31-Day Challenge Day 14: Top 3 favorite movies

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1. Star Wars

2. Star Trek: The Voyage Home

3. Stargate

SW more for the memory of the day. Dad was shipping off to Germany and he decided going to see this movie with me was more important then all of the other stuff that day. He always took me to the movies. All my favorite movies were seen with my dad. Except for Stargate which was seen with Patrick.

I also choose the Marvel movies as in my top movies.

My sinuses are bothering me badly today. I didn’t sleep well last night. But day 14 is completed. Have a beautiful, relaxing and restful Sunday! Happy Mother’s Day!

31-Day Challenge Day 5:  what are you afraid of, unless it’s too personal?

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I have aquaphobia, the fear of water. I’ve had this on and off my whole life. However, it’s gotten worse as I’ve gotten older. I used to have no issue driving down a road that has a water body on it, such as a pond or a lake. I have been actively refusing to drive down these roads and thankfully, the detours are not out of the way. It is just driving a little out of the way, like a block maybe or taking another road that runs perpendicular to the other road. There are a couple of Indiana interstates that have a bridge that goes over a large body of water and I can’t avoid them. I just drive over the bridge, with an anxiety attack going full-bore. I am still a therapist, I do have the degree and I still use and teach DBT coping skills, so I know my fear is a phobia.

So, what is a phobia you might ask, a phobia is an uncontrollable, irrational, and lasting fear of a certain object, situation, or activity. (linked to the source) This fear can be so overwhelming that a person may go to great lengths to avoid the source of this fear. One response can be a panic attack. There are other responses too.

I’m lucky that Patrick understands anxiety attacks and how I help him avoid his major triggers (issues that can arouse/initiate an attack) so, he doesn’t say much and has taken to using the same detours I do. As I said, it’s not that far out of our way and I don’t have an anxiety attack.

Anxiety attacks can be very scary for people that have never had them or to witness them in other people. Don’t tell them to calm down! That is literally the worst advice ever to anyone!! I don’t know anyone that likes that advice. Instead, ask them what they need, a quiet place to be alone, someone to sit with them to talk to them or just shut up and be there for them. Don’t assume, no matter how kind you are, that you know what is best for another person, ask them and let them tell you what they need. Okay, mini therapy session is over!! Just next time, try this approach and see how much better it works.

Okay, back to my aquaphobia, I still love looking at beach scenes, and I’d probably be okay sitting on the beach, I’ve never had a problem with that. I’ve even gone and waded into the waves and as long as I can see the beach, and have someone close by, that’s always been okay.

My sister wants me to go with her and her mother-in-law to some lake in Michigan. UH, NO that does not sound like fun to me!!! Why can’t we go alone if this is supposed to be a sister thing, mother-in-law is NOT my sister and okay, you love this lake, I’m not into doing a lake thing. Not when you shoved me into a ring of jellyfish and they all stung me. Yes, memories do trigger anxiety attacks too. But I’m in a safe place with no jellyfish and no water. 😉 I’m good with going to Michigan with her, but I need to research what else there is to do for fun. Seriously, if this is supposed to be a sister thing, shouldn’t both sisters be in agreement for what to do.

Back to yesterday’s relationship topic and yes this ties into this topic, we got married in Key West, Florida on the beach actually, it looked like this.

This was fine, I had no panic, but I was there doing what I wanted, marrying the man I love!

Now this (below) gave me a surge of anxiety then and still does today!! But if he wants to go back and renew our vows on the beach with Captain Ron, then we’ll go and I’d let him drive while I meditate. We did make little stops when we reached the isles, Key West is the last of the isles in the Keys.

That’s my fear. Now to hope none of my friends that might be reading this decide to mock me. Yes, they will be ex-friends the first time they do this. I’m done with the toxic people in my life! Get rid of them now if you have any, trust me, you’ll thank yourself.

Until later, have a fantastic Friday! Happy Cinco de Mayo!!

Source: GoBahamasPlus

Happy Earth 🌍 Day

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It’s a crisp and chilly day outside. At one point it was actually hailing. I was willing to go outside earlier and do some yard stuff. I’m still trying to get the person who mows our yard not to mow during the hottest time of the day. He mows most everyone’s yards. I’ve asked him to take a break, eat, walk around and hydrate. He uses a riding mower. Walking helps you with the vibrations that can make your legs numb. I’ve ridden those mowers and it does make your legs go numb. When you get off, if you’re not paying attention, you can fall face first and hurt yourself. Taking a break helps. Especially if you walk around and hydrate yourself.

Since this new job is a stationary position, I’ve been getting up and walking around. Shaking the kinks out as it were. There is nothing wrong with my hydration. I’ve got a pretty new water bottle, today we bought some water additive, cherry 🍒 limeade. My favorite! And I can drink a lot of water. I have to have the additive as regular water gives me heartburn. It’s weird and yet true.

So today we were out picking up some snack food, healthy for me, sweet potato chips. Milk, and other groceries for Patrick to cook a pan meal that’ll last for a couple of days.

It’s also Caturday and Missy was the kitty that woke me up today. She decided that I was sleeping too long at 0800 and decided to stand on me and push her face into my face. 😂 “uh, hi!” I can’t wait until the days I don’t have to be at work until 10:00. I’ll be sleeping in a bit on those 2 days.

From my friend, Greg Fox

Have a beautiful weekend. Rest, relax, spend time with family and recharge yourself!

Happy happy holiday

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For my friends and those that celebrate Happy Easter! To the rest, happy Sunday! To my Pagan/Wiccan friends and me, Happy Belated Ostara! 😀

Tomorrow, I start the next chapter of my life when I start orientation at 0900. I’m so excited. No, seriously, I’m totally excited. I need the shift in career fields, the last one, literally nearly killed me! 20+ TIA’s, 20 mini strokes, 5 with the most current as 3 weeks ago Strokes. 2 heart attacks, and 1 triple bypass open heart surgery! Oh, and let’s not forget the new increased neurological issues, my epilepsy had not been like this since I was a child, I served in the US Army under a lot of stressful situations and I never had issues like this. That last position was worst than being in combat in the ARMY! RIGHT?!?!

anywho, it’s a beautiful Sunday, as Patrick says, when I start thinking about that toxic environment, “Let it go and grab your fidgety thing!”

Hippity Hoppity
Ben Browder bunny courtesy of Ben Browder Network

Happy New Year 🥳

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I was doing so well on my daily posting there for a while until… remember those new work updates? Well, hell.

Someone went on maternity leave, awesome go be a mom. I’m not being mean, go be a good mom. I was off with FMLA for 3 months after my open-heart triple bypass. But I also know how people felt about having to pick up my duties.

Anywho, she’s off. And honestly, I’m hoping she stays gone! We now have an Awesome supervisor that knows what she’s doing and backs us (her people) up! I know, she told me to stop doing what other people were demanding of me. And tell them to talk to her. She’s my supervisor, not them. I could feel my jaw hitting the floor. I’m finally able to do my job and that is making me happy, which makes me productive! She’s taken some responsibilities away from me to allow me to do my job. I have a lot of responsibilities to do, see new admissions, and do individual therapy and group therapy. Doesn’t sound like a lot until you’ve got more than two patients on the unit and only 8 hours to do everything.

Anywho, I started this on Saturday but I’ve maintained not posting on the weekends. So I’ve finished this up today. Happy Monday Morning!

Christmas Countdown

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Christmas Countdown

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Christmas Countdown has begun ;)

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I love my various little apps! I don’t believe I’ll post everyday as it might be the same image? Or then again, if I can remember, I can change the image daily. Would ya’ll like that? Kind of like a visual advent calendar. Please let me know in the comments.
Thank you!

Happy New Year!

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My goal is to post more this year!!

I’ll be working on the time that works best for me.

Until then enjoy my beautiful cat, JiJi.

Namaste 🙏🏻

Trailer for Fantastic Beasts

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Squeee!! See why we have to watch this on a large screen!! 


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