Once again, Google pleasantly surprise me. Yes, really really. 😀

I have friends that email me some beautiful pix and I’m not able to save them to whatever device I’m on…or the work comp. #1 issue. 😛


So thank you GDrive for the ability to save to you, and to make folders and subfolders to categorize them. I am a little anal when it comes to folders, sub-folders- and yes, sub-folders within my sub-folders. 😉  Then this morning, I was interrupted by a friend, no big deal, however. I forgot where I was in the saving process. Google to the rescue! 😀  The pic I hovered over turned the google icon on it to full color- and asked if I wanted to see it in GDrive. Hence, I knew that that pic had already been saved. No More Duplicate saving!! Woot! 😀 I’m easily made happy!

Seriously if you’re not using Google:



Why not? I’ve got my calendar which syncs to my iphone, ipad and my outlook calendar at work. I’ve got Gmail which I can access anywhere, and have downloaded to the iPhone & iPad. Docs, omg! I can’t live well- okay, I can- but I  ❤ Google Docs! Seriously, the ability to write anywhere… and then invite someone in to write with me, in real time is PRICELESS! seriously, instant gratification…I mean, instant editing and proofreading. LOL No I mean instant gratification! 😀  Gtalk, or your instant messaging, yeah, I can talk to anyone from any device! Nice. Sometimes I don’t have the time for a call, and I don’t have their phone number for a text… but I can leave them an IM and they will receive it when they sign into their gmail. 😀 Awesome!


So let’s move on to discussing Gmail! Did you know that you can customize your background for your inbox, that you can decide which email, friends, get high priority status, and that oooh you can have folders! I love folders! lol yes, I’m a weirdo when it comes to organization. I say it’s a highly sought after job skill! What? It really is! 😀  And within Gmail, I have three headers on my main screen; primary, social and promotions. So I can choose which email folder (again with the folders :D) I want to view first… easier to delete. 😛 But ooooh Gmail has an awesome SPAM feature. Yes!




Then I’ve recently discovered Google Maps and the talkie option when driving. Um duh, my husband pointed out that my phone has GPS… why not use it. This summer I used it a bit while getting to events that I wasn’t sure where they were. I don’t live in Indianapolis, I know the main areas. But after that…. Google Maps and the talkie option FTW!!! Seriously, even with the construction that was happening, she directed me to another route and got me there in one piece. Okay, most of that was my driving ability. 😀 **Sorry Siri you stink at driving directions, and I don’t have the time to argue with you… 😛

Have you looked at Google Earth? It has it’s pro’s and con’s…. seriously, as a therapist, I have a few issues with that app…but on the other hand, I do like it to take screen caps and give someone a drive by drive map. Kind of like what AAA used to do for people with trip maps. I use Google Maps, Google Earth, and Google Docs take a screenshot of the earth-ground level and place it in with the text. And then I print it out, and you have text and pix to get to where you need to go. I love using Landmarks when driving, it’s easier to remember, “oooh that McDonald’s by the big park.” You know?  Remember I said I was a little anal about stuff. I can organize with the best of them, and that helps take out your stress, okay my stress too! 😀

So what else does Google have….

Google translate… okay, not one I use a lot, I prefer Babel Fish for my translation stuff. However if you use Chrome, it will ask if you want to translate a page, and I do appreciate that! 😀

Google+ Social…. ah. Eh. It has it’s good points… I can follow people and not post at all. But… I do miss the social aspect of it. Facebook still has that down a bit better. Maybe I should attempt to use Google+ more often and see what I think then. I know how about a week, and then for a month. Sounds like a good test time. 😀


And that’s all the time I have for now… until later. I will let ya’ll know what I think about Google+. I really will do an app test, yes, it has an app for your phone. I know iPhone, I don’t know about the other phones. 🙂

And no, I don’t work for, or get paid for these reviews of Google products. But I would not say no to one of their laptops. LOL What??? It could happen, and while I’m dreaming… I’m on a beautiful beach in Hawaii. ahhhh! LOL 😀


So… How much do I0553 Google… well not enough to get a permanent tattoo, however these seem really pretty! 😀


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I couldn’t resist!! 😀