Stargate SG:1 Rewind

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This Saturday: February 27, 2016

We’ll be watching Season One episodes

Thor’s Hammer



The Torment of Tantalus


I’m used to doing a marathon viewing of a full disc and we have 10 seasons to watch. So I asked and seems others are up to watching two episodes in a night.

We’ll have an intermission between the two shows. 😉

Again this is a virtual event that I’m hosting on FB.


Happy happy joy joy

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Let’s be happy today! smile-01

No, I’m not at SDCC. LOL 😀 but I have friends that have gone, and I might get a few goodies…. pretty please, I’ve been good. I promise! 😉 But otherwise, I’m enjoying the pix that they are sharing on Social Media, it’s almost like being there, without the crowds. Woot!

Once again, it’s about perspective. 😉 dang that pesky perspective. lol So I’m in rainy, rainy, yep rainy Indiana. But on the other hand, I’m not fighting a humongous crowd in SDCC. I get to see all the pretties, and hear/well read, all the good stuff, and I’m not fighting a humongous crowd.

Plus at the end of the month, it’s Gen Con! WooHOOOO! and that’s why my background is full of dice. Get it? LOL 😀


Dude! a chainmail dice bag! omg! 😉

Love these

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little missions! Easy and fun to do, and it breaks up the saturation of negative images on your social walls!

If you’d like to play along, and we’re friends on FB-message me. If not, copy/paste the below and PM your friends.

*** Now your mission; you have to hang a picture with the comic that you have been assigned and write on your wall : I intend to fill Facebook with a comic book hero to interrupt the saturation of negative images and videos. If you give me a “Like” I will choose a character for you. Your character is :


Now for those of you that aren’t on social media??? W O W really? LOL 😀 Feel free to send your friends texts, emails, etc. You never know when they might need a superhero to pop up in their day! 😀



Sweet Dreams image!

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It’s been a very long day, and I’ve run into some cranky ppl with online social media today! So thought others might enjoy a late night image to meditate to before going to sleep! enjoy! 😀

unnamed (16)

Social media 7 day challenge

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OI! there is a lot of bad and negative posting on social media these days. I’ve trimmed a lot of people from my watch lists, etc. But still… So what can we do as individuals, stop perpetuating the negativity. Don’t post it, don’t reshare it, or retweet it.

Or you can stay off social media. Which is not as easy as it sounds for some. I can take it or leave it somedays. 😉

Or you can do what I’m doing, not sharing or posting any negativity for seven days. Try to post only positive, uplifting or cute pix. Sounds to easy, right. So comment if you’re in, and we’ll support each other.

Positivity-Featured smile-01

Friends and social networks

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How to start this. I have some friends on FB, yeah. That are having an issue between each other, and one side is posting their side of the issue. The other finally posted their side of the issue. Now then, there are still shades of gray and I don’t know all of the information. So while I want to be supportive to my friends, both of them, I stay the hell out of it.

Now then, I still like the both of them. However I’m not taking sides. They each have their opinion that is valid for them. And I understand both sides, benefit of being a therapist. However, not my monkeys and definitely not my circus! yep! I love that quote! says me a lot of headaches and stress!

Moral of the story: keep the issues between the two people. If you have a problem with one person, take it off social media and deal with it like an adult. Talk rationally, both of you are entitled to your opinions, right or wrong, they are valid. If you can’t come up with a solution, here’s one: Stop talking to each other.

And this is my opinion! I still care about you both, but I’m staying out of the middle of this! I’ve got enough stuff in my own life to deal with. And no, I don’t post everything, because honestly, not everybody needs to know my stuff! Okie dokies then. xoxo


And now I want to find this on a charm to add to my bracelet! 


Take your Action Figure to Work Day!


From the brain of my friend, Randy! 😀

Let’s take our action figure to work day! I ❤ this!!!! and I’ll finally have an excuse for doing so! lol 😉

so how did this come to pass? Let’s read it in his words, as he is the one that came up with it. From his site and email to me:

In February of 2014, I was getting ready for work one morning, and noticed my Variant New Teen Titans White Raven on the shelf. I picked her up, took a picture of her next to my coffee cup and posted it on Instagram with the caption, ‘White Raven senses I need more coffee.’ That gave me the idea to take her to work with me and photograph her doing various things in my office. By that evening, I had gotten such a positive response from all my friends that I decided to do it again. This time, however, I would see how many people would do the same thing, all on the same day. With only 3 days to plan and get  the word out, I proclaimed March 7, 2014, the first annual Take Your Action Figure To Work Day. I created a Facebook event and shared it with everyone I knew. The next day, I saw an brief mention of this on a newspaper website from Detroit. Figures Toy Company was the first business to get behind it with posts on their Facebook and Instagram. NECA Entertainment, Hastings Entertainment, Free Comic Book Day and several other quickly followed suit.
By the evening of March 6th, I was already seeing the hashtag being used in Singapore and Thailand. People were emailing me with questions about what constituted an ‘Action Figure,’ (Yes, Barbie dolls count), and what hashtag they were supposed to use.
On March 7th, the newest Geek Holiday was born as hundreds of people tweeted thousands of pictures all day. The Hulk smashed a water cooler, Jawas delivered soda cans, and Wonder Woman became a librarian, while the Cheetah tried to thwart her first day on the job.  By day’s end, over 700,000 people saw at least one tweet about Action Figure Work Day, and I started getting follow up emails about when to do it next year. I am so excited that so many people latched on to this little idea, and I thank you for visiting this site. Let’s make Action Figure Work Day 2015 the geekiest holiday of the year!

How To Participate
Do you have an action figure? Do you have a camera? Do you have a social media account? If the answer is yes, than you have all you need to participate! Take your action figure to work on the first Friday in March and post pictures of him/her/it with you, with your coworkers, with a client or with your boss (well, maybe not your boss). Get creative! Who doesn’t want to see Wolverine pulling double duty as a paper shredder? In 2014 some people even story boarded a day in the life of their action figure, for the time they woke up, to the end of the day. Even Cheetah and Wonder Woman put aside their differences at the end of the day to go camping together.
You’re only limited by your own creativity. Post away! Be sure you include the Official #AFWD2015 so we can all see the amazing things you do to make this as nerdy as possible.

Twitter: @AFWorkDay
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ActionFigureWorkDay
Tumblr: actionfigureworkday.tumblr.com


Official Hashtag to use: #AFWD2015

So there you have it!! 😀 Awesome right? Just another way to be a proud nerd and have fun!! And oh yes! I will be participating, and not only posting on facebook and twitter. But I’ll also be posting on Happier, here duh! and a few other social sites I belong too. Cause let’s face it, we all need some silly fun! Plus this one, is waaaay cool too!

Decisions, decisions? Which Wonder Woman action figure do I use that day? 😉

MTM5709lg $(KGrHqFHJBsE7y7)3mg2BPBrg0PJUw~~60_35 41ftIJadBXL._SY355_ ami-wonderwoman AME-COMI-HEROINE-WONDER-WOMAN-AS-STAR-SAPPHIRE-1_1305717911


or do I go with my variant Cat Woman from the Ami Comi line?



Do I make my fellow nerds proud or what? LOL

and then again; oops! these are all out of the boxes!

you could’ve heard a pin drop at Wiz World Chicago, when I opened the box and pulled a figure out! 

okay! social media etiquette

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Apparently there needs to be a guide for people that are online, re; social media!

Okay, what brought this on? Well only the fact that within two weeks, I’ve gotten some friend requests on Facebook and saw we had mutual friends, so okay. ‘Accepted’

AND THEN! “I want to get to know you better.” “Oh send my your phone number so we can talk/text.” “You are sooo beautiful, want to get together?”


UM Dudes! Did you read that profile thingie: I’m married! I’m not looking for a date, a companion, to hook up or whatever. I’m on facebook, twitter to converse with friends, and if you think I’m giving out my phone number to some random person I don’t know, then you really need to think again. (which is my very polite way of not saying what I’m really thinking!) *Face Palm!*

There’s this thing called commonsense, USE IT!
As for asking a woman for her number online, and you don’t know this person, seriously that’s stupid. And the woman that would give it to you, also stupid! Hey I’m equal opportunity, I call both genders stupid when they act it! 😦

okay short brief rant, hopefully the two people that need to see this- ON Facebook! might actually take the time to read it, and if you unfriend, me, AWESOME! 😀

And to the other people that are nice and say hello, and are genuinely nice and polite, it’s great to have you as a friend! Thank you!! xoxo


the Virus

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Please watch, doesn’t have a link to embed the video, so go here:

Social Media Virus

share the message! Thank you! We are the cure, get educated and speak to your children, tell them that they are loved. Don’t brush it off. Thank you!

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