Yay! and a review of online vs actual going into a tech shop-buyer beware!


First, WOOOOHOOOOO my baby aka my brain aka my iPhone is home and works Great! It was the battery that had died.

And now unto my research on finding a place to take her to be fixed!

I am a fan of researching before wasting gas and money! So I did a lot of research on batteries plus they looked to be a good choice. They have a store that is nearby, in Anderson, Indiana and they also mentioned store hours and a tech on site to do the repairs in a timely matter. I had Patrick convinced that we should go there and that this is NOT a fly-by-night business.

Cue the day we decided to go-Friday afternoon after my VA appt. It was on the way home, and OMG! It looked like a fly-by-night business, starting with the person that was working and did NOT inspire confidence with me or Patrick. “We’re closed!” so why is the door unlocked? “UH! There’s no tech here!” that’s not what the customer service on the phone just told me? “UH! He lied!” Okay, we are outta of here! the only positive is he told us to go to a competitor.

Which we did!

And hooray for MDTEKK also local in Anderson, Indiana with other locations in Muncie! However, we were in Anderson and woohooo! The tech person was friendly, courteous, knowledgeable and did I mention friendly? She also discussed with me that my diagnosis was probably correct and they offer Military discounts!! She informed that they had batteries ordered for my phone and the repair should be done by Wednesday this week. That was on Friday afternoon. Imagine my surprise when on Saturday I woke up and Patrick handed me my phone, “Your baby is repaired and working, nothing was lost!” OMG, less than 24 hours later and under $50! So if you need a phone, laptop, or other electronic device fixed and you live locally here in Indiana, PLEASE go support their business! Professional, courteous, knowledgeable, fast service and most definitely, NOT A FLY-BY-NIGHT operation! ***Check the website for your local stores!

Sorry Batteries Plus you should hire ppl that want to work, and your prices online are not what I heard from your competitor! Patrick mentioned later that maybe the guy was robbing the place and we caught him? I don’t know, but we aren’t going to them again!  On the other hand, Please do support MDTEKK!!! They will tell you upfront, how much and how long and they will call if there are any discrepancies on the above! I’ll be taking my desktop back there as she is still not working after the last time I went to a friend’s recommended tech shop! Patrick has taken his laptop in and I’ll let ya’ll know how it comes out! They are repairing the screen and the keyboard. So I’ll let ya’ll know the price, repair job and time frame!

Point to the story, no matter how much researching you do online, and place phone calls, sometimes going into the actual store and talking to the people that work there, is what inspires confidence in a job! And Batteries Plus your person DID NOT inspire any confidence in me and that’s why I’m doing this review to protect others! Yep!

I’m standing how about you? ACLU stand with Us!

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ACLU stand with us

ha my exclamation point didn’t work!

62 woohoo!

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62 Politicians Boycotting Donald Trump’s Inauguration – and Why

And good for them!!! 

and this representative would have my Vote if I lived in California! 🙂

Rep. Tony Cardenas (D-Calif.)

Cardenas is skipping the inauguration and attending the Women’s March on Washington with his family instead, he announced on Facebook.

It’s very nice to find out that the representatives are NOT attending this farce of an illegitimate president. Yeah, no, I’m not capitalizing this with him and I’ll never refer to him as my president.  One of the representatives asked on Twitter (gotta love it) of her constituents if she should attend or not and she received a resounding NO!

oh yeah, I’ve always said I’m not a political blog, but I can’t stand idly by or quiet with this racist, misogynistic, moron that will maybe in charge of our country. I say maybe, because after all the information that has come out about Russia’s interference in our election, honestly, I call him Putin’s Puppet.  And there are other sources that have confirmed that this is not fake news! Educate yourself, people, the first rule of fascism is to control the news, make people ignorant and scared, so that they have to trust what is given to them! Don’t be that person! I’ve got news alerts now from CNN and BBC! Facebook is a jumping off point, but please don’t spread the hype or propaganda! Check and verify sources, you’re already online if you’re on your facebook page. Snopes dot com, truth or fiction dot com, and others. Or ask a friend to double check for you. 😉

So later tonight I’ll be updating the blog header in protest of tomorrow’s farce!

and I’m trying to find or I’ll make a header for Saturday’s Womens March!

Also FYI there are sister marches across the US in case you can’t get to or be in DC like me. In Indiana, there are two that I know of; Indianapolis and Fort Wayne.

Here’s the link to find out where you can march in your area!

and Sweet, while on the site I’ve seen that this protest has gone global!

and I’m borrowing that image to use as my header for Saturday! 😉

remember together we’re stronger! 😀


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for those that want to add a rainbow filter to your Avi’s or gravatar here’s the easiest one I’ve found online. You don’t have to be on your FB, IG, Twitter pages. 😉

Rainbow Filter


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Rarely, very very rarely do I get on a political soapbox, but this is outrageous!!

Please sign the petition and share this, reblog, link, whatever!! Something needs to be done about this inequity!


In Maricopa County (Phoenix area) Arizona, the number of polling places was reduced from 200 during the 2012 primary election, to just 60 for 2016. They were warned that this would mean long lines and discourage people from voting. But they did it anyway.

Some predominantly Latino areas only got one or no polling places at all. County officials allocated one polling place for every 108,000 residents but Anglo communities had more polling sites per residents. The result was traffic jams, and people had to wait in 5+ hour lines to vote.

“Maricopa County Recorder Helen Purcell, in charge of overseeing the election, told reporters she was sorry people were upset but didn’t offer solutions.”

The Justice Department can put a stop to this, they are the best hope for upholding the rights of all Arizona voters. Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton has asked for the DOJ to investigate, now it’s our turn to keep up the pressure.

Reference: http://www.azcentral.com/story/opinion/2016/03/23/arizona-primary-our-view-we-outraged-long-lines/82152636/


That’s why I signed a petition to Loretta Lynch, U.S. Attorney General, which says:

“In Maricopa County Arizona, the number of polling places was reduced from 200 during the 2012 primary election, to just 60 for 2016. Some predominantly Latino areas only got one or no polling places at all. People had to wait in 5+ hour lines to vote. Please investigate and put a stop to the voter suppression before the general election.”

Will you sign the petition too? Click here to add your name:



Thank you!


Update on the nonsense

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So! Hubs went to withdraw our funds that had been deposited this morning, and the teller told him he might just take it all and go elsewhere, she “is tired of dealing with your nonsense!”

See! Rude and not even apologetic! I called to find out what happened and she told me, “I’m finally done with you!”

W O W !

so I want to encourage you and your business not to do business with this credit union! I’ve contacted the main branch and am awaiting word from them. Let’s see what they say, shall we.


Bottom line: our account has been closed which is interesting, as they informed me the other day, I had to be there to close the account! caught ’em in another lie… how many do they have, huh?



word of warning


1) So I caught two ppl yesterday posting as friends on facebook and attempting to do who knows what. I emailed my friends and the scammers (?) got reported and taken down.

2) Then for those that use Indiana Credit Union specifically the Marion, Indiana Branch. You might want to rethink that!! Within the past month, there have been ppl that have been closing and transferring to other banks. WHY? because of multiple overdrafts that have been happening in the past three months. I smell a bad egg in their location. And yes, I’m transferring very, very soon!!! One of the tellers the other day called me and I quote, “A fucking stupid idiot!” When I asked to be transferred to her supervisor, she hung up on me. When I called back in and said hello, she hung up on me. I attempted to call the branch in Muncie, and they apologized but that they were busy.  So really it’s this one branch that is being obnoxious, rude and I think sneaky about something…. six ppl that are transferring their accounts in a week period, can you smell it?


and woohoo TGIF!! is it quitting time, yet? LOL 😛


Keep Calm and be Polite; manners matter.

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So many times during my week, I see people getting upset and downright angry over things that they have no control over. No, this is not about work, this is about people in general.

If someone wants help, the best way to get that is to be as kind/nice as possible. Telling someone to go fuck themselves or “FUCK OFF!” is usually not a good idea! I’m just saying. 😉

For instance I was at the doctor’s office with Hubs the other day, and this individual was ranting and using the most profane language yeah even for me! And then wondered why they were being asked to leave until they could speak appropriately.  Guess what came out their mouth as they were slamming the doors??? If you thought, “FUCKTHISSHIT!” then you’d be right! 😉

A please and a thank you does go a fair distance in seeking what you need. A calm and cooperative person also helps. Just some PSA/FYI for those that might need it.

We’re all in this together, it’s not a race, it’s not a competition. Just be polite! and calm!




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I’ve heard from more and more people lately that have or might be in issues because they engaged mouth and inserted foot. so just a bit of an FYI! I’ve always enjoyed this acronym and hope it’s helpful for you or someone you know.

Screen shot 2014-01-14 at 11.07.58 AM

and just in case anyone needs one:


There’s been a lot of negativity going around.
Yep! Mercury is in Retrograde again until October 9!
It started the day before my birthday on the seventeenth. ‘Splains a lot actually!
Mercury = communication so the above is highly recommended!!

PSA-Spring Forward :D

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