Yay! Mercury Retrograde is over

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it ended yesterday, but I like to wait a day before the announcement! LOL 😀

I also wanted to let ya’ll know when the next one will be, forewarned is forearmed.

and now seems to be a good time to inform everyone, I will be deleting older images, I can not afford an upgrade to my photo storage and so, I need to delete a lot before I can upload some new stuff!! So you’ve got a day or two before I start the deletions!! Go save now! 😉


it’s Mercury Retrograde time!

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oops sorry, I try to give warnings and got side-winded myself!! I’ve apologized, but ugh!! 

I need to have a Mercury Retrograde app on the phone!! 

So yes, we’ve entered the Mercury Retrograde Zone!! Buckle your seatbelts and watch what you say before you say it!!

Refer to some of my older posts; THINK and How to Handle Mercury Retrograde

Mercury Retrograde dates for the rest of this year.

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I didn’t list these before as it appeared not everyone wanted them. I want them as I missed this last one and thank goodness for not going out on Friday the 13th, I checked some things! Yeah, that would’ve been a bad thing to do! I’m not superstitious, but I do feel when Mercury Retrograde is involved. OI!

So the dates for the rest of the year are:

  • July 26 to August 19
  • November 17 to December 6

The question for some people is what do I do when Mercury is Retrograde. Well, Mercury, the planet rules communication, travel, contracts, automobiles and such. **In Astrology-not real world.** Even if you don’t believe in Astrology or new age mumbo jumbo, you might still be affected by Mercury Retrograde. Don’t Scoff, I’ve seen it happen to the most NON-believers!! When Mercury is retrograde; remember to stay flexible-plans will probably change and allow extra time for travel. But most importantly avoid signing contracts!! You can review and make adjustments/plans to projects, etc. But I would really wait till Mercury is Direct again, and I’d review before you sign anything the day after Mercury goes Retrograde. 😉

If you pay attention to the dates above you can plan ahead, and I usually plan about two weeks prior to a retrograde. I try to get any major projects or tasks completed beforehand. I don’t stop my life, but I can ensure that I remain flexible-which isn’t as easy as it sounds some days, and I try to be prepared for angrier individuals and a lot of miscommunication errors! You know what I mean, what is meant is not what is said. Take a deep breath, and ask calmly what they meant to say as that is not what you heard. 😉

woohoo, we survived! lol

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um…guess what?

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The last one for this year!!

and depending on which blog you’re following it either ends on January 8 or 9! I’m going with the ninth to be on the safe side. lol 😉

Mercury Retrograde dates for 2016



That’s right, one starts tomorrow through the twenty-fifth of the month. oh woo not hoo! lol


I’ll be posting this lil pic in the side bar during the year we have Mercury Retrograde! 😉


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I’ve heard from more and more people lately that have or might be in issues because they engaged mouth and inserted foot. so just a bit of an FYI! I’ve always enjoyed this acronym and hope it’s helpful for you or someone you know.

Screen shot 2014-01-14 at 11.07.58 AM

and just in case anyone needs one:


There’s been a lot of negativity going around.
Yep! Mercury is in Retrograde again until October 9!
It started the day before my birthday on the seventeenth. ‘Splains a lot actually!
Mercury = communication so the above is highly recommended!!

Mercury Retrograde



 ***removed article by request***


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