Calendar day; November 30, 2013

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Cities for Life Day
November 30, 2013 in the World

Cities for Life Day is celebrated on November 30, 2013. On the Cities for Life Day, cities around the world celebrate the first abolition of the death penalty by a European state, decreed by Peter Leopold Joseph of Habsburg-Lorraine in 1786 for his Grand Duchy of Tuscany. On this occasion the participating cities show their commitment for life and against the death penalty. On this day, participating cities illuminate a symbolic monument, such as the Atomium in Brussels, the Colosseum in Rome and the Plaza de Santa Ana in Madrid. Participating cities include more than 60 capitals worldwide, and over 1,200 cities and towns around the world. By this symbolic action, these cities demand a stay of all executions worldwide. This initiative is promoted by the Community of Sant’Egidio and supported by the main international human rights organizations, gathered in the World Coalition Against the Death Penalty.

Where is Cities for Life Day?

Stay At Home Because You Are Well Day
November 30, 2013.

This day was created to give people a day off from work, just because they’re well and deserve a day to relax. Instead of calling in sick, people are supposed to call in well from work and stay home.

Caution: We recommend you use good judgment. Following the concept of this day could get you a reprimand or cost you your job.

Where is Stay At Home Because You Are Well Day?

Historical Events:

1016 – Cnut (or Canute), king of Denmark, claims the English throne the death of Edmund ‘Ironside’.

1523 – Amsterdam bans assembly of heretics

1735 – States of Holland forbid Free Masonry

1782 – Britain signs agreement recognizing US independence

1786 – Peter Leopold Joseph of Habsburg-Lorraine, Grand Duke of Tuscany, promulgates a penal reform making his country the first state to abolish the death penalty. November 30 is therefore commemorated by 300 cities around the world as Cities for Life Day.

1829 – First Welland Canal opens for a trial run, 5 years to the day from the ground breaking.

1886 – 1st commercially successful AC electric power plant opens, Buffalo

1900 – A German engineer patents front-wheel drive for automobiles

1936 – London’s Crystal Palace (built 1851), destroyed by fire

1947 – Arab terrorist campaign opens in Palestine

1948 – Soviets set up a separate municipal government in East Berlin

1950 – US Pres Harry Truman threatens China with atom bomb

1954 – 1st meteorite known to strike a woman (Liz Hodges-Sylacauga Ala)

1966 – Barbados gains independence from Britain (National Day)

1971 – TV movie “Brian’s Song,” airs for 1st time on ABC-TV

1974 – Most complete early human skeleton (Lucy, Australopithecus) is discovered by Donald Johanson, Maurice Taieb, Yves Coppens and Tim White in the Middle Awash of Ethiopia’s Afar Depression.

1987 – Afghanistan Constitution adopted

1993 – President Clinton signs Brady Gun Control Bill

Calendar day; November 29, 2013

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Black Friday 2013
November 29, 2013 in the USA

Black Friday is the Friday following Thanksgiving Day in the United States, traditionally the beginning of the Christmas shopping season. The term dates back to at least 1966, although its usage was primarily on the East coast. The term has become more common in other parts of the country since 2000. Because Thanksgiving falls on the fourth Thursday in November in the United States, Black Friday occurs between the 23rd and the 29th of November. According to Reuters, in 2007 135 million people participated in the Black Friday shopping rush.

Black Friday is not an official holiday, but as many workers have the day off as part of the Thanksgiving holiday, this increases the number of potential shoppers. Retailers often decorate for the Christmas and holiday season weeks beforehand. Many retailers open extremely early, with most of the retailers typically opening at 5AM or even earlier. Some of the larger retailers (depending on the location) such as Sears, Best Buy, Macy’s, Toys “R” Us, and Walmart have been reported to open as early as midnight on the start of Black Friday in localized areas and remain open for 24 hours throughout the day until midnight the following Saturday. Upon opening, retailers offer doorbuster deals and loss leaders to draw people to their stores. Although Black Friday, as the first shopping day after Thanksgiving, has served as the unofficial beginning of the Christmas season at least since the start of the modern Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in 1924, the term “Black Friday” has been traced back only to the 1960s.

The term “Black Friday” may have originated in Philadelphia, where was used to describe the heavy and disruptive pedestrian and vehicle traffic which would occur on the day after Thanksgiving. (see Origin of the name “Black Friday” below). More recently, merchants and the media have used it instead to refer to the beginning of the period in which retailers go from being in the red (i.e., posting a loss on the books) to being in the black (i.e., turning a profit).

Where is Black Friday?
Nationwide USA

Buy Nothing Day
November 29, 2013 in the USA

The Buy Nothing Day (BND) is an international day of protest against consumerism observed by social activists. Typically celebrated the Friday after American Thanksgiving in North America and the following day internationally, in 2013 the date is November 29. It was founded by Vancouver artist Ted Dave and subsequently promoted by Adbusters magazine, based in Canada.

Various gatherings, shenanigans, and forms of protest have been used on Buy Nothing Day to draw attention to the perceived problem of over-consumption. The first Buy Nothing Day was organized in Vancouver in September 1992 “as a day for society to examine the issue of over-consumption.” In 1997, it was moved to the Friday after American Thanksgiving, also called “Black Friday”, which is one of the 10 busiest shopping days in the United States.

Where is Buy Nothing Day?

Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People
November 29, 2013 in the World

International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People is observed on November 29, 2013. The International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People is a UN-organized observance. Events are held at the United Nations headquarters in New York, as well as at the United Nations offices at Geneva and Vienna. It is generally held on November 29 each year to mark the anniversary of resolution 181. Special commemorative activities are organized by the Division for Palestinian Rights of the United Nations Secretariat, in consultation with the Committee on the Exercise of the Inalienable Rights of the Palestinian People. The day was selected in part because it was the day when Cypriot-Palestinian Christian Orthodox priest Saint Philoumenos of Jacob’s Well was murdered in 1979.

Where is Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People?

Square Dance Day
November 29, 2013 in the World

Here’s a chance to get out and “Dosey Do” with your partner. It’s Square Dance Day!

English, Irish, and Scottish settlers brought square dancing to the U.S. As it evolved in the U.S., a caller was added, to help dancers stay in step. It remains popular among southern and western rural areas, and with senior citizens.

Couples square dance in circles or square formations. It’s lively and quick, and lots of fun.

Square Dancing is both fun, and great exercise. Medical sites and journals speaks to its health benefits for people of all ages.

Square Dancing: A Swinging History

Where is Square Dance Day?

Historical Events:

526 – Antioch in modern day Syria struck by Earthquake, about 250,000 die

1775 – Sir James Jay invents invisible ink

1781 – The crew of the slave ship Zong murders 133 Africans by dumping them into the sea in order to claim insurance.

1870 – Compulsory education proclaimed in England

1877 – Thomas Edison demonstrates hand-cranked phonograph

1890 – 1st Army-Navy football game, Score: Navy 24, Army 0 at West Point

1910 – The first US patent for inventing the traffic lights system is issued to Ernest Sirrine.

1929 – Lt Cmdr Richard E Byrd sends “My calculations indicate that we have reached vicinity of South Pole” (He was wrong)

1933 – 1st state liquor stores authorized (Pennsylvania)

1944 – The first surgery (on a human) to correct blue baby syndrome is performed by Alfred Blalock and Vivien Thomas.

1947 – UN Gen Assembly partitions Palestine between Arabs & Jews

1975 – Kilauea Volcano erupts in Hawaii

1978 – UN observes “international day of solidarity with Palestinian people,” boycotted by US & about 20 other countries

1990 – UN Security Council sets Jan 15th military deadline against Iraq

Calendar day; November 28, 2014

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Thanksgiving Day

November 28, 2013 in the USA

In the US, Thanksgiving, currently celebrated on the fourth Thursday in November, has been an annual tradition in the United States since 1863. The first Thanksgiving was celebrated to give thanks to God for helping the Pilgrims of Plymouth Colony survive the brutal winter. The first Thanksgiving feast lasted three days providing enough food for 53 pilgrims and 90 Native Americans. The feast consisted of fowl, venison, fish, lobster, clams, berries, fruit, pumpkin,and squash. William Bradford’s note that, “besides waterfowl, there was great store of wild turkeys, of which they took many,” probably gave rise to the American tradition of turkey at Thanksgiving.

In the United States, certain kinds of food are traditionally served at Thanksgiving meals. Firstly, baked or roasted turkey is usually the featured item on any Thanksgiving feast table (so much so that Thanksgiving is sometimes referred to as “Turkey Day”). Stuffing, mashed potatoes with gravy, sweet potatoes, cranberry sauce, sweet corn, other fall vegetables, and pumpkin pie are commonly associated with Thanksgiving dinner. All of these are actually native to the Americas or were introduced as a new food source to the Europeans when they arrived. As an alternative to turkey, many vegetarians or vegans eat tofurky, a meatless turkey made of tofu.

The tradition of giving thanks to God is continued today in various forms. Various religious and spiritual organizations offer services and events on Thanksgiving themes the week-end before, the day of, or the week-end after Thanksgiving. At home, it is a holiday tradition in many families to begin the Thanksgiving dinner by saying grace (a prayer before or after a meal).

During Thanksgiving Day families and friends usually gather for a large meal or dinner. Consequently the Thanksgiving holiday weekend is one of the busiest travel periods of the year. Thanksgiving is a four-day or five-day weekend vacation for schools and colleges. Most business and government workers are given Thanksgiving and the day after as paid holidays. Thanksgiving Eve, the night before Thanksgiving, is one of the busiest nights of the year for bars and clubs, as many college students and others return to their hometowns to reunite with friends and family.

In New York City, the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade is held annually every Thanksgiving Day from the Upper West Side of Manhattan to Macy’s flagship store in Herald Square, and televised nationally by NBC. The parade features parade floats with specific themes, scenes from Broadway plays, large balloons of cartoon characters and TV personalities, and high school marching bands. The float that traditionally ends the Macy’s Parade is the Santa Claus float, the arrival of which is an unofficial sign of the beginning of the Christmas season.

Where is Thanksgiving Day?
Nationwide USA

Day of Mourning in the U.S.
November 28, 2013 in the USA

Day of Mourning in the U.S. takes place on November 28, 2013. The National Day of Mourning is an annual protest organized since 1970 by Native Americans of New England on the fourth Thursday of November, the same day as Thanksgiving in the United States. It coincides with an unrelated but similar protest, Unthanksgiving Day, held on the West Coast. The organizers consider the national holiday of Thanksgiving Day as a reminder of the democide and continued suffering of the Native American peoples. Participants in the National Day of Mourning honor Native ancestors and the struggles of Native peoples to survive today. They want to educate Americans about history. The event was organized in a period of Native American activism and general cultural protests. The protest is organized by the United American Indians of New England (UAINE). Since it was first organized, social changes have resulted in major revisions to the portrayal of United States history, the government’s and settlers’ relations with Native American peoples, and renewed appreciation for Native American culture.

Where is Day of Mourning in the U.S.?
Nationwide USA

Red Planet Day
November 28, 2013 in the World

Red Planet Day takes place on November 28, 2013. It commemorates the launch of the Mariner 4 spacecraft on November 28, 1964. Mariner 4 performed the first successful flyby of the planet Mars returning the first pictures of the Martian surface. It was designed to conduct closeup scientific observations of Mars and to transmit these observations to Earth.

Mars is the fourth planet from the Sun and the second smallest planet in the Solar System. Named after the Roman god of war, it is often described as the “Red Planet” because the iron oxide prevalent on its surface gives it a reddish appearance. Mars is a terrestrial planet with a thin atmosphere, having surface features reminiscent both of the impact craters of the Moon and the volcanoes, valleys, deserts, and polar ice caps of Earth.

The rotational period and seasonal cycles of Mars are likewise similar to those of Earth, as is the tilt that produces the seasons. Mars is the site of Olympus Mons, the second highest known mountain within the Solar System (the tallest on a planet), and of Valles Marineris, one of the largest canyons. Mars has two known moons, Phobos and Deimos, which are small and irregularly shaped.

Where is Red Planet Day?

Make Your Own Head Day
November 28, 2013 in the World

Make Your Own Head Day is today. The only rule that we can think of, is that the head must be your own. So get started, so we can see how good of an artist you are!

This is a crafty day. It is very popular in grade schools, and art classes. In class, you can make your own head. Any medium will do. You can use clay, paper mache, draw or sketch your head. You can make a picture with paint, charcoal, or crayon. Be creative and add a hat to your head.

Where is Make Your Own Head Day?

Historical Events:

587 – Treaty of Andelot: King Guntram names cousin Childebert II as heir

1660 – The Royal Society forms in London

1775 – 2nd Continental Congress formally establishes US Navy

1814 – The Times of London is for the first time printed by automatic, steam powered presses built by the German inventors Friedrich Koenig and Andreas Friedrich Bauer, signaling the beginning of the availability of newspapers to a mass audience.

1893 – Women vote in a national election for the first time: the New Zealand general election.

1907 – In Haverhill, Massachusetts, scrap-metal dealer Louis B. Mayer opens his first movie theater.

1919 – US-born Lady Astor elected 1st female member of British Parliament

1922 – Capt Cyril Turner (RAF) gives 1st skywriting exhibition (NYC) Turner spelled out “Hello USA. Call Vanderbilt 7200.” 47,000 called

1948 – “Hopalong Cassidy” premieres on TV

1948 – 1st Polaroid camera sold

1964 – Mariner 4 launched; 1st probe to fly by Mars


I was given the number 6.

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And it’s easy to type this up on a keyboard then to tap tap tap on my phone. 🙂

So Six Random facts about me.

I have six tattoos! lol (yes, smart alec is in the office)

I have been hit by ground lightening, and have been shocked badly with electricity.

I was a member of an Army Drill Team. Yes, I danced and tossed my weapon in the air. HoooRAH! 😀

I can read and write backwards. Which is why, I love word finds!! 😀

I am 50/50 right/left brained. My logic and creativity are balanced.
(hush with the comments…okay, I know. HA HA HA!)

Oh yeah, I have rappelled out of helicopters for fun! OH YES!! I’m afraid of heights, but that was fun!

Calendar day; November 27, 2013

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Pins and Needles Day
November 27, 2013 in the World

The real purpose of Pins and Needles Day is to commemorate the opening of the pro-Labor play Pins and Needles on Broadway on this day in 1937. Over decades of time, people lost track of the original meaning of this day.

Today, most people look upon Pins and Needles Day, as a nervous and anxious day. Its a day of eager anticipation, as we await an event or for something to happen. One could argue that kids are on pins and needles from now until Christmas, as they nervously wonder if they have been good enough to receive a visit from Santa in a few weeks.

Where is Pins and Needles Day?

Maaveerar Day 2013
November 27, 2013 in India

Maaveerar Day is observed on November 27, 2013. Maaveerar Day or Heroes’ Day is a day of commemoration observed by Tamil people to remember the deaths of militants fighting for the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam. It is held each year on 27 November, the date on which the first Tamil Tiger, “Lt.” Shankar, is said to have died in combat in 1982. The tradition is to light oil lamps for the three days ending on the 27th and to raise the national flag of Tamil Eelam at the ceremonies. The symbol for Maaveerar Day is the Karthigaipoo (Gloriosa lily), which blooms during November.

Where is Maaveerar Day?
Nationwide India

Historical Events:

1295 – The first elected representatives from Lancashire were called to Westminster by King Edward I to attend what later became known as “The Model Parliament”.

1703 – The first Eddystone Lighthouse is destroyed in the Great Storm of 1703.

1817 – US soldiers attack Florida Indian village, beginning Seminole War

1826 – John Walker invents friction match in England

1885 – Earliest photograph of a meteor shower made

1911 – Audience throws vegetables at actors for 1st recorded time in US

1914 – 1st women elected political agent (Grantham, Linconshire UK)

1924 – In New York City, the first Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade is held.

1934 – Bank robber Baby Face Nelson dies in a shoot-out with the FBI.

1951 – Cease-fire & demarcation zone accord signed in Panmunjon Korea

1956 – F Goodrich & A Hackett’s “Diary of Anne Frank” premieres in Neth

1963 – The Convention on the Unification of Certain Points of Substantive Law on Patents for Invention is signed at Strasbourg.

1966 – In highest-scoring NFL game, Wash Redskins defeat NY Giants 72-41

2001 – A hydrogen atmosphere is discovered on the extrasolar planet Osiris by the Hubble Space Telescope, the first atmosphere detected on an extrasolar planet.

To my Siblings in arms

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What is the quickest way to get my blood to boil???

Be derogatory to our troops!

Okay, I understand, not everyone has the wherewithal to join the military, got that.
Not everyone can join the military, got that.


So you think it’s funny, really? Go on then, stand in front of them. Let me know how funny that is?

If you listen to propaganda then you’re an idiot! Plain and simple. Get a clue! Stop watching Fox news and do your own research!

Yes, I heard something this morning that has really really REALLY! ticked me off!
Someone had the nerve to say that if they are stupid enough to join, then they deserve to die! O M F G! (get the fuck out of my face)

These troops won’t be home for the holidays, and this is the respect that they get? Really? You’re a moron!

I’m a third Generation Soldier! I’m proud of that, I’m proud I had what it took to be all I could be! (yeah yeah) But seriously. Please think before you speak!


okay, calming down… thank goodness for my blog! lol 😛

ps- Go tell that to a Veteran’s mother. Yeah, that should go over really well.

Calendar day; 26 November, 2013

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Shopping Reminder Day
November 26, 2013 in the World

Besides Black Friday, which is a day after Thanksgiving, there is also another Shopping Reminder Day on November 26th that really activates our shopaholic addictions.

You’ve less than a month until Christmas, so it’s time to make sure that you’ve bought all of your gifts! If you’ve still got presents to buy, Shopping Reminder Day is a stark reminder that you’re running out of time!

Where is Shopping Reminder Day?

Historical Events:

43 BC – The Second Triumvirate alliance of Gaius Julius Caesar Octavianus (“Octavian”, later “Caesar Augustus”), Marcus Aemilius Lepidus, and Mark Antony is formed.

1476 – Vlad III Dracula defeats Basarab Laiota with the help of Stephen the Great and Stephen V Bathory and becomes the ruler of Wallachia for the third time.

1778 – Captain Cook discovers Maui in the Sandwich Islands (now Hawaii)

1789 – 1st national Thanksgiving in USA

1865 – “Alice in Wonderland” by Lewis Carroll published in USA

1885 – 1st meteor photograph

1922 – English archaeologist Howard Carter opens Toetanchamon’s (Tut) tomb

1950 – China enters Korean conflict, sends troops across Yalu River

1952 – 1st modern 3-D movie “Bwana Devil” premieres in Hollywood

1956 – “The Price Is Right” debuts on NBC

1975 – Fed jury finds Lynette Fromme guilty of attempted assassination

1978 – 1st lesbian theme TV movie – “Question of Love”

1990 – Mikhail Gorbachev tells Iraq to get out of Kuwait

Calendar day; 25 November, 2013

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Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women

Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women
November 25, 2013 in the World

The International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women takes place on November 25, 2013. Women’s activists have marked this day as a day to fight violence against women since 1981. On December 17, 1999, the United Nations General Assembly designated November 25 as this special day. The International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women is celebrated annually.

The date came from the brutal assassination in 1960 of the three Mirabal sisters, political activists in the Dominican Republic. Women around the world are subject to rape, domestic violence and other forms of violence, and the scale and true nature of the issue is often hidden. That’s why the UN invited governments, international organizations and NGOs to organize activities designated to raise public awareness of the problem on this day.

Violence against women is a technical term used to collectively refer to violent acts that are primarily or exclusively committed against women. The UN General Assembly defines the term as “any act of gender-based violence that results in, or is likely to result in, physical, sexual or mental harm of suffering to women including threats of such acts, coercion or arbitrary deprivation of liberty, whether occurring in public or in private life.”

International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women:

Say NO – UNiTE to End Violence against Women:

Where is Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women?

St. Catherine’s Day
November 25, 2013 in Estonia

St. Catherine’s Day is celebrated on November 25, 2013. It has retained its popularity throughout the centuries and is still widely celebrated in modern-day Estonia. It marks the arrival of winter and is one of the more important and popular autumn days in the Estonian folk calendar. It is a day of celebration for the women of the culture, though different meanings come from each culture itself of this day. The customs for the Estonian St. Catherine’s Day are generally associated with the kadrisants (kadri beggars) or kadris, which give the whole day a unique quality, although it is similar to the traditions practised on St. Martin’s Day. Both require dressing up and going from door to door on the eve of the holiday to collect gifts, such as food, cloth and wool, in return for suitable songs and blessings.

Where is St. Catherine’s Day?
Nationwide Estonia

Evacuation Day in New York
November 25, 2013 in New York

Evacuation Day in New York takes place on November 25, 2013. Following the American Revolutionary War, Evacuation Day on November 25 marks the day in 1783 when the last vestige of British authority in the United States – its troops in New York – departed from Manhattan. After this British evacuation, General George Washington triumphantly led the Continental Army through the city. The last shot of the war was reported to be fired on this day, as a British gunner on one of the departing ships fired a cannon at jeering crowds gathered on the shore of Staten Island, at the mouth of New York Harbor (the shot fell well short of the shore).

Where is Evacuation Day in New York?
Nationwide New York

Parfait Day
November 25, 2013 in the USA

It’s National Parfait Day! Did you know that the word “parfait” means “perfect” in French? It’s no wonder that this dish makes a perfect snack, meal, or dessert!

Although parfaits were originally served on decorative plates, today they are typically layered in tall, thin glasses. There are also many variations on the original parfait recipe, which originated in France in the 19th century.

American parfaits are made by layering ice cream with granola, nuts, yogurt, fresh fruits, and whip cream. Whip up your own version to celebrate National Parfait Day!

Where is National Parfait Day?
Nationwide USA

Historical Events:

1177 – Baldwin IV of Jerusalem and Raynald of Chatillon defeat Saladin at the Battle of Montgisard.

1703 – The Great Storm of 1703, the greatest windstorm ever recorded in the southern part of Great Britain, reaches its peak intensity which it maintains through November 27. Winds gust up to 120 mph, and 9,000 people perish in the mighty gale.

1783 – Britain evacuates NYC, their last military position in US

1792 – Farmer’s Almanac 1st published

1834 – Delmonico’s, one of NY’s finest restaurants, provides a meal of soup, steak, coffee & half a pie for 12 cents

1867 – Alfred Nobel patents dynamite

1876 – Indian Wars: In retaliation for the American defeat at the Battle of the Little Bighorn, United States Army troops sack Chief Dull Knife’s sleeping Cheyenne village at the headwaters of the Powder River.

1922 – Archaeologist Howard Carter enters King Tut’s tomb

1940 – Woody Woodpecker debuts with release of Walter Lantz’s “Knock Knock”

1949 – “Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer” appears on music charts

1971 – “Dan Cooper” jumps with $200,000 out of plane over Washington

1983 – World’s greatest robbery 25,000,000 pounds of gold, Heathrow, England

1990 – Lech Walesa wins in Poland’s 1st popular election

Nano update

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So with the being ill, having fibro flare ups, staying busy at work, and all the drama in RL; car died, other health issues, etal.

I’m surprised I’m where I’m at on my writing. I have to write 5020 words a day for the next seven days to make it. If I’m going for the word count. Or I could forgo that, and simply keep writing cause I want to finish my story. What’s the guess on what I’ll do??? 😀

Anywho this has been interesting, but the stress of writing on demand-that hasn’t been good for me physically. And I’m wondering if it’s the word count or not? I am competitive by nature, but this… this feels different. And I don’t know, maybe other writers will understand where I”m coming from. I just don’t seem to like the pressure of writing for a ‘count.’ I mean, I could churn out the numbers, but the story would be crap. And then I’d be re-writing it for months. Hey, maybe that’s what you’re supposed to do with this, churn out crap and then take the other eleven months to re-work it into something usable… or maybe I’m just really tired mentally and physically- I’m having a flare up from Hades! The pain scale has been slowly moving from a manageable six to an OMG I need to go lie down NOW 10+!!

so… perhaps tomorrow, I open the document up and just keep chugging away and writing my story the way I want.
Ya’ll have a great rest of the night. Me, I’m going to go do some art. And just chillax for the rest of the night.



Calendar day; November 23, 2013

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Day to End Impunity
November 23, 2013 in the World

International Day to End Impunity is celebrated on November 23, 2013. The International Day to End Impunity is marked annually by advocates for free expression. The day is meant to raise awareness of, and demand justice for, artists, journalists, musicians, writers and free expression advocates around the world who are persecuted for exercising their right to free expression. 23 November is the anniversary of the 2009 Ampatuan massacre (also known as the Maguindanao massacre) in the Philippines, when 57 individuals were murdered, including 32 journalists and media workers. The massacre is the single deadliest attack against journalists to have taken place.

Where is Day to End Impunity?

Adoption Day
November 23, 2013 in the USA

National Adoption Day is celebrated on November 23, 2013. On National Adoption Day, a number of courts and communities in the United States come together to finalize thousands of adoptions of children from foster care. More than 300 events are held each year on the Saturday before Thanksgiving in November, in all 50 US states, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico to finalize the adoptions of children in foster care. In total, more than 40,000 children have been adopted from foster care on National Adoption Day. National Adoption Day was started in 2000 by a Coalition of national partners.

Where is National Adoption Day?
Nationwide USA

Survivors of Suicide Day
November 23, 2013 in the USA

National Survivors of Suicide Day is celebrated on November 23, 2013. National Survivors of Suicide Day was designated by the United States Congress as a day when the friends and family of those who have died by suicide can join together for healing and support. This day always falls on the Saturday before American Thanksgiving. In 1999, Senator Harry Reid introduced a resolution to the United States Senate which led to the creation of National Survivors of Suicide Day. Reid is a survivor of his father’s suicide. As citizens of other countries began observing the day in their local communities, it was renamed as International Survivors of Suicide Day. Every year, the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention sponsors International Survivors of Suicide Day, a program that unites survivors of suicide loss across the world. At events in hundreds of cities spanning 6 continents, survivors of suicide loss gather together to remember their loved ones and offer each other support. The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention produces a program shown at these events that features personal stories and advice from other survivors and psychiatric professionals. These events help survivors cope with the tragedy of losing someone to suicide.

Where is National Survivors of Suicide Day?
Nationwide USA

Labor Thanksgiving Day
November 23, 2013 in Japan

Labor Thanksgiving Day takes place on November 23, 2013. Labor Thanksgiving Day is a national holiday in Japan which takes place annually. The law establishing the holiday cites it as an occasion for commemorating labor and production and giving one another thanks. Events are held throughout Japan, one such being the Nagano Labor Festival. The event encourages thinking about the environment, peace and human rights. It is not unusual for early grade elementary students to create drawings for the holiday and give them as gifts to local kobans, or police stations.

Where is Labor Thanksgiving Day?
Nationwide Japan

Cashew Day
November 23, 2013 in the USA

Today is National Cashew Day! Whether you like them plain, salted, roasted, or coated in sugar, cashews are a delicious treat! Although cashews are popular in Thai, Indian, and Chinese cuisines, they are actually native to Brazil. They have also been widely cultivated in India and Africa ever since the Portuguese exported them during the 16th century.

Did you know that parts of the cashew tree can be used for medicinal and manufacturing purposes? Acid from the cashew nutshells is effective in healing tooth abscesses and the tree’s seeds can be ground up into a powder and used as an antivenom for snake bites. The oil from the nutshells is used in brake linings as well as in rubber and plastic materials.

To celebrate National Cashew Day, snack on some cashews or cook them into your favorite recipe!

Where is National Cashew Day?
Nationwide USA

Eat a Cranberry Day
November 23, 2013 in the World

Eat a Cranberry Day is celebrated on November 23rd of each year, believe it was created in order to promote the health benefits of cranberries.

Since the early 21st century within the global functional food industry, there has been a rapidly growing recognition of cranberries for their consumer product popularity, nutrient content and antioxidant qualities, giving them commercial status as a “superfruit”.

The name cranberry derives from “craneberry”, first named by early European settlers in America who felt the expanding flower, stem, calyx, and petals resembled the neck, head, and bill of a crane. Another name used in northeastern Canada is mossberry. The traditional English name for Vaccinium oxycoccos, fenberry, originated from plants found growing in fen (marsh) lands.

In North America, Native Americans were the first to use cranberries as food. Native Americans used cranberries in a variety of foods, especially for pemmican, wound medicine and dye. Calling the red berries Sassamanash, natives may have introduced cranberries to starving English settlers in Massachusetts who incorporated the berries into traditional Thanksgiving feasts.

Where is Eat a Cranberry Day?

Historical Events:

800 – Charlemagne arrives at Rome to investigate the alleged crimes of Pope Leo III.

1499 – Flemish pretender to the English throne Perkin Warbeck hanged for reportedly attempting to escape from Tower of London. Invaded England in 1497, claiming to be the lost son of King Edward IV

1644 – Areopagitica, a pamphlet decrying censorship, written by John Milton is published.

1765 – People of Frederick County Md refuse to pay England’s Stamp tax

1863 – Patent granted for a process of making color photographs

1889 – Debut of 1st jukebox (Palais Royale Saloon, San Francisco)

1897 – Pencil sharpener patented by J L Love

1909 – Wright Brothers forms million dollar corp to manufacture airplanes

1921 – Pres Harding signs Willis Campell Act (anti-beer bill) forbidding doctors prescribing beer or liquor for medicinal purposes

1936 – The first edition of Life is published.

1948 – Dr Frank G Back (NYC) patents lens to provide zoom effects

1963 – “Doctor Who” the long-running British sci-fi series debuts in England

1971 – China People’s Republic seated in UN Security Council

1979 – Pink Floyd’s “The Wall” released, sells 6 million copies in 2 weeks

1992 – 10,000,000 cellular telephone sold

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