What a diff a hair color makes?

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WOW! I do look different, but in a good way, of course! lol 😉

Phase Three should be it, but I never make promises. 😉 lol especially where hair color is concerned.

I admit I am loving the lighter me! My brown eyes are just popping now!

Nude and Matte? Challenge Accepted part 2

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Okay, first, I love Spring, but sometimes Spring doesn’t love me! Sinus issues-am I right? I had to call in yesterday, it started as a manageable sinus headache and turned into a hades inspired sinus migraine! ugh, I really hate those! I slept when I could, and got loving from Isis and JiJi last night-when they wanted to love me. lol, Cats! 🙂

I remembered that I was challenged to use and do a nude face/lips this week! And so, tonight, I used my Urban Decay Naked Smoky Palette. I used the two golds, the lightest on my lid, and the darker in my crease with the very light vanilla-all the way to the right on my brow bone. I blended, but my squishy eyes don’t help you see that very well. I relaxed my eyes too. *shrugs* The blush is a bronzer/highlighter together from Physician’s Formula-that I just love to use. And the lips are the one’s from Victoria’s Secret Kit-I reviewed in Part 1, Adore, and the nude pencil.


I like it! Just a bit of enhancement that didn’t take long to put on, and won’t take long to take off.

We’ll see after Phase 2 of Operation Dramatic is completed tomorrow, if I still use this nude palette. 😉 I love playing with makeup! I always have! Oh and in other news, this jacket I bought a while ago, actually matches the Stitch Hawaiian shirt from Hot Topic I own! Woot!! I just love serendipity!

How do you decide on a new hair color?


Me, I’m definitely not normal.

You know, I don’t think I’ve ever been accused of being normal? huh?

Anywho, I use Alexandria as my tester! yep! We have the same eye color- well, okay, her’s is more golden than brown. We have the same height, and body-mostly! HUSH! And minus the tail, claws, and ears we could be twins!

So I’m tired of being too fussy with my hair. Meaning it’s going silver at the roots. So I was considering going silver, but the more I thought about it and looked at pictures of people with silver hair, yeah, NO. They all had one thing in common- it aged them considerably.

                   Silver versus Platinum 

So what’s a girlie to do, well just like in real precious metals, Platinum WINS!
and yes, I’m playing around with Alexandria to check cuts too… the one on the left is more what I want to go with the color on the right. You’ll understand when you see the surprise. 😉 lol 

I’ll share pix when it’s all done!! WOOHOO!! Dudes, it’s Today! Third shift does mess with my sense of time with people. I say tomorrow and I mean today! Right, confusing!! 

Today early, right after work! I have to pick up Patrick and then we drive over to Muncie.  Yay!! Pampering time today and after the past week or so, I sooo need some pampering!! I’d kill for a massage, but my massage therapist won’t give me a massage without a doctor’s note!!! Yes, that is the sign of a good and responsible massage therapist. I know that… but it doesn’t stop me from whining about it. LOL 🙂


back to playing with Alexandria and haircuts!! lol

M’Chel’s make up stuff. lol

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So for a new type of blog entry and to make you look forward to Monday’s. I’m going to start with some of my make up tips. As an ex-Avon person, and years of doing make overs and also applying peoples makeup for money; proms, weddings, special events.
I kind of know what I’m talking about. lol 😉 

anywho…. I love Urban Decay’s primer for eyeshadow, what I don’t like is the price. So what to do? Well, I use my old MAC Paint Pots. They come in a variety of colors as well, so if you really want that shadow to Pop, then you layer on the paint color first and then the eyeshadow over it.

My theme today was gold!

One of the Betsey Johnson necklaces from hubs and a pretty sparkly golden top he surprised me with.

unnamed (11)

Next up after foundation, blush, etc… time for the eyes.
And this is my MAC paint pot Rubenesque- a really pretty gold with a slight pink tint to it as well.

unnamed (12)

Okay opened it up, so hopefully you can see the slight pink tint to it.

unnamed (14)

I then used one of my gold eyeshadows and viola!
FYI, it’s really difficult to take a pic while your eyes are closed… LOL
& yes, I know those eyebrows need tweaked. 😉

unnamed (15)

And then for the lips, some gold MAC-Which is called Bronze Shimmer. And then the gloss is from Covergirl- less expensive than the MAC gloss and less gloppy IMO! Covergirl #630- Give Me Guava.
Which is a combination of pink and gold.

unnamed (13)

and this is a lesson, always remember to use your lip pencil. LOL but I love the pinky gold!! 😀
next week, I’ll show you the difference a lip pencil makes. 😉

unnamed (16)


and today’s inspiration was by this lil cutie!

#tokidoki Unicorno

unnamed (17)

Fun day in Indy!

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It was a great day! Hubs and I both had the day off together!

Which is always awesome!

And it’s Beltane!! And it’s my three month salon day- yep every three months or so- I go and get the hair touched up. Well today I was also able to use my points and so I got the Naked on the Run palette: Eyeshadow, blush, shimmer, mascara, eye liner and lip gloss. Small enough to carry in my purse!


Then it’s summer and I want a lighter foundation, so once again, Urban Decay to the rescue. Can’t wait to try it tomorrow. 😉 And finally another Killer Queen fragrance from Katy Perry, this is the Spring/Summer Floral scent and mmmm it smells really pretty! I spritzed some on earlier and eight hours later you can still smell it.


Tomorrow is FCBD aka Free Comic Book Day, it’s also my day to get my mani/pedi. Can’t wait to try the 24 karat gold from OPI!! as usual there will be pix on my Instagram! 😀 As well as a review of the products after I give them a try tomorrow.

For my friends in Muncie, I’ll be down tomorrow for FCBD. Hope to find my friend, Jason’s new location. LOL

 Here’s a quick collage of moi and my girlie goodies!!

fun day in indy

Hopefully you can see the change in my hair color?

I’ll take a better photo tomorrow outside! 😉


Today’s thankful thoughts

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At the moment, I’m really thankful I only agreed to work four hours today. LOL 😀

My sinus allergies are overworking, and my right eye is continuously watering, to the point, that people are asking me, “What’s wrong, are you okay?” Yes. I’m fine, thank you. Allergies. arrrgh! lol

So in about thirty minutes, woohoo! I get to leave and go home to write. I have attempted to do a little bit, but my dang type A…I’ve gone through and re-read it, noticing things that I needed to correct- N O W. LOL 😛 so I think I’ve written six omg Six new words.

As soon as I get home, get some meds and more coffee in me, I’m off to the keyboard! It’ll be Writing time! Woohoo!


Oh I’m also thankful for friends that get my silliness. Ran into one earlier today and they made me-well yeah, not really. Follow them to the local mall, and viola, Claire’s is not only carrying TokiDoki now, but a line from Katy Perry, Kitty Purry. Squee!!!! (the rest of the story to today’s IOTD) and she got me a new iphone case, I snagged me a kitty ears headband. LOL $2.00 halloween clearance, and oooh it has sparklies in it!

unnamed (2)

Sparkly cat ears =^.^=

unnamed (1)

Iphone case =^.^= Kitty Purry

need a giggle & a make-over?



Her photos made me giggle, her article is making me happier! It’s always fun to try out new makeup looks. 

I’m coming up with an Autumn inspired look. no really really! No orange lipstick though… I don’t do orange lips. LOL 😀 

Veronica Lodge Makeover




Happy Monday! let’s get this party started [_]>

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What do I want? Caffeine!

When do I want it? NOW! LOL [_]> yes, the smartass is strong in this one today!

so let’s recap the weekend:

May the Fourth be with you; and it was also free comic book day! I ran some errands, picked up an outfit I ordered online for Hubs at Hot Topic. For the upcoming May 18th Star Trek “Into Darkness” movie. I’ll be in uniform at the 16 IMAX in Hamilton with my Klingon brethren of the ship; IKS pongHa’lu’. Sorry no, not a Klingon. I’m just lucky enough to serve on a Klingon ship! 😀
I’m also working on putting my uniform together. 🙂 OH yes, I am a nerd! DUH! LOL snorts

So I went to a new comic book store in Indy, I’d heard good reviews on it, well those reviewers must’ve been dudes! You know, I really really thought the whole gender stereotype about which gender reads comics was dead! OOPS! I was apparently wrong. OMG! I didn’t tag the store in my Facebook feed, because honestly I’m not giving this store any advertising.

Then I went to Keystone at the Crossing, love ❤ Brighton. I had bought a hair clip um, maybe five years ago. It was my favorite! And it broke. 😦 But they exchanged it for me, no problems. And I got cookies and coffee too! LOL 😀
After that it was Castleton Square to pick up hubs cool outfit. And *wave* hi to a friend that was behind the mall. LOL Gotta love social media. Virtual waves. 🙂 After that it was time to fuel up the car, and me. Starbucks!! Woot! Yes, I know I have an issue with caffeine. If I don’t get it, it’ll be an issue. 😛
Drove back home, stopped by Walgreen’s to grab a few items, and say HI to some friends. And then I waited till Hubs could take me to the local comic book store. I can never find it. Course it doesn’t help that he takes a different route every time. The name of the store is Temporal Comics and Sci-Fi, so he teases me, it changes location every time. LOL And no, I’m not directionally challenged. I know that Ft Wayne is up/North, Indy is down/South, NY is East, and LA is West. LOL Drives me bonkers when ppl here in North Central Indiana say they are going up to Indy this weekend. NO no no, you’re going DOWN! oi! LOL 😛
Anywho got my free comic, and a rubber bracelet thingie too! And bonus, he’s ordering a special order for me too!! Awesome!
So the organization thingie that Hubs had planned for me to do on Saturday, nope didn’t happen! oops!

Cinco de Maio; And the awesome outfit I got Hubs, didn’t fit. OMG! He’s lost a ton of weight, but the shirt was cut to small… so I ended up going to my ‘local’ Hot Topic in Muncie. And woohoo! It’s like cheers there for moi. I walk in, and they say hi Michelle! sweet!! 🙂
Oh back up, I got to the mall to early, forgot it was Sunday, and that they didn’t open till Noon. So I was in, walking with the mall walkers, cracking a few of them up. And then found a nice place to sit, read my digital book, and cheer on the walkers. I had done five laps. I was good. LOL 😛 So back to the story, I was able to return his outfit, and they refunded the money with no issues. And then…I started browsing, yeah, that’s dangerous in Hot Topic, it was buy one, get one half off. So I um…yeah. I’m the proud owner of the new Wonder Woman mini messenger bag, as well as getting a Tardis keychain for one of Hub’s friends. She loves the Eleventh Doctor. So that should make her a happy camper!
After that, my local comic book store was closed-boo! So I went to go get my nails done. I have to have them pretty for the movie. And natch, I needed my hair cut as well. Decided to keep it long, and try something different. Texted my stylist to see if she could fit me in Sunday for a color enhancement- aka- color my grays. Yeah, I’m not going gray gracefully. 😛
Then went to Starbucks…what? It was right there, fueled up the car, and drove back to Marion. Where I went to Walgreen’s again, and for the make up girlies, forget Mac’s Paintpots, time to switch to Maybelline’s Tattoo eyeshadows, you can wear alone, or add your shadow over it and watch the color pop! Not to mention that the price difference is very noticeable and this week at Walgreen’s, it’s buy one, get one half off! If you’re a rewards member, and why aren’t you? You earn 2,500 points on each one. So I got 5,000 points on my card, and saved about $20 for my eyeshadow primer. Or if it’s a lazy morning, the color looks good on it’s on. I’m wearing Bronze this morning, and it looks great by itself. 🙂
My stylist got a hold of me, and while she quit the salon she worked at, she was an independent renting a booth. She wasn’t getting enough time there. And so she decided to barter with me, for the color enhancement. I’ll be doing some flyers for her, and bought her Chinese take out. She colored my hair back to it’s beautiful brunette. And then after all of that, I decided to be socialable on facebook. And my flygirlie friends had me spewing my soda three times with the pix and comments that they made. I needed that belly laugh! Heaven help if we ever get in the same room together. LOL
And no, that organizing thing, dang. Still didn’t happen! lol oops!

And now to today; Revenge of the Sixth! LOL 😛
It’s Kavan Smith’s birthday, aka Major Lorne of Stargate Atlantis. And I’ll be posting some pix later on the photoblog to celebrate with my flygirlies!! 😀
And now, it’s time to go find some more caff, and look at my schedule for the day, and see what’s what.

OH Hubs just texted me, I have till Friday to do some of that organizing thing he wants me to do. wooooooo! oh yay, be still my heart. 😀 We have a contractor coming out to look at the Water Heater, and natch it’s in my closet. Oh well, I can go back through the clothes again and get rid of some more stuff. After losing the weight, a lot doesn’t fit me anymore. So time to get rid of it. But but it’s purple and sparkly….LOL 😛

I hope ya’ll have an awesome day! It’s another beautiful day in North Central Indiana, I have blue skies, little cloud cover, and it’s 66 degrees Fahrenheit.

Updating yesterdays fun day


It was Awesome!!

I started the day, with a good cup of coffee, and then went to get my nails done. Mani/Pedi, now then I love getting Pedi’s, however I have very very ticklish feet. At first I’m like ahhhh, and then omgwth? LOL 😀
I warned the new girl that I have kicked tech’s before, not on purpose. It’s purely a reflexive action. However, I’m so keeping the new girl! She was able to massage my entire foot. Top and bottom. That’s only happened with two other people. So yay!! It felt so good! And then I got my manicure, and there’s a pic up on the photo blog: My pretty Manicure along with the picture of the product used. Revlon

After that, I was off to Ulta in Indy to get my hair done. Color and hilites. I had shown some ppl the photo I was basing my look on. Only thing, the colorist did a better job then was shown to her. It turned out way better than I expected!! Woot! 😀 I love it!! Truly funky, and definitely all me! lol I also picked up a small summer makeup kit from Stila, the Nearly Nude collection. Perfect for all summer long. And no, I didn’t pay full price, had a coupon. 😀 I love coupons.

And then, it was time to go home. Only to find hubs meeting me at the door, and decided I needed a new outfit to go with the new hair. Awww, how sweet. And I’m the owner of a new Cat Suit. LOL Yes, this is able to be worn at work. I tried it on, and oh my, I wish they had this style cat suit, in various colors. I’d wear one every day of the week. Stylish, and oh so comfortable. My outfit Again, didn’t pay full price, coupon! 😀 With my fibromyalgia, I have to watch what fabrics I wear. I prefer, soft, silky, and light weight. I tend to layer. I love jeans, but they are to heavy, fabric wise. Yes, some ppl with fibromyalgia have issues with the weight of clothes, and if they are to tight/heavy on the skin. Not everyone has this issue. Just some of us lucky ones. yay, go me. 😦 any who, I’ve learned how to shop to stay comfortable.

After that we went to the mall to walk around and browse. I was able to pick up a few things that I had been looking for. And the prices were exceptionally reasonable. I couldn’t pass it up. Again, photos will be on the phlog. Okay, one of the items was completely spontaneous, but I couldn’t resist. lol 😀 For those that know me, will totally get it! 😀

Next up, Wal-Mart and picked up some food products that I’ve been meaning to get. And woohoo, the items were actually on sale. Nice! Picked up some Chinese take out for dinner, and then realized it was almost midnight. oog. Ate an eggroll, and saved the rest for today.

Today, it was movie day. After all the bp rollercoaster this past week, we decided, that I just needed to relax some more today. So we did and watched movies today. Underworld Awakening, Star Wars- episodes 2 & 3. Now I’m watching an ep of SUV, and then probably go to bed.

I’ve decided not to bug my co-writer this weekend, because he needed to rest too. 😀 And he’s got to keep studying as the end of his semester is coming up. So…I know to leave him be for a bit. And I get to proof two of the stories, we’ve completed. Hope to have them posted on the Plot Bunny site soon. Stories

I hope ya’ll have had a lovely weekend too. This has been one of my more relaxing weekends. Haven’t had one in a while. So till later, have a great day/night!!

totally missed Monday…Hello Tuesday!


it was crazy busy with me yesterday…

and by the time I went home, oy! I just wanted to soak in a hot tub, OOOOOH Bubbles! and then play some Sims on FB, and write.
Well I got to play the Sims and write, two out of three is good! lol 🙂

today, so far…so good! Yay, Tuesday.
I have special training on Thursday, and then I get to go home after the training, that’s always a good thing to look forward to. 😀 Saturday, I think we’re going to Teppanyaki’s for a combo birthday lunch. Hub’s b-day is on the ninth, and my nephew’s is on the tenth. So we usually combine them on the eleventh. lol

And I’m still organizing at home. I know, I know, I really need to. Just that while the spirit is kinda willing, the body just does not want to cooperate at the mo. Between the weather appearing to cause major Fibro Flare ups, then we get my migraines and other issues in the mix. I just wanna lie in bed, and go “Stick a fork in me!” So not me. You can speak with my friends that know, I’m not good at relaxing in the bed. Hence why I have a laptop, but I’ll still sneak out to the main comp to do some digital artwork. The laptop is hard to calibrate for my digital palette. To explain in simple terms, the colors are off when I paint on the laptop. It doesn’t appear to be at the time, but they are. oy…. 😦

and woo?hoo? Valentine’s day is right around the corner. Yes, I love Val-day! but… I don’t look forward to all the flower deliveries in the office, just reminds me, I’m not getting that. I do get other things-as you’ve seen. But…notice, I bought them for myself. so… I’ll probably work on some cute Valentine cards I found on Pinterest. Yeah, Pinterest. 🙂 Told you that would become a minor addiction. I’ve been re-pinning, like a Boss lately. And have even uploaded some cute pix myself.

Did anyone know, that there is a breed of Pomeranian mixed with Husky. OMG they are so freakin’ cute and adorable!!! I want one! lol They are Pomsky. aww, even the name is cute! lol I’m so silly. 🙂 Good website for more info: Pomsky
How could you say no, to this little adorable face??

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