Quick update about earlier missing Day 11.

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There had been an issue earlier when my Day 11 disappeared. Thankfully 😅 I had a backup and uploaded it. I don’t know what the glitch was. But it’s there now.

Thank you for your understanding! Day 12 is scheduled to post in the morning. Have a great night!

OMG It’s been f o r e v e r


I’ve been exceptionally busy since November 2019, when the powers that be decided to have me come back to the brick and mortar and do my job here in person. Let’s move forward to NOW! OMG! I’m now classified as an essential health care professional and in February this year, I was informed I now work on the IPU-inpatient unit. So, to clarify, I’m at work, NOT quarantined like everyone else! and I work on the inpatient unit! Today, I’m on call in my office because I have to catch up on the required E-Learnings. Required because they (powers) said so! Honestly, it’s all common sense to this Veteran! OH right, right! I was in the Army and learned this stuff there! Civilians, however, obviously need to learn this stuff! ugh, So I’m required to sacrifice -okay, insert drama llama here- hours to do this! and NO, I can not retrieve access to the company’s website from home to do this! SO! I’m in the building, but that’s groovy! it’s me by myself on the 1st floor, the support staff person in the basement- which is cool with me cause she goes from cranky to worse in a new york minute ugh, and then the inpatient unit is staffed with the Cool Peeps this weekend! *It’s not like any of them read my blog, so I can say the Cool Peeps!! The b team is cool too, but this is the A-Team this weekend! Boom BABY!

MY ANP aka Nurse Practioner bought masks for a majority of us, and I have bought 3 of them, 2 for me and 1 for Patrick for when he has to go out and do things. These are the bomb, 1-you can actually breathe with them on, 2-they’re lightweight, 3- there is a light metal that allows you to ‘pinch’ it close to your nose for complete correct coverage and 4-did I mention you can BREATHE with these on! They are much better made, high quality and low cost, all three masks are costing me, 12.00, that’s 4.00 each!! I will share the 411 on who makes them and if they are accepting orders outside of the local area!

They actually donated masks to the business but OMFG! GET THIS SHIT! someone (powers) decided that the INPATIENT UNIT workers, nurses, therapists, techs, and other related staff, did NOT need masks! WTF! let me spell that out; WHAT THE FUCK! they instead went to the maintenance people! who do not do face to face, one to one with people!! who the fuck decided that they need these masks!

Thankfully, Kelly knew who the mask makers were and ordered an amount for us to purchase from her! I’m grateful to her!! Truly!

Because supposedly, get this, we were given cloth masks that don’t adhere to any safety guideline and informed that we are to acquire 2 of them, and wash them daily! Blah blah blah! ugh

and here’s the drama llama for this post!

not just me…


So while taking a quick morning walk around work this morning, I’ve found out that it’s not just me that feels like this week is taking forever! A lot of ppl that chat with me on a morning or afternoon basis from the hospital are “OMG IS IT OVER YET!” LOL 😀

So happy to know, it’s not just me that is feeling this way! 20130516-114923

Reviews; do you read them?

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I’m curious how many people view the reviews online about different services and places of business?

I do, but since this is a workman’s comp thingie, I don’t have a choice where I go! But interesting enough I’m not the only one to notice the receptionist’s attitude.

And yes, that quote is from hubs!!


ugh and meh…


so Monday I had a horrible sinus attack and the start of a stomach bug… not a fun day at all. 😦

and then Tuesday I was woken up with a migraine around two o’clock and was unable to get rid of it, and the stomach bug had gotten worse, forget nausea and up it to throwing up. 😦

The bug is pretty much gone, I hope, and yet the migraine is still hanging on. Today it’s a manageable 3. Still painful but not as bad as an 8 level. Time for coffee!

bleh :(

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I am soo sick of nearly constant migraines. I’ve been having a headache every day for what the past two to three months? And when I get stressed they flip into a migraine, and then I’m down for twenty-four hours. This is getting beyond annoying. Yep, had a headache on Wednesday and with the additional stress that flipped it into a migraine. I slept all day yesterday, hubs woke me up to eat something, and then went back to sleep until the alarm went off this morning. And I have a headache. OI! 😦   to top this off, I forgot my bag with my meds, my lunch and my favorite pen. ACK!

I will survive but owies!!





for those that have noticed there were no IOTD’s Monday or Tuesday, that’s cause I was home sick and with a sinus migraine to boot. The weather has been crrraaaazzzzyyyy! and natch, that caused a migraine from Hades to pop in and stay. I finally got a shot yesterday to clear up a migraine, and a follow-up visit with my doc and full lab draws next Wednesday. oog and yay! lol 😉

Thriftiness ;)

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So back to doing some things the way I’ve done before; hair, nails, and other stuff. 😉 lol

and since I’m back to coloring my hair myself I’d love to review Loreal’s new hair product: Mousse Hair Absolute. I’m giving it a 2 1/2 out of 10! 😦

It gets a least a two as it covers the gray ;), but this mousse product is very difficult to work with, one to cover your hair, two to rinse it out, and three today- second day after coloring and my hair feels ugh!! Like it has a helmet of product in and on it. I’ll be re-washing my hair tonight to get this feeling to go away.

The one perk that really caused me to purchase this-other than the coupon, is that it is good for more than one application. Meaning I was able to use it twice! Cost effective, but not at the price of feeling like ugh hair, ya know?  So yeah, 2 1/2 out of 10. 😦  and I like Loreal hair products. So I’m sad about this! 😦 (see)

and now onto doing my nails. Woohoo! I’ve just about got the old acrylics gone. I’m not ripping them off like I did last time. OWWW! I’m letting them grow off. But I am keeping them short and then using the black emery board to smooth down the area between my nail and that of the acryric nail. Yeah, boys might not understand this. LOL 😀  but the fun part is coloring my nails. Hubs can’t stand the smell of the polish and I don’t blame him. But woot! I have lots of polish and can have fun! well within reason. I do have to keep them professional for work. 😉

and then I received a coupon for 50 % off glasses in my email from my M Perks. Hubs needs glasses, and I made an appointment online through the Meijer’s website! Yeah, I like that!!


so the computer repair may be longer, his eyesight is more important than me being able to use the home computer. Yeah! I know…


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The home computer is acting a little weird and I don’t have the money to take it to the Geek Monkeys right now. So my time online at home might be nonexistant for a while. I still have my phone and I’m updating my laptop-so there’s that. 😉


and then the event I do every Saturday night; Stargate Rewind is not letting me edit the date field… oi! so I created a new event-please sign up to get the notice. thank you 😉

and I’m on-call today, so ya’ll have an awesome Sunday! 😀



ps- yes, I already updated the blog to March too! lol 😉

la la laaaaaaa ooooh laaaa lol

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