Goofy is as Goofy does…

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Who said it first, and which one is better?


“Can anyone tell me what my guess is, and yes, I am a Canadian! How can you tell?”

“This was not an easy decision, but I like to mess around with everyone that seems to think there are only two Canadian’s in this city, Chuck and Rodney aren’t the only ones!” 

Geek Corner with Alexandria

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“Hello and welcome! I was soo tired yesterday morning after futzing around, I laid down and that’s all she wrote! I think Isis swatted me for snoring. I don’t snore! Don’t whap me with your tail little missy. Awww, okay, you’re still adorable! So what was I futzing with? THIS!! I’m trying to find my own Major Anthony!! Any ideas where I can find one? And yes, I am wearing a tiara, Vala thought I needed one. Who am I to disagree? Word to the wise, don’t ever let us go out together, the planet would explode from our AWESOMENESS!”

“I haven’t made it completely through the DVD yet and I want to see more. I don’t think I ever watched I Dream of Jeannie as a kid. I remember Bewitched, my nose wouldn’t twitch no matter what. Dangit! I hope to watch more of it during this night shift, but ow! Chuck, you’re a little loud tonight.  And nope, there is a commotion off the East Pier, Colonel Storm. Well alrighty then. Time for me to crack my knuckles and see who I can shoot. Kidding, Chuck, I’m kidding!! NO! Do not call Sheppard. Oh, good grief, you’re a fellow Canadian, come on, eh. I’ll bribe you with Timmy Bits and a gift card for when you’re home next. Deal! Laters gentle people!”

Alex’s Geek Corner

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Hello and welcome to another Alexandria’s Geek Corner. With your hostess, Me! I’m sorry, I can’t help myself. I giggle a lot. Anywho the boss lady has been feeling under the weather and we decided to do a marathon viewing while playing with the kitties that decide to grace us with their presence. Her Isis is hilarious, stealth movement till POUNCE! She is like a mini-me. JiJi, on the other hand, comes up and once he gets your attention, he then lies down and expects to be petted and petted. It’s all good. He’s a good kitty and she’s too hilarious not to love!”

“This is JiJi’s favorite spot and his normal pose. While Isis is more right in your face! Literally!”

“We watched quite a few movies. And we have two left, Thor Ragnarok and Spiderman: Homecoming. I tend to rewatch Dr. Strange a few times a month. I really like the storyline and the sense of humor in it. We have a friend that is going to loan us Thor and Spiderman. And then until the 27th, we’ll probably watch Agents of Shield on the iPad!”

“And Trailer 3 is now out! OMG, this just keeps getting better!!”


What happens when I can’t sleep…

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This lovely voice starts whispering to me, “I’m bored. You haven’t written about me in a while. I like these little bits you’re doing now. I want more, I’m greedy. People like and some even love Kitty Girls!”

Oi Vey! Am I the only writer that gets their characters whispering in their head to write more about them? Yes? NO? 😛

I know, I don’t have a mental issue, thank you very much! I know the signs and symptoms of those, I am a diagnostic intake therapist. 😉 And any who if it actually makes me happy and gets me to write and be more creative, I’m okay with this.  And to make some people happy, yes, I have discussed hearing Alexandria’s voice in my head, and I was told I’m not schizophrenic, I’m a writer! So there! Yes, it was by a Licensed Psychiatrist. lol

So between watching Marvel movies and youtube clips of the various Phases and OMG! I saw something… and naturally, it fits Alex’s personality, “Uh, boss lady, that’s purrrsonality. Think Julie Newmar! She is still schmexy in her way!” Right, sorry there.

Alexandria is also my emotional valve! When I’m really upset about something, I can write it out. That story may never see the light of day, especially the gruesome really ultra-violent ones, but it helps me get my anger out in a constructive, not destructive-illegal way. Yep! lol 🙂 And some people have wondered about my love of the Mirror Universe. I don’t advocate violence in real life, but it is fun being a little evil-if only in my writing. 😉 Also not the only writer to have done this! 😉

Patrick likes listening to me discuss story ideas with JiJi and/or Isis. Isis is such the instigator and patted my head the other day when I was trying to sleep and was DVR’ing on Google Keep! Yes, I really need to do a write up on that app!!! It’s my new personal assistant and day planner in one! I ❤ that app!! I’ve been keeping notes on it for this game too.

So onto the challenge, I’m working on Phase 1 now, I have the two people picked out! 😉 The one is Princess Diana, Wonder Woman! The other is a secret for now. 😉

I have been having my friend’s on Facebook pick one of the origin stories for Princess Diana, Wonder Woman.  The choices were the original story I grew up with, the clay story, where Queen Hippolyta molded Diana from the clay of Themiscrya and the Gods/Goddesses blessed and brought her to life! She was not only, Hippolyta’s daughter but all the other Amazon’s as well.

And then the one from one of the new and disastrous reboots, I mean seriously, how many times are they going to reboot characters! Enough is Enough, already!! I mean, I stopped buying comics from DC because I don’t recognize or I don’t like this New Direction, yet again, they’re going for!! Knock it off!! Your books appear to be selling well and making money, and yet… Marvel is beating you hands down in the Movie arena! I love Marvel movies, they are what I expect from a movie, entertaining and FUN! DC you’ve lost the fun in the movies, everything is so dark, figuratively and literally-I leave a movie theater with a headache. I didn’t even brag about Justice League, it wasn’t bad, it just wasn’t what I expected. Thank Goddess for Wonder Woman! But I’m really all in for this upcoming Avenger’s Infinity War, how many blog entries have I done? Oh I think maybe five or so if you count the IOTD’s I’ve done too. DC movies I’ve blogged about, huh let me think, zero!

And redirect time, sorry- I tend to go on tangents, and yet this time, it’s part of the challenge. 😉 There really is a method to my madness. I promise.

And I’m shocked,  I’ve only had a few friends from the multiple Wonder Woman groups I participate in to answer this first question. Where are the rest of you? And I’ve had NO WOMEN PARTICIPATE!  So I’ve only received the men’s perspective on this, which is pretty interesting, at least in my opinion. I now have a few different hypotheses, but I’m not doing a paper on this, so I’m letting it go. 😉 (for now).

Is there anyone here on WordPress that wants to play along with us? You have until Friday night, by Midnight to make it in! After that, I hope to have the art up and the question asked. Simply comment on this entry and you get a chance the others are just now finding out about!! 😉

Now for the Marvel side- who loves Marvel, and wants to help ME! Muahahahaaaa! PM if you’re up for it.  And if you’ve picked answers for Wonder Woman, I want you to stay there and you can even team up if you want- when the game is started. 😉 I asked for the permission to post your names as I’ll be blogging this too! There’s not enough fun for everyone- this is FREE and I hope a challenging game for people! 

I’m working on the art, but I’m also having severe fibro pains, I hope to have it done the way I want, otherwise, I’ll do it another way!! This game needs a visual!

I’ll list the Wonder Woman participants and their Origin choices on Saturday, well after the midnight deadline! So get in now! PM me if you’re on Facebook or leave a comment here if you want to be on Team Marvel with me!

This entry has been sponsored by Alex’s Geek Corner bringing you whatever she wants to discuss with you. lol Somedays, I just let her have full steam! Kinda like my parents gave me full steam when I would talk out loud as my character’s and only batted an eye once or twice until I told them, I knew what I was doing. And no gruesome stuff then either. 😉



Expect to see more Marvel

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Expect to see more Marvel IOTD’s through the Month of April! lol

Tonight its TGIT (my Friday) and I’m wearing a really sweet Black Panther shirt from Target 

I’ve added the link above in case you want to get one for yourself. It is very comfy and the size fits well! I’m wearing an XXL as I like them a bit roomy and yes, it is just perfect for me!


Meow hee hee 😛


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Because the Cat Returns is one of my favorite Miyazaki movies, we have Haru, Muta, and Baron tonight.

Happy Happy Joy Joy


Okay, so the second procedure sucked! No, really it was more painful than the first procedure and that was pretty bad! Found out that the infection did not go away, and I’m on a stronger round of antibiotics!!! And I still went through the procedure! I had the days off that I needed and I couldn’t wait, the doctor was okay with it as long as I was! So yeah, I had it done. Owie Owie Owie, I’m still in pain and running a fever but oh well… 😦

Hubs stayed with me this time and reported that he nearly passed out from the blood and all the pain I was in. He offered to get me a surprise while attempting to get me out and into the car. That was an adventure! 😉 I don’t remember anything until Saturday. Which is when he took me to Best Buy always a dangerous prospect where I’m concerned! That and a new age bookstore I can spend and spend and still not have everything on my want list. LOL

And then he showed IT to me! OMG! The new iPad Pro! Seriously it’s the size of my laptop screen!! And it’s Amazing! Able to do everything that I want/need! Okay, more want than need. But whatever! LOL

My new brain!

Isn’t she pretty? LOL Yes, he got me the pen too! The keyboard is old and I have used the Bluetooth and set it up with the pro. Wallpaper is mine too! I’ll be posting the new Alex pieces on the Creative blog soon. 😉


I owe the nice Apple rep on the phone a hug! He finally found me a program that I can important my own black and white pieces and color them. See why I got the pen too! 😉 The program is called: Pigment 1200x630bf
and it’s free! However, for the unlimited upload capabilities, there is a fee! But for me, it’s worth it. I can now color to my heart’s content without forgetting the pencils. LOL 🙂  It actually is just like coloring on a page, only it’s digital which I prefer and WOW! This app gets it, it really does help with the stress level! Its not a fill app, you know those, you click on a color and click into the blank spot and viola it’s filled with color! OY VEY! That’s not coloring!!  🙂 It’s a cute lil program loaded with a lot more than I expected. Seriously! You can change the opacity of the color, change your brush size and what type of media you are using; pencil, marker, glitter, sand, airbrush, watercolor, wood, splatter, oil, and bloom. Not to mention it has a metallic fill option! Nice! There are three settings for the coloring too; Automatic, Freehand and advanced! For a free program very cool! It also has pre-loaded coloring books and pages!


You can save your work and it saves it into its own little folder, go back and start again. No muss, no fuss, coloring on the go! You also have the option to enlarge the image up with your fingers so you can see better than just an image at 100%. 😉


There also apps that you can use your pen to draw!


not quite like paper but it gets easier. And this isn’t me! LOL

Oh and JiJi likes it too! Yay! for Otter boxes! Okay, seriously other than the Pro itself, that was the most expensive part! However, for the money I spent on the Pro, uh yeah! It was a no-brainer to buy the Otterbox!! It’s JiJi proof! JiJi loves my Koi Pond app! I use it to help relax and he had me cracking up trying to swipe a paw at the Koi in my pond!

I am finally able to do more on the apps I do have and transferring them was soo easy! 🙂 I even have the IMVU app on my Pro now and that is where the newest pieces of Alex Art is from! Yep, I capped them and then using some apps to get them the way I want them. Now, if Adobe would finally come out with an app that is more like the fully functional version; layers, and the ability to lasso and add in a background, cloning! I would pay for it!

Speaking of paying! This wasn’t an inexpensive present and I reopened my best buy card account. Duh! But with the scheduled time I have coming up on Saturdays soon, it won’t take long to pay it off! 😉

The iPad Pro is the wifi only, largest GB, the 12.9 size screen and it was just under a thousand. The pen was an additional 99.00 but totally worth it! One can charge it on the iPad itself. It’s actually not wired to the Pro as you can see at the store! Hubs and I think that is for security purposes. 😉  The otter box was as I said the most expensive under 200 but over 150. Still, a good idea if you want to protect your property!! 😀 I also snagged an iTunes card! I mean, seriously? If you’re going for an upgrade you should be able to get some new apps that will be productive for you and DUDE! Books! Hello, new books are coming out!! LOL And finally I don’t have to squint to read them. The screen is soo clear and yes, the images do look much crisper!  I still have some organizing to do and some older apps to delete and then locate some of my favorite apps again. Not all transferred over…. hmm? But I was able to get my Pinterest, Facebook, Tumbler and Twitter working on the Pro! And wow! I can see the adjustments that FB did, some pretty cool and some, eh! But without a wifi connection at work I’m stuck to coloring, reading, writing and Polar Bear Bowling! LOL

So back to coloring or reading or maybe watch a movie?? LOL 😀

A comparison of the sizes and prices! I have the larger one,  the 12.9 inch.
Hubs cracked me up! “Size does matter, Honey! Go large or don’t go at all!”
Seriously, he had the rep there cracking up too! :p

So my Samhain, Surgery Survival, and Yule pressie all in one! 😉
He did Good!! 😀



3 Fictional Characters

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Okay, these are my 3 fictional characters of myself.


And these are the 3 fictional characters, Hubs picked for me. I’m good with these too.


Banned Books Week: September 25- October 1, 2016

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and let me help you out with a list of banned books  and here’s another list

and this list is from a Government standard-check it out bet you’ve read a lot from here too!


I bet you’ve already read one or two of these. I’ve read a bit more than that, but I think I have located one or two that I haven’t or want to revisit. 😉 And OMG there are even comic books on this list.


Happy Pirate Day



Happy Talk like a Pirate day! Arrr me mateys!

A piece I colored a few years back. Artist unknown, as it was found in a tattoo art flash catalog.

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