Christmas Countdown has begun ;)

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I love my various little apps! I don’t believe I’ll post everyday as it might be the same image? Or then again, if I can remember, I can change the image daily. Would ya’ll like that? Kind of like a visual advent calendar. Please let me know in the comments.
Thank you!

#AFWD & an App review

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Hello and yes, I’m still preparing for #AFWD2019. I’ve been seeing all these cute photos on the timelines of Instagram and a few personal sites.  I spent a little over an hour trying to find the right app for me to use.

The Winner IS:

Strip Design 

The easiest to understand and easiest to use for what needs to be done, or what I WANT to do! That’s the criteria in my opinion, is it easy to use and does it do what I want it to do? If the answers are yes, then buy it! Strip Design is the undisputed winner and I paid 2.99 for it! It’s definitely worth the price and I guarantee I’ll be leaving a very positive review on the app store! Look at what I’ve created already! The example speaks volumes. 😉
***Also good to know, there is an iPad app. Not all apps are available for the iPhone and the iPad.  Photo taken with my iPhone and I used the iPad to do the comic page! I also used pic monkey app to add my ‘signature’ to the bottom.


Losers in my opinion aka very difficult APPS

Seriously, do NOT waste your time or money!! Both are difficult to use, the apps kept crashing and they don’t allow you to move the image to where you want it. So heads are cut off or completely out of the frame! *facepalm* 
However, these were the first two I saw, and they were quickly deleted also! So Please avoid both of these apps, save yourself the hairpulling and the stream of invectives! I will be leaving negative reviews on both of these apps!

Comic Maker

Comic Strip

Planner Apps for my iPhone & iPro

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As I was going through my timeline on Facebook I saw an advertisement for this iStratus DayPlanner. Bonus it’s under 10.00! But then I learned years ago to read the reviews, and WOW! There are a lot of negative reviews, one poor person lost ALL of their DropBox files! OMG! I’d be on the floor pulling my hair out and calling them every name in the book! For reals!

So that one and some other bad reviews, yeah, no! Not going to waste my money! 



So I have wanted a day planner, I actually miss my day runner book with all the good stuff! But I already have a lot of what I need on my phone-included in the normal apps! But then I found this pretty little looking day planner!! Uber bonus, it’s only .99 cents! And the reviews are all 5 stars and really friendly. No guesswork involved. It’s just a little planner. That actually flips like my old day planner. For quick notes, and what not it works for me.

New App test, Kouji

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just leave the audio muted, I didn’t know it was recording the show I am watching. LOL 😀

Really cute little emoji of me. And I like the VR aspect, not shown here. But there is a bit of a learning curve and it only does the one emotion. OKAY! Cute. But what if I want to do a little movie with my Kouji?? Yep. still seeing what I can and can’t do. But for now, here you go. It’s on the app store, Kouji.

Happy Friday o.0

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And so another round of wintery mix has been dumped into Indiana. It started last night, with an icy sleet. I was reading on my news feeds about slide-off’s and other accidents in Indianapolis. And then I started hearing it hit my roof. Wow, it was definitely loud. I fell asleep quite well listening to it.

Then this morning I get up, and it didn’t look that bad from the windows. It wasn’t until I had to pry my car door open and looked at the pretty ice buildup on my windows that it struck me, “Oh Hell!” lol 😛

So I started up the car, and the defrosters, found my ice-scraper and got to work. Until my fingers started getting all tingly from the water and the cold. I let the defroster do the work, and then used the windshield wipers to push it all away. Oh yeah, you have to love really good defrosters! well, I do.

I’m at work, and I’m wondering who is really going to be brave and go out in this weather? The roads aren’t iced over, but the snowy sludge is making them slick and difficult to drive on in areas. Personally, I would’ve stayed home myself. However my job, I am a ‘key’ personnel, and they will send the police to bring me in to work. No state emergencies for me. That is a mixed thing.

I’m thinking it’s time to bring out the ipdad and do some creativity. I downloaded a really cool new app, and I’m dying to try it out. It has a lot of functionality, but so far, the learning curve is a bit annoying. For free though, I’m willing to put up with the annoyance if it truly does what I want it to do. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again; if you have an iPhone, please download the AppsGoneFree app, you’d be amazed at what apps are offered for free!! Seriously, it’s worth it and it’s FREE!!

okay, time to watch people slide across the sidewalk in front of my window. It’s sad, but it’s still slightly entertaining. What? If they really get hurt, I’m right next to a phone, and then I’ll go help them too!! I’m a little evil, but not that evil! lol 😀

laters, and I probably will be posting the valentine’s day cards on the photo blog, I need to get them off my phone, and I really want to keep them. So when I can get to a laptop, I’ll organize them all. We’ll see if I can get them all in one post, but that’s highly doubtful. So just enjoy them!!

HUGS, stay warm, stay hydrated, and stay off the roads unless you have no choice otherwise.

And woohooo!

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The new iphone 5 is synced, and I didn’t lose any apps, or pix. Oh yeah, have all my contacts too. LOL 😀

and so far, I really like the new updates to the apps I’ve been playing with; facebook- able to reshare on the go now, youtube-able to share directly to facebook, twitter, mail. Still playing with some of the other apps. See what their updates have done.

Unfortunately, all the lovely hardware I have to charge the phone on, no longer works since they changed the plug in at the base of the phone. Nice way to get us to spend more moola on the chargers. So the Hello Kitty speaker I have, I can still use with my original iPod and I intend to. Sometimes you just need some awesome tunes. 😀

I did get the car/phone charger, that is a must have! As to charging while at work, just have to ensure I have the proper cable to do so, until I can find an inexpensive charger/speaker that will work with the iPhone 5 now.

other than that, nothing to drastic going on….

Friday is free hug day at Monument Circle in Indianapolis, and I truly hope to be there to give and get some free hugs! Hope to see ppl I know there.

till later, peace and hugs!

Review time

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Ah, I love Apps & Comics! This review covers both of them! sweet 😀

DC comics has their own app for the iPhone, and I think for the droid market as well. But the coolest thing for me, is that the app actually accepts iTunes cards for payment. I am building quite the digital comic library on my iPad. Honestly, for the best viewing of the artwork, and the ease of reading, the iPad is hands down the better of the two platforms. JMO

There are other comic apps out there as well:
Comics+ by Iverse Media they offer Marvel, Xenoscope, and Broadsword comics- for those not familiar with Broadsword….What?? LOL

Marvel, you know, the Avenger’s, Spiderman, X-Men, etal

Xenoscope, Grimms Fairy Tales aka not the same Fairy tales you are thinking, do NOT let your kids read these!! These stories are for adults. The art is very cool, but the subject matter, squicks me out.

Broadsword, Home of Tarot! And School Bites. Oh yeah!

Actually Comics+ has the most independent comic publisher’s out there. And for the kiddies, they even have Archie Comics-okay okay, yes, I am an Aunt. I worry about little minds. 😀
And Comics+ also accepts the iTunes gift card for purchasing. Yay!!

Marvel Comics It’s Marvel, all their titles. Yeah, not to gung ho over this app… it’s not difficult to use, it’s I don’t know?? I’ll stick with the above apps. JMO

Now what I like about all of them, FREE COMICS! Yes, you read that right, FREE! Now who doesn’t like free? (weirdo…LOL) so if you’re not sure about buying that particular series, or how this would look on my phone? Try a free comic. why not?

Honestly, my favorite is the DC Comics app, the search function is much easier to use, they have comics in digital format that are from my youth…(Hush you whipper snappers LOL), so if you are missing that one issue…Dude! you might be able to find it here. They also ‘break’ out story arcs, so if you don’t want to buy the entire run of a comic to just read what happened in this arc. Hey, DC has broken it down for you! Awesome!! Also the Ame-Comi series is only in Digital Format, and uh, yeah, DC has it! Mainly cause the girls are DC trademarked, yeah, I know. I need more [_]>

anywho, if anything download the apps, try the Free comics. Read, it’s good for you, builds character, and makes you smarter. How else do you think I learned all my smart alecy retorts. Ok ok, it wasn’t all comics fault. LOL 😀

Enjoy! I’m off to go download a few free Marvel issues myself. Ultimate Origins, Captain America, Spiderman, Avengers, LOL Harley-Davidson Avengers, I kid you not! Just got it! LOL


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I found the coolest app today! And if you have AppsGoneFree it’s FREE today!! It’s a universal app, so you can d/l for your iPhone/iPad/iTouch. It’s called Mandala HD Seriously, after five minutes of listening/watching my stress level dropped considerably. Even if you have to buy this app, it’s only .99 and truly worth it. And no, I’m not making any $ from this review.
cool feature for artists like me, you can save your favorite images. 😀

hi, miss me?

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oog! I’ve been so sick. Had the doctor’s appt on Friday. Poke, poke, poke.

I have bronchitis, sinus infection, and a flu/virus thingie. Wow! Can I get sick or what? :p

after I hit home, I didn’t do nada! laid around pretty much all weekend long.

This week, I’ve been on days, but when I get home, I’m wiped out!
I haven’t checked mail, facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, Pinterest… yeah, I’m a social butterfly-that hasn’t been fluttering this past week. I just feel so weak!

But I have been checking my AppsgoneFree newsletter, and I have picked up some lovely new iPhone/iPad apps!! Must Have ***** Weather Genie! This is an awesome weather App. I have three or four cities, where I live, where I work, where I visit, and the home town. Then it gives me a five day forecast, and the background is changeable- so nice to look at a pretty beach scene. 🙂 grab it while it’s free, even paying for this one though, would be worth it.

Next one, Flipboard for the iPhone!! If you’ve been using Flipboard on the iPad, the version for the iPhone will keep your settings for you when you log in. If not, why not? This App is awesome! I can see what’s new on my FB, Twitter, Tumblr, LinkedIn, etc….all in one APP! And I can re-tweet, re-blog, like it…you name it from the App itself! Oh did I mention, IT’s FREE! Grab one!! *********** 10 Stars!!

Heartrate was another nice app-iPhone only- but for those of us that watch our stress levels during the day, this is an interesting little app. **

Motivational, take your photos and turn them into those cute catchy or cliche motivational posters. Share with friends. **

Voicebrief, Don’t have time to read your updates, get this cute little app, changeable voices. I have mine set for English Male-sounds like Simon-LOL. And they will read your calendar, facebook, twitter, – basically what you add to list. Customizable. ***

That’s all for now. I need to get over this ucky feeling, it’s getting beautiful outside! 🙂 Take care!

Lil update

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