Stargate: Atlantis Rewind 1/26/19

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Coup D’etat
Airdate: 17 Feb. 2006

Airdate: 24 Feb. 2006



Stargate: Atlantis Rewind 1/19/19

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The Tower
Airdate: 3 Feb. 2006

                  fanart unsigned and no credit was given on Pinterest. 😦

The Long Goodbye
Airdate: 10 Feb. 2006


yes, I picked the above image for some Sheppy fans, Angel that means you!! lol

Stargate:Atlantis Rewind 9/8/18

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Hide and Seek
Airdate: 23 Jul. 2004

Thirty Eight Minutes
Airdate: 30 Jul. 2004

Stargate Rewind June 9th

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Stargate: Continuum (2008)

Stargate Rewind: The Movies

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oooh, as a friend reminded me when we last watched SG:1 it didn’t feel like a conclusion, it felt like we are still missing something. And that was Stargate The Ark of Truth that concludes the Ori Storyline.

This Saturday is movie night and a movie takes the place of two episodes. And BTW we have another movie to watch too. 😉

Stargate Rewind May 26th

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This week’s episodes are:


Airdate: 15 Jun. 2007


Airdate: 22 Jun. 2007


I think I need a break, I am planning on doing a Stargate: Atlantis Rewind and will announce the start a week ahead of when we actually start!

Stargate Rewind May 19th

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This week’s episodes are:


Airdate: 1 Jun. 2007

Family Ties

Airdate: 8 Jun. 2007

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