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As most of you know, if you’ve been long-time readers, I have fibromyalgia on a daily basis, I fluctuate between an 8 to a debilitating 10! So, I’m always in pain, A L W A Y S ! A friend of mine knows I don’t mind trying New Age stuff and sent me a link to a YouTube video that uses various frequencies to help with pain, healing, sleep, focusing, etc. She knew I’d be interested in the one for pain.

Some ppl in the comments on the youtube site have written that within three minutes (Using headphones) their pain either lessened or went away completely!

Now, I’m a highly skeptical person. And I need to try this for myself, good news, it’s free! NO app needed, but I can tell you how to play it while you’re sleeping and have your phone go to sleep afterward and not go to the next video. 😉 if you want that info, that is.

I don’t use headphones while sleeping, and I’m not the type that can sit here and just listen to this on my headphones, but I’ll be trying it on the phone later doing just that though to see if it works faster that way for me. 😉

Bottom line: it worked for me. Without the headphones and listening to it while going to and while I was asleep, I slept really well. I woke up pain-free too! First time in years that I didn’t have to use an opiate to get that feeling. And with the VA cracking down on opiate usage, well, I don’t have those available anymore either. So now to download this to phone and use as needed. It worked for me without headphones, but the majority of the people that used headphones reported quicker results- and honestly who doesn’t want quicker results for pain, some people discussed having menstrual cramps and others dental/teeth pain. I don’t know about you, but for this to work with either one of those, WOW!

So I’m sharing this video, and hope that the people that use it, leave comments for me and those that have come up with it on their YouTube site. This is brilliant! They have some more that I’ll be trying over the next week or so. Yes, I have subscribed to their YouTube Channel! 
Meditative Mind

I hope this helps you, as much as it has me. I have a few friends trying it out now as well, and I’ll post their results in a few days. 😉 Enjoy and Namaste!

Y don’t U get it! UGH! :(

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I have Fibromyalgia! yeah, that’s not news. But what is, is the way some ppl that have known me for years can still act like they don’t know that. They tend to poke me or hit me- in a playful way. Yeah, to them it’s playful, to me it’s painful and sometimes agonizing! And when I ask them not to do that, they get upset with me and make stupid effing comments. Hey, you just hurt my feelings along with hurting my body! Did I jump down your throat? No, I asked nicely don’t touch me. But hey, I’m in the wrong here… what the fuck ever!

And I don’t think it’s wrong if I think, just for a day let them have my pain! See how they would handle this on a daily basis! I don’t think they could.

Thank the Goddess, I get to leave soon and then watch JiJi play which will make me smile and get a hug from Hubs that won’t be painful or agonizing!  I love him for his support and understanding. I know living with someone that can’t do the things they want to do, is difficult!

Well hell! AUGH!


download (1)

I have fibromyalgia and some days it doesn’t appear like I do. Because I usually suffer in silence, and not everyone wants to hear me whining and bitching about it.

Suck it up, Buttercup! 😉

But then something happens and I can’t stay quiet about it. 

So let’s look at a diagram that helps sum this up! cycle-fibromyalgia

notice that Daily Stress and Depression is in there! YEP!! and with the additional work I’ve been doing, let’s also add in the Fatigue and oh yeah, more additional Daily STRESS! Which is what causes the muscle tension/muscle stiffness and oh yeah, those nasty horrible migraines!

FYI Anger is a sign of depression and check, feeling that right now too! GRRRR! 😦



I was down, literally after I got off work yesterday! I went home and collapsed from the pain and the fatigue. My husband had to help me get to bed, and then he started to heat up the rice bags and place them where I needed them. And then he waited till I felt like I could stomach something solid. Yep, a low-level migraine started, and he got the pill bottle right away!! So I took the maximum dosage of ibuprofen and I took a nap. I woke up to coffee-caffeine helps with my migraines. And he decided to fix me some soup and fries. Soup to ensure I had veggies and fries because I like them better with soup than crackers. 😉

Today at work; again on-call, I asked for assistance and no one stepped up. So I’m here and started right out of the gate! and I fell and wrenched my knee and ankle. No one here to authorize me to go get checked out. So I’ll do that later. Which reminds me, I need to do the accident report. ugh 😦   can you say, more stress?

I texted Hubs who has directed me to come straight home from work and use my cane, he’s got the crutches prepared. Yeah, not the first time this has happened.

And I’m getting angry.

Hence, me writing this down and out to help dissipate the anger!

BTW Fibromyalgia Awareness Day is: 311d6a15525ddc933e4672e1f4830926

Please support me and others by wearing purple!! 

I will be purpling up my gravatar, and other social media Avi’s. Want yours done? let me know.

Thanks for listening!


I no longer feel like Hulking out, but I’m still in a lot of pain and right now, there’s nothing I can do about it. I don’t get off shift until eight o’clock. And yeah, no one has offered to help out. I might remember this!
But then again I’m a nice person and will probably help out if needed! 😉

I better be getting some freakin karma points for this past week and a half!

For my fellow Spoonies! gentle hugsSpoons-laughlin

and I would love this! 51dadb7eb364391aab58e073281ac748

A little spoon to help me get home at the end of my day! 😉

Today it would be a blessing.


Understanding is key!

I don’t know how many times people make me feel bad because I really can’t go out and do the things I used to do!


I’m tired of apologizing, and I’m not doing it anymore.

Oops, this entry has been a downer; I’m just depressed, angry and in pain!!

pain synapses

Pain synapses

But at least I did something constructive and NOT destructive.

Ahh yes, there is my positivity flowing… 😉


I can hear my Wondie Pajama’s calling me home- only three hours to go!!




Some days my brain makes way to many promises for my body to keep up with. I have two chronic conditions now; fibromyalgia & diabetes. Let me say, whoa. One tends to feed the other one. My sugar drops, my body feels worse. Or my fibro flares which causes stress, which then causes me blood sugar issues.
Today is one of those days. I was on top of my game mentally, and then a flare spiked. They just happen, I can’t control them. Which started me stressing out, and worrying about finishing a project, my calendar, which I do every month. I had it close to completion just the other day, when a friend hit the wrong button. Yep, I was frustrated, but not the end of the world.
So today, started off strong, yet I had a bunch of physical errands to accomplish, which yay! I did.
But boo! I’m done, I can hardly move and my sugars dropped. ~sighs~
I hope my friends understand? I know the majority will. And those that also have chronic issues.
So…. I’m calling it a night and getting up and finishing the calendar, before my optometry appointment.

Ahhhh Massages & missed opportunities


Okay this was to be the subject for Monday evenings blog… and I still feel it’s relevant.

Massage therapy is a healthy thing to have done for you. It reduces stress, physically relaxes you, and it’s also beneficial in pain management. — if done correctly.

Now then a lot of massage therapists do not want to work on people with fibromyalgia. Why? Because they usually do deep tissue massage and um, not a lot of people with fibro want that done to them. For example, if I have deep tissue done to me, I better have the next week off- for recovery time. It hurts worse than it’s supposed to. Now for others it’s fine. Hubs can have deep tissue done on him, and it hurts for a bit, but then he’s ready to go.

Other issues I’ve had with some-not all- massage facilities, omg, I’m a fluffy girl. Yes, I’ve lost weight, however I’m not oh a skinny Minnie. And yes, I’ve been turned away from a massage therapist for being fluffy. Now then the one’s that have worked with me, I’ve noticed that it does help me lose weight and I’m more apt to be able to do some more physical activities in the days following a massage. I don’t overdo it, as sure I feel good, but I know what can happen to me if I do overdo it. 😦
Second issue I’ve had…this one is hilarious… I’m a girl. (Um sarcasm alert) OMG! No really? Yes, a few of the massage therapists do not want to work on a woman. Why? Their personal hangup’s is my number one guess.
Third issue and another funny reason IMO, noises. Yes, noises. You know it feels good when you are getting a massage, and honestly, some times people moan. It doesn’t mean it’s sexual! It means it feels good, and oh yes, do that again. IN A NON SEXUAL WAY!! Get over yourselves.

So if you are a fluffy girl with chronic pain issues, and make noises where do you go? Well you ask around. Do your research, do you just wing it? Some do, and I have while on vacation. But…that’s a one time deal. If you’re lucky enough to be able to get a massage session at least twice a month, you’re going to want someone that you can be with. This isn’t an intimate, intimate moment. But let’s face it. You’re pretty much nude, and this person is touching your body! Shouldn’t you want to look into it a bit?

If anyone would like to know the name of my therapist, she’s good, works with anyone, can be quiet not chatty-also a bonus. I tend to want to zone out when I’m in a session. And she’s inexpensive. So I could afford a massage once a week. And yes, I am looking into that possibility. 🙂 Leave a message and I’ll update her into the blog. My best research is a friend that I trust! Or in this case, hubs. He went to see her first, and like me he’s picky. Now, he’s not fluffy, he’s not a girl, and yes he is chatty, however he is critical of pressure and what muscle groups are focused on more than others. And when I went to see her, she is a trained reflexology therapist as well. OMG, she was able to massage my feet! That is Awesome! I have the most ticklish feet of anyone I know. And she was able to manipulate them and wow!

So any one have any other things you look for in a massage therapist.
Pain management for me is a big issue. I don’t take meds for my fibro. I use meditation and other coping skills that I teach. Pain however is vastly unique for the individual. There are days when I’m at a level 20, yeah… but I keep going. I’m um…stubborn. LOL I say tenacious. but whatever? So with a massage therapist to is able to work with someone with fibro is very important. They can help reduce the pain level to where it’s highly manageable for more than a day. I had my massage on Monday and the majority of my pain is at a 6. That is very manageable. Without any massages I’m higher than that. And the massage was on Monday, this is now Thursday, so for me, three days so far with a lower level of pain. That helps with your stress reduction, if you’re not in pain, your stress level automatically drops. It’s easier to deal with ‘issues’ when you’ve had enough sleep and aren’t in pain. Just FYI. (I’m a therapist, I know that!) LOL 😀

so that is Monday’s blog entry-and later today, we’ll see what else is stuck in the hamster wheel I like to call my brain. LOL 😛 okay okay, it’s more like an amusement park in there. A good sense of humor is also vital to being a Healthy Human Being.

speaking of humor, watch the photo blog for some fun pix from me! I downloaded the Buddy Poke app for the iPhone/iPad and I’m having a blast playing around with it. Yes, you should play as an adult, it helps keep you young, healthy and active. If what you do isn’t physical, okay, it still keeps your brain active.

and one more healthy tidbit; Drink your H2O aka Water!! The temps may not be in the heat index yet, but why wait, hydration is good for you. Fights fatigue. 🙂

Till later, Have an awesome Day! YOU Are AWESOME! Yes you are!!!

Up and at ’em! It’s Thursday!

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And tomorrow is Friday! woohoo! 😀

Welcome to Thankful Thursday, I’m thankful for my friends, the heat in my office, the nice brisk morning, and all the readers of my little bloggie. Awwww! {{{HUGS}}}

I’ve been bugging my online friends with lots and lots of wacky questions, and most of them have been answered. YAY! Now the one about the letter I need written…hm? LOL 😛

Anywho it truly is a beautiful winter morning, it’s been snowing again, so when I walked out the door this morning-it was pretty. Slick, but still pretty. I managed to stay on my feet and not slide across the porch and down the steps. Always a good start to the day! When the cold air hit me as I came out from the shelter of the house, again, Brrr! But woke me right up!! I love cold weather, not necessarily Artic frigid temps, but the cold makes me feel alive! Summer has it’s beauty as well, but I’m a cold weather girlie! Just keep the ice out from under my feet. LOL 😀

I’m itching to do something creative, write, paint, something….so maybe, just maybe I can do a little writing today in between appointments. If that doesn’t happen, then I’ll see what I can doodle or use an app on the phone for some creativity. Yeah, cold weather for me, has a lot of benefits; creative muse is active, not as many Fibro flare-ups, migraines- ah, that’s an iffy. I get those no matter the season. Flu is finally going away and I’m feeling feisty. So smart assness has returned, always a good sign-I lose my sense of humor, I’m in trouble.

So then…I’m off to go check/read email’s, goof on facebook, and see what’s going on for the day. Ya’ll have a beautiful day! Stay warm, stay hydrated, and stay Awesome! Always stay Awesome!!


Argh! Doctor appt


Oi! I thought when one sees the doctor, you get to ask questions, and explain your issue. Silly me.

This doctor was telling me ALL my issues stem around ONE issue.

Well alrighty then. Damn! I should’ve seen him years ago!

And he was the doctor, and there are no others to him. Ummm, this dude is a neurologist. And he was a rude, obstinate, smart ass ( not in a good way ). Seriously, we didn't cover squat that I went there to see him. Oh! And he wanted to cancel ALL my other meds, to give me the ONE that will cure me. Yes, he wanted to cancel my blood pressure meds! Um hello! really? Cure me, with only one med, after one visit, and you didn’t cover all my medical issues. Oh my freaking Goddess!

So yeah, this might have been a huge waste of time. I’m so calling my PCP tomorrow. PCP= primary care provider.

I hope y’all had a good day!

Happy Fiday and an Update on moi…

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So for those not in the know, the day before Halloween I had a bad accident that resulted in a TBI, aka a concussion. I have suffered some brain damage- memory loss, mainly three hours prior to the accident and some other wacky stuff. I actually had forgotten my name. yeah…

and my blood pressure was skyrocketing. So I got permission to leave work, went to see the hubs and asked him what my name was. That went over really well. So he had the lovely pharmacist take my bp and he got permission to take me to the ER. Where it was determined I needed a CAT scan and an IV. woo…yay…

Before/after, I don’t know…the Cat Scan, it was determined that my brain was swelling. And that wasn’t good. So they gave me some medication in my IV to reduce the brain swelling and some morphine to reduce the pain, and hopefully my bp. Well it kinda worked. BP is very stubborn, the diastolic- your bottom number, was not going down, quite the opposite really. The Systolic-top number, was going down. So more pain medication to help me and my body to relax and I started to use my DBT skills to also help reduce my stress/tension and fear. UH, Yeah! Honestly, not knowing your name, losing three hours of memory-not recalling how you had recieved the TBI, and then finding out your brain is swelling-along with the fact I have permanent brain damage. so not very good.

Twelve hours later, after some food, the IV of meds, and Hubs helping calm me down, I was able to leave. I was off work for a week. not good, but I didn’t argue. I was scared.

That Monday I was due to go back to work, I received a phone call, the MRI that I was to have was due that day! So…called my boss, explained the stitch, and called hubs to drive me to FT Wayne VA for my MRI.

I wasn’t allowed to drive at that time. Still wasn’t medically cleared to put myself behind the steering wheel of a vehicle. Totally understood that concern.

So anywho, we made it to the MRI appt on time. Yay! And wow! Have they changed. Hubs was pacing the entire time I was in the tube. What should have been a 15 minute scan, turned out to be a 25 minute scan. Not that big of a deal, but enough to have Hubs freaking out. The techs told me that they had asked him if he was okay, and then offered to sit on him. LOL He’s very claustrophic. Which??? Okay, I was the one in the tube, not him. But I guess I really have scared him.

After that we got some food, and then back home. The first couple of days back at work, was interesting, and annoying- me personally. I kept double and triple-checking my work. Thank goodness, repition of a task, really does help you remember it. And this week I’m still not quite at 100%, more like 75-80% but, that’s still good in my book. I am driving, doing my job, and the smart ass level is finally coming back. As I’ve said previously, if I lose my sense of humor. I’m doomed! Doomed, I say! LOL (See!)

So that’s why I haven’t been posting in the past couple of weeks, resting and recuperating. Plus…memory issues, I had to remember some things. oops 😦 Oh and the change in the seasons, the temp has been dropping, causing some Fibro issues. I’m used to that now, but the migraines from the barometric pressure- yeah, never use to those. Ugh.

Internet is back down at the house as well, so…that will make some future posts sporadic again. Dangit, I am calling someone! No, not ghostbusters…LOL I want my net!!

Ya’ll have a safe and happy Friday!! Enjoy the weekend. Here in Indiana it’s supposed to be pretty nice, chilly-it’s fall, but still nice!


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bleh…not a bad day, I worked day shift, I was productive. So that’s all good.

And omg, when is the first freeze due? I have been getting a headache every day. It doesn’t feel like a sinus headache, but it’s aggravating and annoying. Today, I came home to take a nap. And it took the edge off…but it’s still here. ugh 😦

And the fibro is picking up, so hopefully that means that the change of seasons is close. Always seems to get worse right between the two big seasons. From Summer to Fall, and from Winter to Spring. I just know that’s when I get more flare up’s of pain. 😦 I love the change of seasons, really! I always have, and Fall has always been my favorite season, watching the change in nature. 🙂

other than that, I’ve been writing with my co-writer, and I really love that! And bugging him that we need to go back to the original ‘chapters’ and move them along as we planned, as well as I need to go into the other wip’s and see what needs to be completed. WE have close to twenty or more stories in stages…ack! LOL
for a type A personality like me, that’s like um….O M G !

so time to go write. Later, take care!

Updating yesterdays fun day


It was Awesome!!

I started the day, with a good cup of coffee, and then went to get my nails done. Mani/Pedi, now then I love getting Pedi’s, however I have very very ticklish feet. At first I’m like ahhhh, and then omgwth? LOL 😀
I warned the new girl that I have kicked tech’s before, not on purpose. It’s purely a reflexive action. However, I’m so keeping the new girl! She was able to massage my entire foot. Top and bottom. That’s only happened with two other people. So yay!! It felt so good! And then I got my manicure, and there’s a pic up on the photo blog: My pretty Manicure along with the picture of the product used. Revlon

After that, I was off to Ulta in Indy to get my hair done. Color and hilites. I had shown some ppl the photo I was basing my look on. Only thing, the colorist did a better job then was shown to her. It turned out way better than I expected!! Woot! 😀 I love it!! Truly funky, and definitely all me! lol I also picked up a small summer makeup kit from Stila, the Nearly Nude collection. Perfect for all summer long. And no, I didn’t pay full price, had a coupon. 😀 I love coupons.

And then, it was time to go home. Only to find hubs meeting me at the door, and decided I needed a new outfit to go with the new hair. Awww, how sweet. And I’m the owner of a new Cat Suit. LOL Yes, this is able to be worn at work. I tried it on, and oh my, I wish they had this style cat suit, in various colors. I’d wear one every day of the week. Stylish, and oh so comfortable. My outfit Again, didn’t pay full price, coupon! 😀 With my fibromyalgia, I have to watch what fabrics I wear. I prefer, soft, silky, and light weight. I tend to layer. I love jeans, but they are to heavy, fabric wise. Yes, some ppl with fibromyalgia have issues with the weight of clothes, and if they are to tight/heavy on the skin. Not everyone has this issue. Just some of us lucky ones. yay, go me. 😦 any who, I’ve learned how to shop to stay comfortable.

After that we went to the mall to walk around and browse. I was able to pick up a few things that I had been looking for. And the prices were exceptionally reasonable. I couldn’t pass it up. Again, photos will be on the phlog. Okay, one of the items was completely spontaneous, but I couldn’t resist. lol 😀 For those that know me, will totally get it! 😀

Next up, Wal-Mart and picked up some food products that I’ve been meaning to get. And woohoo, the items were actually on sale. Nice! Picked up some Chinese take out for dinner, and then realized it was almost midnight. oog. Ate an eggroll, and saved the rest for today.

Today, it was movie day. After all the bp rollercoaster this past week, we decided, that I just needed to relax some more today. So we did and watched movies today. Underworld Awakening, Star Wars- episodes 2 & 3. Now I’m watching an ep of SUV, and then probably go to bed.

I’ve decided not to bug my co-writer this weekend, because he needed to rest too. 😀 And he’s got to keep studying as the end of his semester is coming up. So…I know to leave him be for a bit. And I get to proof two of the stories, we’ve completed. Hope to have them posted on the Plot Bunny site soon. Stories

I hope ya’ll have had a lovely weekend too. This has been one of my more relaxing weekends. Haven’t had one in a while. So till later, have a great day/night!!

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