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beta’ing now

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and the holiday story is done!!

If I’m a good girl, we might be writing on another wip (work in progress) tonight…we’ll have to see. 😀

so once I go through, I’ll post it on the plot bunny site soon.

plot bunnies are multiplying…back you lil furballs!


So hello fellow writers, do you have plot bunnies?

if you do, than you will totally get the next bit and hopefully find it as humorous as I do.

Some ppl have one or two adorable little plot bunnies. I have a herd. Yes, a HERD!! And they like to dress up-as the characters in the stories. And they have their little personalities too.

Earlier today, my co-writer sent an innoculous email. And two of my plot bunnies spontaneously combusted! And the rest were going freakin’ nuts! If you have seen Wallace & Grommit’s the Were-Rabbit, you have a clue. They are the cutest lil furballs of cotton fluff. Until they are in dramatic, meltdown mode. And omg, the story idea’s that they are giving me now. LMAO 😀

So anywho…if you don’t write, do not know the term plot bunny. Please, I’m not losing it. Seriously, Google Plot Bunny. Honest! It’s there, heck they even have images of plot bunnies. lol 😀

And now, I’m going back to work, and hoping the lil fluffy furballs calm down. A few of the ideas are brilliant, while a few are-‘Oh I’m not touching that with a ten foot pole.’

Hope your Friday has been lovely!!

& it’s Wednesday!


I’m at work, getting lots of good hugs today! It’s always a better day with Hugs!
My grandmother used to tell me, “To be a good human bean, you need five hugs a day!” Yes, Bean. It’s from a book she read. She is one of the people I get my love of reading from. She was a Librarian, but a very cool librarian. You know the type, “Hey, you will love this author. Give them a try.” And she wasn’t the type to go “SHHHH!” all the time, now she did shush people when there were others trying to read/study but otherwise she loved discussing new books, new authors. And no genre was off-limits to her. Yeah, I’m mainly a SciFi reader, but thanks to her I have branched out, and I do have a lot of favorite authors; Yasmine Galenorn, Mercedes Lackey, JR Ward, Dan Brown, Sidney Sheldon, and a variety of SciFi. I’m still trying to find a series by John Cleve. I think that’s a penname? Has anyone ever read John Varley? Titan, Wizard and Demon. I re-read those till the binding came undone. I’m trying to find new copies of those books. Perhaps digital if necessary.
I prefer reading a book, a real turn the pages book. However, I’m not a snob. I will download digital books to read on the go. iBooks on the phone and the pad is awesome! I leave off at one spot on the Pad, and the Phone picks up where I left off at. And I have been able to get books that I can not find locally, and honestly don’t have the patience to wait for Amazon. LOL 😀

So what books are you reading? or book?
Right now, I’m still keeping up on the Black Dagger Brotherhood by JR Ward and the Otherworld series by Yasemine Galenorn. I’ve even preorderedd the digital book, to help. I want her to keep writing this series, and publishing companies keep track of the amount of preorders, which shows the demand for the series. Remember basic Econ, Demand equals supply! lol 😀

so back to reading and/or writing.
We’re working on a Holiday story, and so far it’s cute!! Lots of humor too!
hopefully we get it done in time for Christmas. Yule would be cutting it….LOL


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And the story is posted on the Plot Bunny site, Link to your right>>>>>>>>

Warnings; before you do click, this story has an X rating for language and sexual situations.
You have been warned! Otherwise, Happy Halloween, enjoy our treat for you!!
Thank you to my co-writer!! You’re awesome! And I really enjoyed our giggling phone calls on this one! 🙂

and those that haven’t figured it out, I’m an NPH Fan!!

Nanowrimo; are you in?

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Yes, I’m one of those fun creative people, that have decided to take the challenge this year.
And I am posting them on my other word press site. If you want to read them, look on the front page for the link to my Plot Bunny Musings site. I’ll be updating the Author’s notes there shortly as well.

so leave comments on the individual stories, if you read them, or let me know via comments here if you’re doing the Nanowrimo. I’d love to read your creativity too! 🙂

and now time for bed, I’m tired, and my Fibro has been overactive lately. 😦

later and peace

so I’m home! YAY!

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whooo the con was so much fun, even with a few snags here and there. Overall, it was AWESOME! and I can’t wait till next year. 🙂
I’m also sneaky, for those that want to see the commission pieces of Briana, go here: http://plotbunnymusings.wordpress.com/2011/08/15/commissions-of-briana-from-wizard-world-chicago-august-2011/
It’s the wordpress site, we put our stories on. So scroll through, look at the pretty pix, and then hey, why not read a story. You might like! 🙂

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