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“Yes, I am Fangirling!! The boss lady has become a friend of Mr. Keith Giffen, you name it, he’s done it, Marvel, DC, Legion of Superheroes, Batman, The Scooby Apocalypse Volume 1- I tried to share the link to the ebook, and sorry, no dice! But the one thing I love above all the others, AMBUSH BUG!! OMG! He is the most awesome and hilarious character ever!! I’d totally do a mini-comic with him if I could! Kitty Girl Alex and Ambush Bug take the mall by Storm! I think it would totally sell. Much better than those death matches. Ugh, those are just wrong. Oh right, I’m a girlie girl but I can totally kick ass if I have too! Ambush buggy I’d totally hug you!! That’s why I’m covering that horrible dollie you have and put myself there!”


Hi from me, you know the Groovy One. LOL 😀 I sent that request a while ago and yes, I behaved and didn’t fangirl at the time he accepted but, honestly, his Ambush Bug got me through a few tough times in the Army. When I was all ugh and then I’d read a story with Bug in it, I couldn’t breathe I was laughing so hard and you can’t stay sad when you’re laughing that hard. So truly, thank you very much, Sir! You made me smile multiple times with this very goofy character and he might’ve influenced some of Alexandria’s hijinx.

Mommy’s day from my kitties

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Awww, Patrick went and bought me a few things from the kitties/kiddies for me.

From Isis, Mommy is a Goddess

and from JiJi, Mommy is Wonder Woman

I also received this really cute unicorn charm from the both of them!

ps- except for the charm, the figures were bought at a huge discount, 75% at ToysRUs the other day!! Sweet! 😉

Love, Love, Love <3


WOW! Patrick and I celebrate our 18th Wedding Anniversary today! 

and we’re still just as goofy together!

I love you, Honey! ❤

And all that coffee we’ve had together! LOL 🙂 

Happiness is:

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a new sparkly moving glitter iPhone case! Thank you so very much, Alycia!! You’re Awesome and I do appreciate all you do for me! big Hugs!!

Awww! Baby Pandas! <3

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Happiness is… part 2

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Two other Nurses on the Unit!

Thank you very much, Ashley and Dee!

Ya’ll are sooo Awesome! 😀

Happiness is…

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An Amazing Charge Nurse!

Thank you so very much, John!!


Look at all those chocolate goodies!

However, my favorites are the two lotions from Bath and Body Works

Stress Relief and Cherry Blossom!

FYI guys you can never go wrong with Bath and Body Works lotions! lol 😉

Happiness is: time with family!

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HA! and Oops! I forgot to mention that on Saturday, we stopped at the local Great Clips and the stylist I had, still had a coupon for a free cut for Veterans! YAY!! And she did a fabulous job, actually got my weird personally designed cut correct! So yeah, she got a good tip! One, she gave me the coupon for a free cut, second, she didn’t laugh at what I wanted and three, she was able to do what I wanted with no muss or fuss! Four, she was hilarious!

I don’t like having the same cuts as everyone else, you can ask my mom, I’ve been like this for years. It’s longer in the front, but not the whole front and then shorter in the back without that stacking look. Sounds like a modified bob, right? It kinda is, but everyone wants to blend the back into the front and then it shortens the front up. This stylist got it! It might look a bit weird from the side, but it’s my style, not yours! LOL 🙂

So the theme this weekend has been, Happiness is:  And my happiness was time with hubs and JiJi, Veteran’s recognition aka a good meal at Texas Roadhouse, getting a few new items to wear that fits and doesn’t fall off and socks! Yep, I always decline wearing socks, but hubs found some of those Bamboo socks and oooh! They are nice! And bonus they were under $4. and with the coupons I had, pretty much free, actually!  And the other stuff  this weekend has been a bonus! The main thing I’m happy about is spending time with my family! 🙂

And then on Saturday…

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It was grocery shopping day! JiJi needed food and so did we. 😀

We stopped at McDonald’s to pick up a small bite and a McFrappe as we don’t like to grocery shop on empty stomachs. 😉 And then we went into Joanne’s fabric shop to get the safety pins. I found this cute idea for a Yule decoration instead of a tree. Hubs has nixed the Yule Tree this year, “We have a cat now!” LOL

And he found me this cute lil JiJi toy there too, to keep at work so I don’t miss the kitty! He’s so silly. And yes, we bought JiJi a little hedgehog toy there too, he loves it! He has been carrying it with him everywhere and swats at our hands if we try to take it away from him. Awww. Technically it’s a pin cushion but it was soft enough for him.

Hubs picked out the larger gold Safety pins, “easier to see” for me. He is wearing one and I am too. I have some for local friends if they want one. Just ask me. 😉

We did do some grocery shopping and hubs informed me that we’re going to another store to get JiJi’s food. Okie dokies!

Imagine my surprise when we got home and he had snuck this into the shopping cart. He distracted me with books, which honestly, works every time! LOL 🙂

So, now I’m a colorful Zebra! And it’s fleece, so I’m a warm and comfy Zebra! HA! JiJi loves it too. He kept rubbing up against me and purring. So it has JiJi’s seal of approval. Silly kitty!

Speaking of silly kitties after coming home to find him eating his treats yesterday, when we got home Saturday, I found him snoozing in bed!

Doesn’t he just look comfy and innocent? HA!

And tonight I found him on his new perch! Maybe his dumping his treats on Friday was not done to get into them as much as clearing out his perch? He is a smart kitty! Still looking innocent too!

I snapped this of me in the new blazer I got to go with my pants! It’s nice, soft and warm. With Fibro, I have to have softer and lightweight material. Hubs picked this out and I agreed that it will go with a lot of what I already own and it was on sale! Bonus!

Wow, I didn’t realize until now that it’s out of focus. OOPS, retake later! lol

Anywho, I had a lovely weekend with Hubs and JiJi! Even with a migraine, that is still holding on. It’s nice to be able to spend a whole day with Hubs just enjoying each other’s company. And add in JiJi it’s awesome! He told me earlier today that he’s glad that we did adopt and rescue him from the shelter, “I can’t imagine not having our little Furball in the house.” Awww! ❤

I’ve said it before, and I’m saying it again…

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Migraines suck!

It started a bit on Wednesday and was full bore on Thursday. I had to call into work and pass it off to my alternative. I then fell asleep and didn’t wake up until mid-morning on Friday.  I was still feeling the pain, though.  Hubs and I had already made plans for Veteran’s day. And we finally made it in for a free lunch.

The menu choices, pretty nice selection!

Which since it was free, we gave our server a really good tip. We got our meals for free, so we gave a tip of half of what the actual price would’ve been. Especially since 1) Logan was a great server and 2) we noticed others not tipping. 😦  I get it, but still.

I took a photo of hubs who then demanded equal time and I look bored in my photo but was actually in pain still.

We then went to Ulta as I wanted to get my hair color freshened up.  And OW! OW! OW! 😦 the woman who claimed to be the assistant manager of the Salon was torturing my hair/head. All because I didn’t want to get the treatments she highly suggested I get. At thirty dollars a pop, I passed. And I have the same treatments at home already. I informed her of that but she didn’t seem to understand. She was saying while pulling my hair. “If you had the treatment this wouldn’t hurt so much!” Hubs heard that and went to speak to a manager and viola, I got the Veteran’s discount on my color and he got me free makeup. No way was I paying up to seventy dollars (her fee) for a haircut. 😦 And I also went there as the stylists usually do a great job of massaging my scalp which lessens my migraine, not this time obviously!

I do like the color, by the way, very pretty! I checked out and this time, no I did not want to leave a tip! Would you?

And then we went to the mall to do some window shopping. Which actually was fun! 🙂 I did get a few new items at my fave store, I’ve been losing more weight and needed some pants that would stay up. 😉

And then at Books a Million they had one of the new Wonder Woman coloring books, I’ll be scanning the images to color on the Pro! wooHoo! And we found Hubs a large action figure of Harley Quinn at FYE. Yay! for my discount card there! lol  We haven’t gone back to the comic book store after he did the work there. I’m still not happy about that…but I protest in where I spend my money. Actions speak louder than words and apparently so does money! 😉

We made it home and relaxed for a bit, found out that JiJi knocked his treats off the top of the fridge and was eating them. Silly kitty has no regrets! LOL


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