our day off with a giggle. Always good to start the day with a giggle and with a friend. 😉

so I’m posting these pix of moi from today and then I’m going to go wrangle that wascally plot bunny into cooperating. wish me luck! LOL 😀

I really am loving the softer red and platinum together.

unnamed (1)

you can just barely see my kitty stockings. =^.~=


oh yeah, I’ve also made up another new game that I’m playing with some friends. My version of Jeopardy! Catagories are: Star Trek, Star Wars, Star Gate (hmm see a trend? HA), Comics
I have secret bonus rounds, you can take your won points and go to the bonus round or keep your won points. In the bonus round- If you win, you get double the points, if you lose, you lose those won points. You still get what’s in the pot. 😉 I’m not cruel. I’ve posted a music vid for this next round. Oh and creativity in your answers also score higher points. LOL

For example;

the answer was: Rodney McKay

The question was: Who is the self proclaimed Genius of Atlantis, and thinks of himself to be comparable to Batman, always comes through in a pinch even though he whines the whole time complaining that he’s not McGyver?

I was given the number 6.

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And it’s easy to type this up on a keyboard then to tap tap tap on my phone. 🙂

So Six Random facts about me.

I have six tattoos! lol (yes, smart alec is in the office)

I have been hit by ground lightening, and have been shocked badly with electricity.

I was a member of an Army Drill Team. Yes, I danced and tossed my weapon in the air. HoooRAH! 😀

I can read and write backwards. Which is why, I love word finds!! 😀

I am 50/50 right/left brained. My logic and creativity are balanced.
(hush with the comments…okay, I know. HA HA HA!)

Oh yeah, I have rappelled out of helicopters for fun! OH YES!! I’m afraid of heights, but that was fun!

FB Fun

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